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#194906 Lumbermill Lvl 7 - To Rush Or Not To Rush?

Posted by KeXi on 18 June 2015 - 10:06 AM

fb91c1ea3cf1498dc7b689a660f2bb99.jpg      e55f540ca500f22351a7dff1ab0d820e.jpg      43764f894c99894b70ddd82f10b12332.jpg      a3db22bab4b63455d5c1eed12a7c3671.jpg      31077d63627b729db522f2f2238a8cdd.png      f46726aabfac25daccd73ab98c9e2439.jpg



This guide is about giving info of maybe the most important thing of Fortress Survival, the lumber income. This guide doesn't tell when and how much you're supposed to pool your waller, thats allways a tradeoff which will be noticed in total lumber production later on. This guide focuses mainly to the importance of upgrading the lumbermills and doing it in right order, offering some reasoning and simulation behind it. I presume that anyone reading this guide, knows the basics of lumbermills, lumbering setups, transmuting and the related stuff. The forums guide-section offers some really nice guides which will cover all of the previous and touch upon a huge part of this guide and from where I've also absorbed a lot of info ^_^
Ok, lets get started then :)
Let's make couple of presumptions which will apply through the whole guide

  • Constant lumbering, it's the most important thing about lumbering.
  • If lumbering without Tinker (as second builder), I recommend using the 2 mill setup, which reduces the preparation time before the actual lumbering and regardless of that can still prove to be faster with some micromanagement.
  • Big enough base, which won't run out of space it's important for the later comparison :rolleyes:
  • Not having unoccupied lumber if there is mills to upgrade

After that, there is the big question whether to

  • Make 1 x lumbermill lvl 7 as fast as possible and upgrade rest of the mills afterwards starting from the lowest


  • Upgrade the lowest lvl mills always as highest priority


Lets consider some of the facts that for example Erdam has pointed out in hes great lumbering guide.

But first we gotta bring some values to the table (got the joke? ;-) no? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻/(.□ . \) ¡uɐɯ ʇno llᴉɥɔ 'ʞoʞo) eh..


Table 1. Basic lumbermill characteristics.


MillLvl: Lumbermill level

WpsReal: Real Wood per second, given by the current level lumbermill e.g. 1 wood every 1/WpsReal seconds

UpgCost/l: Amount of lumber it costs to upgrade lumbermill to the current level

UpgTime/s: Time it takes to upgrade lumbermill to the next level


Just like it says, this table above holds the ground values that gives lumbermill its characteristics. The simulation will base everything in this table, and this table only, what it comes to upgrading individual mills. We will use this table to examine things little deeper, lets continue to the next table.




Table 2. Advanced lumbermill characteristics.


MillLvl: Lumbermill level

WpsStep: The amount Wps increased from previous level

CumUpgCost/l: Cumulative sum of Upgrade costs till the current level

CumLumberLostByUpg/l: Cumulative sum of lumber left unproduced while upgrading lumbermill towards the current level

1WpsRealCost/l: The amount of lumber it costs to achieve income of 1 Wps with current level lumbermills only

WpsStepCost/l: The amount of lumber it costs to upgrade lumbermill to the next level, including upgrade loss. (lvl5 = 4 x lvl4 upg loss, lvl7=8xlvl5 upg loss only)

1WpsCumStepTotalCost/l: The amount of lumber it costs to achieve income of 1 Wps with current level lumbermills only, taking ONLY in account Wps achieved by upgrades but cumulatively, in the other words, reducing lvl1 lumbermill WpsReal value from all following level "WpsReal"s, before calculating similar way than "1WpsRealCost/l".


This table has a lot of variables, don't get scared here. We're actually gonna use just a few of em and consider if we find meaning for the rest of them. There is always people , who likes extra data though ;-). WpsReal being already explained (below table 1), lets move to the 1WpsRealCost/l (check explanation above). I call it "Real" because that's the real amount of lumber it takes to upgrade enough lumbermills to current level so they achieve the real income of 1 Wood Per Second. Where does this real amount come from? First we look at the Table 1 column UpgCost/l, name is pretty self-explaining. Actually we need that, but as stacking level by level, a cumulative sum, which is presented in Table 2, CumUpgCost/l. That's it? Well, thats what I though at first too. After a chat with Ethaw I realized that the lumber left unproduced during the upgrades, should be taken in to account here too. That introduces us a new column called CumLumberLostByUpg/l. Now we have everything to make the mentioned formula out of it:

1WpsRealCost/l = (CumUpgCost/l + CumLumberLostByUpg/l) / WpsReal.


What can we do with this 1WpsRealCost/l then? Can we compare different level mills with this? Lets have a simple example, CumUpgCost/l for lvl7 mill is 1760 (11wps), with that amount of lumber we could on the other hand upgrade 352 lvl2 mills (17,6wps), which would seem much better value. But hold on, the cost is same but are we still missing something? Waffle(est) brought this pretty important fact to think about. When you upgrade mill from lvl1 to lvl2, you do double the wps with 5 lumber. On other words you bough half of it with the upgrade and the lvl1 already gave you the second half with zero cost. lvl7 consists of 32 basic mills and we were comparing it against 352 lvl2 mills. To be fair, we should also add 320 lvl1 mills for lvl7s side (32+320=352) and since they were free, the CumUpgCost/l of 1760 stays same. That will turn out an another 320x0,025 = 8wps for the lvl7s good . So its now 19wps (lvl7+lvl1s) vs 17,6wps (lvl2s) and Lvl7 actually does go ahead. So, comparing pure 1WpsRealCost/l does also compare different amounth of lumbermills against each other (=different amount of free wps). It really does make the lower level 1WpsRealCost/l shine more than it should.


Since this free wps does mess up with our comparison, lets find a way of getting rid of it. WpsStep shows how much each upgrade-step increases wps. Cumulative sum of WpsStep is actually same as WpsReal. Now, lets present 1WpsCumStepTotalCost/l and we calculate it similar than 1WpsRealCost/l but we just ignore the first step from WpsStep:

1WpsCumStepTotalCost/l = (CumUpgCost/l + CumLumberLostByUpg/l) / (WpsReal - a x 0,025),

where a is amout of mills involved (e.g. for lvl5, a = 4) (Again, first step ignored, no dividing with 0).


How to decode 1WpsCumStepTotalCost/l value in the table? Well, since it tells us how much it costs to achieve 1 Wps based on the upgrade lvl we want to achieve it with, so lower is better. Put other way around, with same amount of lumber we can get higher Wps if we prefer the cheaper options. Cheapest would be lvl7 (246,8) after all and ironically 2nd and 3th place goes to lvl2 (255) and lvl3 (275). We gotta remember though, that upgrading proceeds in order, step by step. There is no shortcuts upgrading to lvl 7, so we also gotta get through lvl4 (318) and lvl5 (301), while they drag us with the most expensive wps and rapidly increasing upgrading times (lvl4s). Gereric guideline would be to upgrade mills so, that they would spend as little time as lvl4 or lvl5 as possible, untill lvl7 cap is reached, then the lvl5 is the only way because of income surplus, decent wpsdensity/-cost and transmuting.


Of course all the mills has to be upgraded eventually all the way to lvl 5 and 7, but the name of the game is to upgrade mills to the most profitable state and continue from there level by level, keeping the fresh ones upgraded too. But that was just math and reasoning leaving the actual acts behind. Maybe there is something we haven't taken into consideration. Maybe the actual results would speak for themselfes?


To approach the question from this direction, I have made an excel form which simulates a test-Dummy as a lumberer. The Dummy has only one job which is making mills and upgrading them predefined way. Might get boring after couple of games, eh? Well, they haven't complined this far :lol:
Let's define the environment and rules for our puppet to follow

  • Dummy makes the preparations and starts lumbering so that the first mill is ready and transmuted in its place at 47:30 min mark

  • Dummy has infinite mana (you can think it as having alchemist hero + unit + high builder lvl)
  • Dummy doen't have to use lumber in anywhere else except upgrading lumbermills (after a certain time, there will be surplus though)
  • Dummy uses 2 mill system, where he gets 1 mill out every 5 seconds and he keeps it up till Trojan spawns :P
  • 5 second isn't lowest possible but it feels more like an average that human could keep up with for 47:30, lol ^_^
  • That 5 seconds also defines a cycle
  • When the cycle starts, Dummy upgrades mills, right after that Wps for the current cycle is calculated
  • Dummy gets the lumber calculated from Wps at the end of every cycle
  • Dummy can't upgrade anything he can't afford
  • Dummy can have unoccupied lumber only for max 5 seconds (unoccupied = anything that Dummy could use for a planned upgrade)
  • Lvl 5 mill is always started to upgrade when 4 x lvl 4 mills has been completed, etc. lvl 7 from 8 x lvl 5
  • Mill upgrade costs, wps, upgrade times as presented at the table above
  • We will not take lvl 6 mill in account, because it doesn't support transmuting, which is essential for achieving highest wps


And lets prepare 2 testruns for the simulation, with slightly different upgradinggoals.

  • Dummy 1: 32 x e55f540ca500f22351a7dff1ab0d820e.jpg -> 32 x 43764f894c99894b70ddd82f10b12332.jpg -> 32 x a3db22bab4b63455d5c1eed12a7c3671.jpg -> 8 x 31077d63627b729db522f2f2238a8cdd.png -> 1 x f46726aabfac25daccd73ab98c9e2439.jpg -> upgrades rest of the mills priorizing the lowest possible
  • Dummy 2: Simply priorizes the lowest possible mill always

Off we go then.


First chart shows how the lumber production builds up till the timer hits zero mark. Not too huge difference is noticed, but the scale is huge and there is some though, seems to be for the advantage for "Lowest mill first". Well, since its all data from excel, we can do another graph which tells the difference of the lumber production between Dummy1 and Dummy2. That way we can see from which point the productions starts to differ from each others.

There we got a chart of "Lumber production difference". Positive value is advantage for the Dummy2, "lowest first". It starts to pull quite a lead after 37:30, dropping some and pulling it to the top all the way with a huge ~1000 lumber lead, at the time around 24:30 left on timer. From here it's still quite a hard trying to figure out whats really happening, but the Upgrading styles of Dummy1 and Dummy2 are supposed to walk their own paths after both of them have started upgrading the 32th lvl 2 mill. And we can see that the difference starts around 42:30 and stops around 24min mark. Why does't production difference keep raising till the end of the game? Is neather of the ways better than the other? :huh:  Wait.. Could we get any more accurate results out of this?

We can zoom between the timeline we studied from the previous chart. And lets add Wood Per Second Difference (Wpsd) on top of that. It will tell, If Dummy1 or Dummy2 has Wood Per Second (Wps) advantage over each other and how much at any moment. Huge spikes showing other getting short but huge wps advantage tells about the upgrading of lvl7 mill, which disables 8 lvl5 mills temporary (8,8wps for 12s, pretty notable for a reason). And the smaller spikes to show lvl 5 mills upgrading the same way.


If we check the lumber production, also zoomed this time, the difference is now notable on the charts. The first chart just had the the scaling all the way to the 200 000 and this one only up to the 30 000. We can see again that Dummy2 (Lower first) gets so huge wps difference lead at beginning that EVEN Dummy1 (Lvl7 first) does get hes Lvl7 first, Dummy2 actually gets hes first right after and the second, third and fourth before Dummy1 gets hes. Difference at 33:30 mark is around 500+ lumber and gap grows to ~1000 lumber at the time of 24min left.



As well as the Wpsd, also the fact that both Wps figures shows that right after 25min mark Wps of Dummy1 and Dummy2 becomes the same. Yes, thats the point where the lumberlead stopped growing, doh. It's because lumber income is based on Wood per second and since the figures becomes as one and will stay like that to the end of game. And thats because both Dummys got their mills finally upgraded to the point where you only gotta upg the last "fresh"ones to the max right away. And since they both have exactly as many mills, their millsetup looks alike now, but Dummy2 (lower first) just got hes "maxed" earlier.

Different building times does affect flat amount. The faster you are, the more you benefit by upgrading lowest first.

Finall conclusions:

  • Upgradingtimes do play a HUGE role when comparing different upgrading methods, since even hundreds of mills go through the same 265-277 seconds of upgrades and produce nothing at that period, tnx Ethaw.

  • In older version upgrading times were 125 seconds longer total and it increased the flat lumber production advantage from ~1000 to ~2230

  • The point where production difference flattens, can barely affect but the flat amount gets bigger with higher mills production rate

  • Removing the free wps (lvl 1 mills) was right way aproaching the 1wps-cost, tnx Waffle(est) :)

  • Lower level mills were more effective to upgrade first because that way mills spend major part of time in cheap-wps state and offer overall faster income to do upgrades as nonstop as possible till lvl 7, like an upgraderush over the most expensive wps-states.

There might be still something you'd like to ask.

So is the other ways of increasing the flat amount of production difference?

  • Basically no, if we keep comparing 2 Dummies with environment and rules which applies on them and are same for both

  • Different amount of early lumber-boost could make difference, in addition to those random easter eggs, lvl1-4 mill as starting item could be worth testing.

  • Also, 5s / mill isn't close to optimum, preparations before starting to lumber can be made faster, cog of times or tinker as second builder can be quite a game changer, lumber&gold bounty.




  • If you guys find any major or minor mistace or falsity, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

  • Reminder to my brains, NEVER start polishing outfit (for example with html) before all the content is there and the basic formatting done with editor/bbCode, since there is no coming back from html without breaking everything, and the editor is million times faster with basic formation, lol

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#194334 [Contest 10] Win Without Any Hero

Posted by Nevo on 02 March 2015 - 04:23 AM

Welcome to [Contest 10] Win Without Any Hero
All you have to do is submit your entry which will show you can Win without a Hero.  
You can Pick any difficulty above MAD with your choice of AIR and VISIBILITY. 






  • You Must Attach A Replay With Screenshots Proving Gameplay!!
  • You Cannot Use Any Hero No Matter What!!
  • Can Only Submit Version 6.49+
  • MAD Mode Minimal Submission
  • Entry Submission Must Be Soloed!


Thank you to every player that participated in this Contest! We appreciate all entries posted!

  1. Ethaw
  2. Takla
  3. Missouri
  4. Liebe
  5. Mindless


All Winners will receive a FREE Custom Hero!  B) 

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#192456 Fortress survival skype group

Posted by TheFilthyRat on 28 December 2013 - 12:25 AM

Can't find a game? Have no one to play with? Want to start playing with different people or possibly pros? If you said yes to any of these questions then you should join the official fortress survival Skype group!!! It has a lot of people in it and it makes finding a game or setting one up easy and it also makes it easier to ask/discuss anything FS. Just leave your skype name below so that you can be added in the future.



EDIT: You can now use the following link to automatically connect to the Skype Group. You must have Skype running!

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Posted by erdam on 14 July 2013 - 03:12 PM

A fortress survival guide about how to become a legendary lumberjack
By Erdam, a Clan SHS member
(last update : 19/07/2013)
The purpose of this guide is to share with all players my personnal experience about how to be an efficient lumberjack in Fortress survival (FS). As anyone knows, producing lumber in FS is very important, particularly in difficult modes as wood is fast necessary to survive. You can consider this guide as a pro guide with the best techniques generally used by real pro gamers. The whole knowledge in this guide allow you to harvest wood as fast as possible in team base games and to become a great support player for your team and not a fag who can't feed properly your hungry mates crying "wood !" every 10 seconds...
To exploit the full potential of this guide, you have to be able to pick the alchemist hero Attached File  alchemist.png   1.27KB   1 downloads (level 11 minimum) and it is even better if you have an higher rank which means more mana regeneration. However, i'll give some advices for lower ranked players which need to take the lumberer position.
Mills characteristics
Mills comparisons :
- Lvl 1 mill Attached File  lvl1.jpg   891bytes   4 downloads: 1Lumber (L) /40seconds (s) = 0.025L/s
- Lvl 2 mill Attached File  lvl2.jpg   869bytes   1 downloads: 1L/20s = 0.05L/s
  total cost: 5 wood
- Lvl 3 mill Attached File  lvl3.jpg   882bytes   2 downloads: 2L/20s = 0.1L/s
  total cost: 15 wood
- Lvl 4 mill Attached File  lvl4.jpg   878bytes   3 downloads: 3L/12s = 0.25L/s
total cost: 55 wood
- Lvl 5 mill Attached File  lvl5.png   1.25KB   12 downloads: 11L/10s = 1.1L/s
  total cost: 220 wood
  Comparison : 4 Lvl 4 mills = 12L/12s = 1L/s
- Lvl 6 mill Attached File  lvl6-7.jpg   899bytes   31 downloads: 13L/5s = 2.6L/s
  total cost: 440 wood
  Comparison : 8 lvl 4 mills = 24L/12s = 2L/s
- Lvl 7 mill Attached File  lvl6-7.jpg   899bytes   31 downloads: 22L/2s = 11L/s
  total cost: 1760 wood
  Comparison : 8 lvl 5 mills = 88L/10 = 8.8L/s
The interesting thing you can notice from the mills characteristics is that higher level mills produce more lumber per second than lower level mills. However, taking into account their price, you can notice that the level 7 mill isn't the most profitable.  
Explanations : By using a rule of 3, we can determine for each type of mill the price needed to obtain an income of 1L/s . After this, it is possible to compare the differents mills taking into account the price as the limiting factor.
- Level 2 mills Attached File  lvl2.jpg   869bytes   1 downloads : 1 level 2 mill costs a total of 5 wood and provides an income of 0.05L/s.
rule of 3 : (1L/s x 5 wood) / 0.05L/s = 100 wood (it costs 100 wood to obtain an income of 1L/s with level 2 mills).
- Level 3 mills Attached File  lvl3.jpg   882bytes   2 downloads : 1 level 3 mill costs a total of 15 wood (5+10) and provides an income of 0.1L/s.
rule of 3 : (1L/s x 15 wood) / 0.1L/s = 150 wood (it costs 150 wood to obtain an income of 1L/s with level 3 mills).
- Level 4 mills Attached File  lvl4.jpg   878bytes   3 downloads : 1 level 4 mill costs a total of 55 wood (5+10+40) and provides an income of 0.25L/s.
rule of 3 : (1L/s x 55 wood) / 0.25L/s = 220 wood (it costs 220 wood to obtain an income of 1L/s with level 4 mills).
- Level 5 and level 6 mills Attached File  lvl5.png   1.25KB   12 downloadsAttached File  lvl6-7.jpg   899bytes   31 downloads : No meaning here as level 5 mill upgrade doesn't costs anything, it is a part of a level 7 mill and it is relatively symply worse than a level 7 mill. Level 6 mill is worse than a level 7 mill too because it is less profitable and you need more time and space to win the same income than with a level 7 mill.
- Level 7 mill Attached File  lvl6-7.jpg   899bytes   31 downloads : 1 level 7 mill costs a total of 1760 wood (32x5+32x10+32x40) and provide an income of 11L/s.
rule of 3 : (1L/s x 1760 wood) / 11L/s = 160 wood (relatively, it costs 160 wood to obtain an income of 1L/s with level 7 mill).
Conclusion : If level 1 mills can be upgraded, you should do it first because the level 2 mills are the more profitable early. Then focus on level 3 mills when all mills are are level 2 or under construction. With this same principle, start making level 4 mills and focus on 1 level 7 mill only when all mills are level 3 or under construction. The pictures below illustrate these steps.
2hrel4g.jpg  33msqyx.jpg  2zyhqug.jpg
                            Step 1 : upgrade all your level 1 mills                               Step 2 : upgrade all your level 2 mills                                       Step 3 : focus on 1 level 7 mill
Upgrading time of mills :
upgrading time from lvl 1 to lvl 2 mill : 70s
upgrading time from lvl 2 to lvl 3 mill : 120s
upgrading time from lvl 3 to lvl 4 mill : 185s
Notes : You don't earn any wood during mills upgrades. As the upgrading time increases from level 1 mill to level 3 mill, it confirms that level 2 mills are the most interesting mills taking into account their price (as explained above) and their upgrading time from level 1 mills (which is faster than others).
Factories characteristics
Construction time of a factory : 25s
Note : It takes only a few minutes to make a decent factories area (15-25 factories) which is very helpful to create mills as fast as possible. You lose some time to create your factories area but you'll win time after for the whole game !
Construction time of a lvl 1 mill with factories :
Factories are essential to build fast mills and the more you have, the faster you are ... Here are the times necessary to build a single level 1 mill depending on the number of factories helping :
- 0 factory : 35s
- 1 factory : 21s
- 2 factories : 16s
- 3 factories : 13s
- 4 factories : 10s
- 6 factories : 8s
- 8 factories : 7s
- 10 factories : 6s
- 12 factories : 5s
A good lumberer should try to have a minimum of 6-8 factories helping the construction of 1 mill. Having less factories means lose many time per mill construction. With 10-12 factories (the maximum possible), i guarantee you can build easily more than 200 mills during the whole game.
Factories areas :
Here are 2 examples of the best possible factories areas for 2 great bases : "Summer Cottage" and "The Courtyard". The left picture simply shows the best factories area with the most number of factories helping the mills construction.
2rm6ubs.jpg                    2eevnrk.jpg
                                                                    Summer cottage base                                                                             The Courtyard base
Explanations : I'm pretty sure some guys will ask me "Why these areas are the best possible ?" and "How factories exactly works ?". Well, i didn't find the mathematic rule concerning the helping rate of factories but i have noted precisely their efficiency. Concerning the best possible areas, the picture below explain how a mill named "A"can be helped by 12 factories at the same time. You can try if you want but it is impossilbe to have more than 12 factories, and you need a big place for this kind of factories area. Generally, it belongs to you to find the best factories layout, depending of the available space (for example, you can't put enough factories in "The Courtyard" base but an average of 8 factories per mill is still good, as shown in the top right picture).
The mill "A" helped by 12 factories
If you aren't familiar with these factories areas, i advise you to analyse the above pictures and to count the number of factories helping each mill (12-10-10-11 for the Summer Cottage picture and 9-8-8-9 for the Courtyard Picture).
Conclusion : always try to make the best possible factories area. If you have enough space, you should try to make the best area like above or something near. If you haven't, try to make an area where mills are helped by more than 6 factories (which is often possible). 
Use of Alchemist(s)
After reading the "Factories characteristics" part of this guide, i'm sure some guys could ask me : "Why there are always 4 mills inside the factories area in the pictures above, and why not 3,5 or 6 mills ?". The answer depends on your way of playing (with or without an alchemist hero Attached File  alchemist.png   1.27KB   1 downloads, with or whithout a lot of space, etc...). The general purpose is to never be out of mana with your alchemist(s), so manage your mana pool the best you can. If you are running out of mana, your lumberer activity will just stop and it isn't a good thing...
The "Area Transmutation" spell Attached File  transmut.png   1.49KB   0 downloads costs 90 mana and you have to use it pontentially every 25-30 seconds if you build 4 mills each time. The survivor rank determines the alchemist hero Attached File  alchemist.png   1.27KB   1 downloads mana regeneration, and according to my experience, a level 25 ranked player have got a mana regeneration of 100 mana every 30 seconds so there is no problem for him to perma transmute mills if he builds 4 mills at the same time with 10-12 factories helping.
However, a level 11 ranked player will have some troubles as his mana regeneration is much lower. To solve this problem, the best solution is to build 5 or 6 mills each time as illustrated below (not in lenght or the area of effect of the "Area Transmutation" spell Attached File  transmut.png   1.49KB   0 downloads will not be enough), but you can reduce the number of factories too if it is interesting to save space.
From 4 to 6 mills in a factories area
Now, if you can't or if you don't want to pick the alchemist hero, you can still be a quite good lumberjack for your team (or if u play solo) but with more limitations. Mercenary alchemist Attached File  alchemist.png   1.27KB   1 downloads can be claimed for free on the map or it costs 80 wood and you need to have a mercenary HQ Attached File  mercenaryHQ.jpg   869bytes   0 downloads (it means construction time and an additionnal 30 wood). Futhermore, as its mana regeneration is of 75 mana per minute only, it can be a good idea to manage your mana pool as i explained above, to buy some mana potions Attached File  manapot.jpg   897bytes   0 downloads (250 mana for 30 wood) available in an Item Vendor Attached File  itemvendor.png   1.24KB   0 downloads, or simply to make 2-3 mercenary alchemists Attached File  alchemist.png   1.27KB   1 downloads (which is the best solution according to me over the long term).
The lumbering priorities :
1/ make sure your survivor is always building mills
2/ upgrade your mills as soon as possible and focus on 1 future lvl 7 factory each time
3/ drop your shrinked lvl 1 mills
Note : Respect these priorities (especially the 1st one) and you are on the right way.
General tips
- You don't need full hp factory to make lvl 7 mill. Concerning myself, i'm used to build this factory when lvl 5 mills are soon ready. I've saw many guys who lost precious early time to make first full hp factories instead of focusing on building mills...
- When you make lvl 5 mills, take care to select manually the good 4 lvl 3 mills u want to combine them into a lvl 5 mill (use the "Shift" key). If you select automatically all lvl 3 mills (double click and upgrade of 12 mills), it will be an epic fail when random created lvl 4 mills will be combined into lvl 5 mills.This fail illustrated below is annoying because it means waste of precious time and mana.
- Take care to protect your mills from ranged attacks. The best solution is to make mills not close to the cliff or just to upgrade the "strenghtened utilities" research Attached File  utilities.png   924bytes   1 downloads at the cost of 20/40/60 wood to upgrade the hp of ur mills by 2000 each time (the lvl 1 upgrade is generally enough to have a good security and to have time to react with heros if troubles).
- Take care to protect your mills from Deadban Khan Attached File  deadban khan.gif   1.11KB   0 downloads earthquake (boss spell).Just upgrade the "strenghtened utilities 1 Attached File  utilities.png   924bytes   1 downloads" (20 wood for +2000 hp) against this threat. 
- It's better if u think about providing space for your future lvl 7 mills. A good lumberer need to know exactly where he will put his mills before starting to build. Futhermore, if there are others lumberers who need to share the space of a same base (or a chain base), it is better to define the space allowed for each guy to build harmoniously.
- Don't waste any time early game with your worker if u are lumberer. It is very important to launch as fast as possible your lumber activity as the defender guy will need fast wood to secure the base defenses with vital researchs and upgrades. Besides, wasting some precious minutes early game for lumberer guy means loosing some hundreds or thousands of wood amount at the end of the game...
- Don't forget to prepare 1 another mill lvl 4 for a futur goldmine Attached File  goldmine.jpg   858bytes   0 downloads. If u don't think about it early, u will loose many time due to the mills  upgrading time. 
- When your first lvl 7 mill is rdy, don't transmute it yet if possible as the operation time to make this tiny lvl 7 mill is approximately 20 secondes. It means you will lose something like 220 wood (11L/s x 20s) which can be useful to have other lvl 7 mills as soon as possible, or to help the defender guy in case of emergency !

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#193307 [Contest 5] Love Thy Base

Posted by Nevo on 15 July 2014 - 12:23 AM

Welcome to the [Contest 5] Fortress Survival Love Thy Base!!!


Have a particular favorite base in mind? Interested in letting us know why? What you really like about it?



CONTEST END DATE: July 31 August 7



  • MUST PLAY 6.45+
  • Only one entry per person.
  • Don't wait until the last hour to post your entry.
  • Higher Difficulties and Unique Bases will gain more consideration.
  • You must submit your in-game name where you would like the prizes to be awarded.
  • There will be twenty winners chosen by our highly trained staff!
  • Entries have to make sense and have enough detail to justify your submission.
  • You must take a screenshot after half-time and showcase your base. You can include multiple screenshots for better results.
  • You must include a description of what interested you most about that base, and why you really like it.
  • Remember we expect enough effort from all submissions and will take them seriously so we ask that you do too.  :P
  • This contest will be going on for two weeks, so take your time to finalize your submission.



The Rewards will be announced once this Contest is finalized! HAPPY BASING!



Contest Winners (in order by submission):

  • Lvl18
  • TheDwarfLard
  • Cidiaus
  • Koldx
  • SoulSurvivor
  • Aratard
  • Blackwizzard9
  • HaoAsakura
  • Xcode_t
  • E.K.2.
  • jampre02
  • Sieghart93
  • BIueBerryMuffin
  • Kiss4deadz
  • Phatshady912
  • ASU]PortgasDAce
  • King_Of_Deadxx
  • yyh1223
  • AlreadyDead
  • sweety0kim

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#194030 [Contest 9] Win The Lottery

Posted by Nevo on 20 January 2015 - 10:49 PM

Welcome to [Contest 9] Win The Lottery
All you have to do is reply below with your username to be eligible for a Lottery Draw. At the end of the content, we are going to randomly pick 10 lucky winners!




  • Submission of In Game Username Required - Only one Submission Allowed! 


All Winners received a New Bonus Item!  :D


Thank you to all participants and submission of their entries. The following winners listed below are in order:

  1. Sayko
  2. Issahar
  3. miavita
  4. Porked_Pork
  5. Gildartsc
  6. juhwan0704
  7. King_Of_Dead
  8. Mindless03
  9. Ibaku
  10. whodafuq

Congratulations to all the winners! If we had more winners, the next five winners would have been:


   11. Sycamore_Sage

   12. omgtangerines

   13. Angurvadel

   14. vladimirac

   15. Threin


Better Luck Next Time!

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#191260 Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Waffle(est) on 06 September 2013 - 03:43 PM

There has been a lot of confusion about some things so i thought we need an faq..

so here it is :)


feel free to reply with anything u think should be added and i will put important ones in this first post.


Q: how does the lumber system really work?


For every player there is a variable denoting how much wood he/she earns per second.

For every mill that finishes construction/upgrade the corresponding constant rate is added to your personal production

For every mill that is destroyed/killed/starts upgrade/is transmuted the corresponding counter (wps) is decremented.

Once every second you are given wood based on the wps counter and wood that was left over from the previous second (wps can abe a fraction like 3.185 but player lumber must be a whole number) there are mechanisms to keep track of the fraction part so you get all of it in time.

you can find out your current production rate with the command "-wps" (version 6.43 and above)


Q: How does armor work?


Armor is used to map the damage done to a unit to a quantity of hit-points to be deducted.

the default mapping is 1hp lost per 1 damage dealt (hit-point used to literally mean how many hits you could survive)
each point of armor improves the ratio to help units survive longer. each point of armor is EXACTLY equal in how much extra damage it allows a unit to soak up.

(i know the % differences seem to go smaller but this is an illusion and it really hurts  you to buy into it.. )


For a detailed explanation see this excellent video!: http://www.youtube.c...O4&feature=plcp

ps. i redid the table in excel and i got perfectly consistent effects, what ever variation he appears to have there must be an rounding error some place.


Q: how does Rank work?


You get experience for kills, lumber produced, beating the game, and quests.

Once you reach 100 experience you gain 1 rank and lose 100 experience.

the harder the difficulty the more experience you gain.


rank effects: your hero gets 0.1 mana/s regen per rank.

rank unlocks heroes.

rank decreases experience gain rate (a person at rank 50 gains experience at about 10% the rate of somebody at lvl1)

there is a maximum rank, (currently 50 but it does get lifted once and a while. there are already many people with maximum rank )


Q: What achievements are there and how do they work?


  • Winning on impossible mode, reward is Trojan's roar*
  • Winning on Nightmare mode, reward is Behemot's wings*
  • Defeating Demonic eternia on the hardest possible difficulty, reward is Elemental stone*
    • More specifically you get the item if demonic eternia dies AND one of the following is true.
      • You get the killing blow
      • You have at least 301 kills
      • You have at least 60000 lumber produced in you'r name.
    • All players in the game also get a LOT of experience, equivalent to 5 entire ranks for a player with rank0. this is rewarded even if you don't meat the criteria for elemental stone and does not care for if you are actualyl alive.

*achievement is applied to your save code, you will get the reward item every following game the moment you load.


Q: how does the elemental stone, elemental staff and enhanced elemental staff work?


  • I don't know what you are doing in the "getting started section" if you have that sort of items but.. here goes..
  • Each of the items gives stats to the hero that holds it.. if the owning player gets a kill
  • number of stats gained is calculated by the following algorithm:
      diff_real = game_difficulty * 0.04      // scale from 1-5 to 0.05-0.25
      air_real = air? * 0.06        // 0-1 to 0-0.07
      invis_real = invisible? * 0.03    // 0-1 to 0-0.03
      sum_mode_real = 0.55*(diff_real + invis_real + air_real)  // in range 0 to 0.35 currently
      // count all 3 types of elemental stone items 
      count1 = 0.6*count_elem_stones + 0.9*count_elem_staffs+ 1.55*count_enhanced_elem_staffs
      // apply weights and take number of recent kills in to count
      count = count1 * 1.3 * kills * (1.15 - (sum_mode_real) )
      //calculate the effect passage of time has on stats awarded
      count = count*( (udg_GameMinutes / (16.5 +  (10*sum_mode_real)) )+(0.6 - sum_mode_real) )  // make sure that last bit wont go negative!
      //apply primary stat modifier PRIMARY_STAT_GAIN_BONUS
      //take in to account carry over from previous gains (if you gain say 1.2 stat then we save that .2 and apply that later)
      // apply bonus and store new carry
    • the algorithm is subject to change arbitrarily as it has mayor balancing implications.
      • equation has been changed for 6.43, will update answer when we officially release it.
      • from 6.43 onward you will be given different amounts of str, agi and int + you gain more(x3) of the main stat
      • the fractional parts of earned stats will be remembered and carry over.
      • the overall stat gain rate has been drastically decreased (spec in the beginning of the game)

Q: how do the staff items work


  • The rainbow blasting staff deals 2260 damage per second (total) to nearby enemies in a large radius
  • The elemental blasting staff deals 6780 (~4k for 6.43 ) damage per second (total) to nearby enemies in a large radius
  • The enhanced elemental blasting staff deals 18080 damage per second (total) to nearby enemies in a large radius


Q: How does the pool command work and is there a way to stop the pool command from taking your lumber?


 The pool command will pool them the # of resources except the number you specify so if you say -pool 0 it will give them everything and leave you with zero lumber. If you want to keep lumber type -pool 10000 and it will pool everything except 10,000 lumber. By specifying a pool number larger than the number of lumber you have you are essentially disabling it



Q: How do you get malignant and benign virus?


Someone with the virus has to infect you, preferably at the beginning of the game. It will give you benign virus and during the course of the game that benign virus has a chance to turn into malignant virus so that you can save it in your code, benign virus is also able to be saved in your code but has a lesser effect compared to Malignant


Q: I ranked up but it still shows me at rank 1... What gives?


 If you ranked up and it still shows you at rank 1 don't be worried, you start at rank 0 so if you know you ranked up and it still shows that you are  rank one you actually ranked up from rank 0 to rank 1 and just need to rank 1 more time to get to rank 2.


Q: What is the Fortress Survival skype group?


 It's the official skype group for fortress survival which has a lot of people in it. It's used for people to set up FS games, keep up to date with all things FS and to stay in touch with your favorite players when not using WC3.


Q:  Why does my builder or Hero sometimes glitch or freeze, and not allow me to control or move him?


Sometimes the cede command will glitch if you or another player in the game is ceding and you will lose access to your builder. To fix this simply click on something else such as a lumber mill, building etc and click back on your builder and the problem should be fixed. If it's still not fixed try blinking and then attempt to move around again.



Q: Is this FAQ ever updated?
A: This FAQ is updated when ever we feel there is a question we get asked a lot or when it is requested (preferably in this thread).

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#190951 What Do You Want To See In Future Versions

Posted by Krehara on 17 August 2013 - 05:34 PM

1. Unique Base Buffs

I would like to see some of the bases receive their own unique effects, to encourage people to try new tactics. For example, I have yet to see anyone even attempt to base in the library, because it's such a difficult layout to work with. Perhaps adding a set of bookshelves to it, and making it a quest to defend them for 10 minutes or so to receive control of them would help. Sure, it would be a massive boost to get instant free bookshelves, but you would be required to stay in that base to make use of them. 


The Zen/Flower gardens could each receive a boost of some kind, similar to the science lab. Perhaps towers built in the Zen garden could have a faster attack speed, and buildings in the Flower garden could gain passive regeneration. 


Towers in the Sewage Treatment Plant could gain a poison effect, similar to the assassin's poison. After all, if you get shot with an arrow covered in waste, I guarantee you'd be getting some kind of funky infection without proper medical attention. Maybe even with medical attention. 


The tombstones in the Cemetery could gain the toggled Raise Dead spell, so that any mobs slain in/near it would be resurrected as skeletons to fight for the player, with their stats dependent on what they were raised from.


The Iron Gate in the Courtyard could use something to make it relevant. Perhaps breaking it down could spawn a powerful mob to fight for the player in a time of need? Just give it a timed life (perhaps 30-60 seconds,) so that the player wouldn't have control of it for the entire match. 


The Tree base could use something to spice things up. Maybe treants could periodically spawn outside of it to fight for the player, or you could gain control of a powerful Ancient.  


Something should be done with the Librarians old location. It's just kind of a waste of space at this point.


2. Towers

Mana burn towers need revamping so that they can actually be useful. Perhaps giving them a skill, similar to the Night Elf Moonwell building, would be sufficient. Allow them to generate mana over time, and to steal it with attacks, and then be able to use that mana to restore health/mana to units. Upgrades could be added to the command center, allowing for increased mana regeneration and higher mana capacity. 


Also, it would be neat if we could build sets of towers and see their effects synchronized for greater effect. For example, enemies chilled by a frost tower would take additional damage from a coil tower, or enemies stunned by a rock thrower could take additional damage from flame towers. I have no experience with the editor though, so this idea may be too complicated.


3. Unit Victories

A base designed with unit victories in mind. Change Baramarthru and Rikimaru's spawn points to this base, and have it start with a unique building in place. This building would spawn melee units over time, similar to the castle in Footmen Frenzy maps. Upgrading the building would unlock stronger units. By giving these units a timed life, you could prevent the player from gaining a ridiculously huge army, and by having their health/damage scale with the difficulty, you could make them stay relevant, but not overpowered, on any difficulty. 


4. More Modes

A new challenge, similar to air/invisible. I would like to see Zombie mode, in which any mob that dies would spawn an undead zombie. I got this idea while playing on NM+air+invis, when the snowman knocked out Lt. Storm and he went all zombie on my repairs. In this mode, the Fortress Defenders would be wiped out much earlier, and since they wouldn't be there to hold the enemies off, players would be forced to step up their game. Furthermore, if you don't protect the units in your base, you would suddenly have a small army behind your walls to worry about. 


5. Heroes

I feel like the Tinker needs a massive buff. I've seen 2 people try using him, and neither of them was successful. I've seen talk about him being meant for team basing, but haven't seen anyone use him in that situation either. Using him myself, I felt like I had a useless hero, only good for his Cogs of Time move and early game tanking. The magic attack of his ranged form makes him totally worthless when the hero is needed most. His melee form lets him tank alright at the beginning of a match, but later in the game he can't even survive long on the easier difficulties unless you tome him to ridiculous. Perhaps a start would be to change the magic attack on his ranged form, and to increase the defense boost of his melee form. Or his melee form would be fine if he was changed to be a strength hero. Also, when changing forms, he will lose his virus buff if he has been given one. 


I would also like to see a couple heroes built purely for support. Maybe one used for unit victories, using moves such as spirit link, health regeneration/attack speed/damage auras, and healing moves, and the other used to buff buildings attack, health, and armor. 


6. Paratroopers

I really like summoning paratroopers with the sentry post, but there are a couple of issues with the current system. One, you summon them in small numbers, in which they're nothing more than a nuisance for the enemy. On the other hand, if you summon them in large numbers, they cluster up and don't go anywhere, making them useless unless you lead mobs to them. Also, when clustering up, they will eventually build up massive numbers, which I believe causes lag and desyncing. If anyone is basing near that area when clustering begins to happen, they can start spawning in that persons base, screwing them over.


One possible solution to this would be to change their spawn point, maybe have 4 points that they can spawn at (one at each portal) and have a patrol route from that portal to the center of the map. The split spawn points would help keep clustering down to a minimum, and the constant patrolling would keep them in combat, sustaining losses and keeping their numbers down. 


7. Continue the story.

It's always seemed odd to me that we just fight for an hour, stuff dies, and that's the end. What about the source of the attackers? Maybe after Eternia dies, make it possible to destroy the four portals, and then we bust open the basement passage, moving beneath the fortress to a new map. Once through the basement passage, the tables are turned and we're invading the enemy stronghold to slay their general. 

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#195280 Most Efficient Factory Setup

Posted by KeXi on 16 September 2015 - 05:14 PM

Lets polish some old thread up to match current version :)


Was gonna type some sick post but it became too huge, so much to say about the topic, gotta pull a guide out of it :D


I'm just gonna post couple of setups related to the recent versions of FS, cause of changes of repairfactory/repairunit powerbuildrates and tinker being not able to lumbermill anymore.


This for example, is a slighly modded version from Englos setup, which used to have 2 factories at the bottom, half a space below the middle repair unit. I like the 2 mills setup, where builder can always keep building from the same spot, you can also make the setup up faster that for the width of 4 mills for example. Plan is to use shift+build to "prebuild" 2 mills and singletransmute 1st right when it's ready and use shift+build on its place and keep doing that like forever :P

Attached File  tiny_mod.jpg   214.84KB   0 downloads

This tiny setup is incredible powerfull, it can pop up a mill every 3,84s (12 in 46,12s). Forgot to make advanced factories to the top. But even all factories as normals, it does 3,98s/mill (12 in 47,74s).


Lets check some math here:

Buildtime of mill (with rate of 1,0) = 35s

Survivor buildrate 1,0 (even editor says otherwise)

repairunit lvl 6 rate 0,85

repairfactory rate 0,5


Using repairunits and repairfactories as above

realBuildTime_1 = buildTime / totalRate = 35s / (1,0+8x0,85+4x0,5) = 35s / 9,8 = 3,57s.

Same with ONLY repairfactories:

realBuildTime_2 = 35s / (1,0+12x0,5) = 35s / 7 = 5s.

So, by using both units and factories right, you can speed up millproduction quite a bit, with this example showing +40% boost, for example 200 mills vs 280 mills, huge right? :o



And then some funny overkill setup, using another unit to speed up and maxed out repair units as well, this isn't viable in real game but just as a testcase :D

Attached File  2_mill_opposite.jpg   224.16KB   0 downloads

- 8 repairunits + 3 repairfactories + survivor + mechanic + 2 x hovering repairbots + 2 x constructed repairbots for each of 2 mills.

- Just noticed, I COULD had use advanced repairfactories too, but on the other had, alchemist unit couldn't keep up for a long time because of cooldown on manapots, haha :lol: So, probably alchemist hero would be needed anyways

- It spits out a mill EVERY 2,948 seconds :P

- 21% faster than the previous faster setup and 70% faster than the factories-only -setup B)


Some other setups

Attached File  wallbuildsetup.jpg   225.54KB   0 downloads Attached File  diagonal_optimized.jpg   269.32KB   0 downloadsAttached File  fast_lumbering_setup.jpg   193.8KB   0 downloads (Tinker cant powerbuild atm, just got to know)

Attached File  another.jpg   208.69KB   0 downloadsAttached File  2_build_formation1.jpg   199.52KB   0 downloads (Mechanic can :P)

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#194853 Armor and Weapon types of FSA

Posted by Ethaw on 05 June 2015 - 11:36 AM

Since FSA uses tweaked ratios compared to vanilla wc3, I figured it would be useful to extract those data for everyone [There was a similar post about that and tower dps, but probably outdated by now anyway]

FSA Light Medium Heavy Fortified Normal Hero Divine Unarmored
Normal 100% 150% 100% 70% 100% 100% 5% 100%
Pierce 200% 75% 100% 35% 100% 50% 5% 150%
Chaos 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 35% 100%
Magic 125% 75% 200% 35% 100% 50% 5% 100%
Siege 100% 100% 100% 150% 100% 50% 5% 150%
Spells 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 75% 4% 100%
Hero 60% 60% 60% 30% 60% 130% 60% 60%

Attached File  fsa armor.png   22.59KB   0 downloads

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#190469 An Advanced Guide

Posted by Krehara on 07 July 2013 - 11:13 AM

This guide is incomplete.







If you've managed to survive long enough for something to tear down your walls, even with repairs on them, then you know that upgrades are necessary. If you've been buying upgrades, then you also know that they get pretty darned expensive. Here's a few things to help with it.


Level 7 mills- The ultimate lumbering machines. In order to even make one of these, you need to have an alchemist. In order to set up for this beast, you need a total of 32 mills. That's just enough mills for you to turn into 8 level 5 mills. once you have those level 5 mills, you can place them around a repair factory, and it will automatically upgrade to a level 7 mill. 


Pro tip: The factory doesn't actually have to be fully built. After you place the mills, just blink in and place your factory. It will initiate the build, and your builder will be moved outside of the mills. 

Instead of upgrading mills to level 5, and then placing them around a factory, you can save time by putting the mills into place. If you upgrade to level 4 mills 4 at a time , you can control which ones will merge into a level 5. I generally upgrade the 4 mills in each corner first, then the rest can be mass upgraded. 


Now then, 32 mills take forever to build, but there are ways to speed up this process. Remember those repair factories from the first guide? You can build a group of them to work together in order to build your stuff. A few examples of this, using the command center.


Times are approximations.

  1. Command center build time, no factories, 40 seconds.
  2. Command center build time, 1 factory, 25 seconds.
  3. Command center build time, 2 factories, 18 seconds.
  4. Command center build time, 3 factories, 15 seconds. 


As you can see, factories make a difference. Granted, it's not really ideal to build a ton of factories just for a single building, so you have to plan out the best way to place you factories. Here's an example of something you can do.



All of the buildings around the factories are in range of 3 factories. 

You can fit 4 mills inside of this build. 

3 of those mills will be helped by 7 factories, and the last will be helped by 6. 

If you need to conserve mana, you can build an additional mill in the bottom right corner, where 4 mills will help it build.


With an alchemist unit or hero, you can use mass transmute to remove the mills, and have tiny versions of them in the alchemists inventory. After that, you simply blink your survivor back in and build more mills, and use your alchemist to place the tiny mills where you want them. 



Note to self: Evaluate more builds later

There are more builds than this one that can be used. I'll use the following categories to evaluate them. If you don't like math, skip this part. 

Setup time- the amount of time needed to get set up factories before you can start lumbering, or building other buildings. In the above screenshot, it takes 2 minutes and 57 seconds to build the factories. 


Assists/Mills- The total number of factories that help with each mill, divided by the number of mills. For this example, we will say 97 mills (that's 96 mills to make 3 level 7 mills, and one for a gold mine.)

  • Using the build above, you can assume 27 total factory assists if you build 4 mills, or 31 if you build 5. it would take 24 sets of mills+1 mill if you build 4 at a time, or 19 sets+2 if you build 5 at a time. 
  • Using the formula of assists*sets, this becomes either 27*24, or 31*19. For the + mills, assume that they built in the spot within range of the most factories. 
  • So, 27*24= 648. Add 7 for the last mill, and you get 655. Divide by the total number of mills (97) and the average assist per mill comes out to be 6.75.
  • 31*19= 589. Add 14 for the last 2 mills and you get 603. Divide by the total number of mills (97) and the average assist per mill comes out to be 6.22. 

So, with the assists/mills formula, you can get a rough estimate just how quickly your build will work. The higher the average assist is, the better. But, things such as the size of the build, mana conservation, and priority of tasks will be left for you to determine which build is best for whatever base you find yourself in. 




Ok, enough about mills for now. Let's talk gold. When is the best time to get a gold mine up? As soon as you can spare the lumber for it. Once it's built, you can either let the gold build up for later in the game, or trade it in for a nice little lumber boost early on. Letting the gold build up early means that you won't have to buy a lot later, which will save you thousands of lumber. I usually set the first mill I build to the side, so that it can become a gold mine later. 


Another way to get gold is to kill bosses. At 2 gold per boss, this can be a MASSIVE boost early in the game, as you can trade that in for 80 lumber or use it to upgrade to better statues. 




Now then, allow me to introduce you to a favorite little tactic of mine, which I will refer to as "book rushing." Whoever came up with this tactic is a genius. This involves building your bookshelves as early as possible, and selling the books/tomes (tomes are used instantly in 6.42, and can't be sold.. this can still be used, but not as effectively) at a vendor. Using this tactic, you take the 10 lumber spent on the Books upgrade, and turn it into several hundred to be spent as needed. If you use a lumbering setup, you can refer to previous screenshots to see how the shelves can be built around your lumber area. If you are basing alone, and you need to get the alchemist unit, this can speed you along nicely. Also, if you are basing with someone, a waller can use this tactic to make things easier on a lumberer at the start of a match.


But what if you're walling, and you don't have a lumber area because someone else is lumbering? Fear not, there's a way to pull this off without a lumber area. You just need your lumberer to send you the first 10 lumber they make.

First off, start with 4 factories. 


Then you build a command center one one side, and research the books upgrade.

Once that's done, you can start building the bookshelves, like so.


Now, here's where things get tricky. With your builder selected, press A and click one of the factories. He will destroy the factory. Now, you can blink into the spot where the factory was, and build your last bookshelf. With this build, all of the buildings up to this point have been assisted by 3 factories.

Now then, let's take things a step further. 


By attacking the other factories and blinking into their empty spots, you can also fit your vendor and mercenary tent in as well. And the final result, is that you have all of your utility buildings in one nice, neat little bundle.

And you have your own supply of lumber. 

With this tactic, combined with a good wall/repair setup, an armor statue, and some slowing/stun towers, you can last until there are about 32 minutes remaining on mad difficulty before needing any more lumber from the lumberer. At this point, I would suggest that you stop selling books and start saving them to unlock the highest level upgrades, and that you start using the tomes to increase the strength of your hero. 

Your lumberer can book rush as well, and by the time you would need lumber from them they can have their first level 7 mill up already. 







In the last guide, I showed a build consisting of a straight wall, with the repairs placed for the maximum effect for that build. There are other ways to build a wall, and I'll be going over some of them now


The first build is similar to the straight wall build, with one slight twist. The middle walls are built slightly further into the base. 


In a straight wall build, the middle of the wall is the most likely to fail. With this build, you strengthen the middle wall by moving it back, limiting the number of mobs that can hit it while also drawing them slightly further into the base where more towers will be able to reach them. Two mechanics are dedicated to the middle wall, and each side wall has a mechanic of their own. The remaining two mechanics can alternate between the middle and sides as needed. 


This dedicates 4 bots to the middle wall, 3 to each side wall, and 2 that can alternate between the middle and sides as needed.

Also, if you use units to tank, you can cram them into that space just in front of the middle wall. Doing so limits the number of attackers that can reach them, increasing their life expectancy.





Now then, in some cases you can set up your walls in a diagonal pattern. By doing this, you can take a base like the harbor, which would normally have 2 entrances, and block it off in a way that only requires one wall. I don't have a screenshot at the moment, so I'll hold off on discussing this build for now. 


Emergency Situations:

Oh crap, I lost a wall! Stealer is barbecuing my repairs, the Snowman ate my hero, and Pheng is tap-dancing all over my lumber mills, WHAT DO I DO?!

If you have bosses rampaging through your base like this, then it's probably already too late and your best bet is to run to someone elses base. So, here's what you can do to keep the situation from getting out of hand.


The number one priority in this situation is to get whatever broke through, back outside of your base (or killed), and then to plug the hole. 


First off, it can be helpful to notify other players. If someone has the rocketeer, they can drop a nuke on the enemies, dealing damage and drastically reducing their attack speed. If someone has the commander, they can drop paratroopers in to help. If someone has the astronomer (coming soon) they can summon infernals, stunning mobs and tanking for you. Any of these might be enough to buy you enough time to save yourself. 


However, outside help is not guaranteed.


So, if you're on your own, try to lure out or kill the mobs. If you can't get them out, it's game over either way. Once you manage to clear the base, you can purchase walls from the vendor. Building a wall entirely from scratch usually won't work, because it will have so little health and take so long to upgrade that it will be destroyed in one hit before it's strong enough to hold. So, take the walls from the vendor and plug the gap. If the wall needs to be upgraded, it might be a good idea to buy some additional walls to build in front of it as a stall. 


Now then, if a wall is just failing, it might be possible to save it. 

Buying armor upgrades and upgrading your armor statue can work, if you can find ways to distract the enemy long enough.

You can buy some walls from the vendor, and plant them behind the mobs attacking the wall. In theory, some of the mobs might turn to focus on that wall, buying you some time.

Another thing that can be done, is to research Solar Batteries or Lunar Mist from the command center.

If you have any units that can be sacrificed, you can blink them out into the mobs, buying yourself a few more seconds of time.

Lastly, Medics obtained from the mercenary tent have two moves that can heal walls. One of these moves is global, meaning that you can heal a base on  the other side of the map, or that they could heal yours. 


If your walls have broken, or are failing, there are two likely causes for this. It can be one or both that leads to failure.

  1. You don't have enough wall armor.
  2. Your repairs are not strong enough.

The first issue is the easiest to handle. Just buy time in order to research wall armor and upgrade your armor statue. 


The second is a much more difficult issue to handle. Your mechanics do not repair while upgrading, and if your wall is dying, they won't upgrade fast enough to save it. I suggest upgrading repair bots if possible, and researching Solar Batteries/Lunar Mist, depending on whether it's night or day. 


One last thing that can be very helpful for keeping a wall up, are repair keys. You can purchase them from the Librarian, for 2 lumber per key. If placed on an aura statue, they will automatically be used to heal a wall in range that has low health. They are effective, and have a very short cooldown. However, due to that short cooldown, if two walls are failing at the same time, one will break. 


It takes practice to get a feel for how quickly you should upgrade wall armor and repairs, and that feel changes depending on the difficulty, so don't worry too much about messing up before you master it. Even something like playing on normal difficulty for a couple matches can mess up your timing if you move up to a harder difficulty. 



One of the most important things to keep in mind when building is range. When it comes to towers and aura statues, their ranges will increase with each upgrade. The size of a single square on the map is 48x48. You can mouse over a unit/towers attack to see it's range. If you have a unit/tower with a range of 650, you could divide that by 48 (650/48) and see that it can attack something 13.5 squares away. When it comes to repairs, mechanics have a range of 70, and factories have a range of 130.


Now, knowing the difference in repair ranges in crucial if you want a more effective lumber setup. If you shift the factories so that they're slightly off with the mills, a single factory can help build 4 mills. A mechanic could only help with two. 


So, a build using this setup could look something a bit like this.


Each of the mills in this setup are assisted by 8 factories. I build the command center to the side like that as a placeholder, so that I have a clear starting point for my mils. The command center is assisted by 6 factories. You can also place other buildings on the outside, above and below where the mills would be, allowing for 4 factories to help with each building. Taking roughly 3 minutes and 30 seconds to set up, I like to use this build for soloing if I have the space for it. 


Now then, if you want to go REALLY over the top, you can do something like this


This build has a VERY high assist rate, and if you know how to chain commands together using the shift key, your builder can potentially never stop building. As far as assists go, you get an average of 10.5 assists per mill. 

Unfortunately, due to the size of this build only a handful of bases could hold it. Also, using 41 mills, this build takes over 7 minutes to complete. 

In conclusion, this could be an excellent build if you are lumbering a waller. 



Random Strategies!

There are some strategies FS that you will rarely see. I can think of three, and if anyone else knows of one please share and I'll post it here. 


I'll refer to this one as Boss Hunting. A player using this strategy will build in someone else's base, but won't actively help that player. Instead, all of their resources will go towards pumping up their hero, which they will use to track down and eliminate bosses. They will also go to bases that need help, and clear off the walls for additional experience for their hero.


I will call the second strategy Middling. A player using this strategy will base in the middle of the map, with all of the defender heroes. In older versions, of the map, 2 players using this strategy and commander heroes could survive the entire match and kill behemoth. In the current version, it's most likely a stall tactic, possibly surviving until Lt. Stealer arrives. It's a very nice stall for all of the other players in the map. 


The last strategy is Reinforcement Spam. A player using this strategy will build mass sentry posts, summoning hundreds of paratroopers. While the paratroopers help to kill enemies, it can be considered a troll tactic in public games. Mass paratroopers can result in desync, or fatal errors resulting in the game crashing, so be wary of this if you decide to use this tactic. 





-Wall level isn't everything. You need wall armor, or no amount of repairs or health will save you. 

-If you are still relatively new, try to base with someone. One of you can focus on the wall, while the other can focus on resources.

-If you are playing alone, you need to build your defenses and resources up at the same time. It takes practice to get good enough to handle this.

-When issuing a command to your builder, you can make a list of commands for him to follow. For example...

  • Hold shift while placing a building if you are going to build more than one of that building. Your builder will start building it. Now, you can hold shift and place the building again. You will see a silhouette of the building appear, and your builder will start working on it immediately after the first one finishes. 
  • You can also hold shift while issuing other commands. such as blink or attack. By giving your builder a list of commands to follow, you can make sure that he stays active, and spend more attention on the rest of the base. 

-Another useful thing that can be done with the shift key, is to set your own hotkeys for units/buildings. To do this, simply have the unit(s) or building(s) selected that you want, hold shift, and press a number, like 1. Now, when you press the number 1, the unit(s) or building(s) will be selected. By doing this, you can switch quickly from one unit/group to another unit/group. 



A few tips for the bosses:

-Wizards can remove evade, but the last 3 bosses will go magic immune when they are almost dead

-Snipers are the best single target mercenaries you can hire

-Lt.123HELLO can be very useful, buffing the damage of both units and heroes.

-You can buy items from the vendor to make your hero stronger


There's more to come with this guide, check back later!

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#190434 Newcomers Welcome

Posted by Krehara on 04 July 2013 - 05:09 PM

Link to the next guide:





I remember the first time I played Fortress Survival. It was version 4.6, and I didn't have a clue what was going on. We've come a long way since then, and there's even more to figure out than there was when I first started. Long story short: I've decided to make a guide. I've seen plenty of people struggling with the game, and while I do help those I can, there are others I will likely never meet. So, I'm putting this together, in the hopes of it being spread by other players, to educate our newest players. If you already know the game, you probably won't benefit any from this guide, but I ask you to take a look at it anyways, and point out anything I miss so that I can correct it. 


If you need this guide, then I must be honest with you. This guide won't teach you how to beat the game. You might survive, but you will probably need someone to help you through the game and kill the last bosses. But this guide will lay the groundwork for you. From there you can find your own path, or move on the advanced guide that I will make soon.


The point of this map is to survive. The most basic strategy for this is to find a room to hide in, build walls to block it off, repairs to keep the walls up, and towers to kill the enemies. 



I'll start with the most essential thing, walls. Without them, you have to run laps around the map for an hour trying to dodge all of the mobs. There are two types of walls, Barricades and Regenerating.


Barricades- These have a high amount of health, and build very quickly. Their armor comes entirely from Wall Armor upgrades. At the end of the match, they will have the most health. With full armor upgrades, these walls will end the match with 55 base armor.


Regenerating Walls- These have a low amount of health, and take a bit of time to build, but they regenerate health on their own. They gain 1 armor each time they are upgraded, but benefit from wall armor upgrades less than barricades do. These walls will end the match with 64  base armor, as of version 6.41. 


Regular barricades on the top, Energy walls on the bottom.

Note: There are other ways to build your walls. I will discuss them in my next guide.


It's up to the player to decide which one they want to go with.


Now, where should you put these walls? At the entrance, of course. But there's a trick that lets you get more repairs on them. By building them halfway into your base, you can get repairs on the sides of the walls as well as behind the walls. 



Building like this allows you to fit more mechanics on the wall



So, you've placed your walls, and now you're debating on how to keep them alive. In this part, I'll go over the uses for each type of repair you can build. 


Repair Factories- These repairs have a repair range of 2. That means that they can repair something right next to them, AND something directly on the other side of it. Repair factories cannot be upgraded, but you can use them to create repair bots.


The factory in this picture speeds up the building speed of the buildings around it


Mechanics- These repairs have a range of 1. They can repair something right next to them, or something that is 1 unit away. These can be upgraded, and are best used for the wall.


The mechanic in this picture speeds up the building speed of the buildings around it


Repair bots- These are units that can repair anything in melee range of them. They can be upgraded. If you leave 1 unit of space between your walls and Mechanics, you can fit bots in between them, boosting your repair rate significantly. 




***One thing to note about repairs (excluding bots) is that if they are not currently repairing something, they will increase the building speed of anything you build within their range. I will go more in depth with this later on, or in a more advanced guide. 


So, now that you know what to do with your walls and your repairs, we'll discuss the final part of your defense. I'll go over the various towers, as well as my setup, and you can come up with your own strategy. 


Assassin Towers- These do a small amount of hero damage, but they do bonus damage to bosses (but less damage to normal mobs), have the ability to crit, and come equipped with a poison that slows enemy attack rate while also causing damage.


Frost Towers- These do magic damage, and come with a slow effect that will stack with the Assassin's poison. 


Flame Towers- These do chaos damage, which means that they do full damage against all armor types. 


Rock Throwers- These do siege damage, and have a chance to stun each time they hit. 


Tesla coils- Piercing damage. Low attack, high attack speed. 


Arrow Towers- These do piercing damage. They build quickly, and their first few upgrades are free.


Peasant Launchers- These do siege damage. They have a splash effect, making them very strong against groups of enemies, but do only half damage to bosses.

Arcane towers- Magic damage. They have a mana burning effect.


Gravity Disruptor- These do a relatively small amount of normal damage, but have a very large range.  


Minigun Turrets- These are anti-air turrets. In most public games, they won't be necessary, as you won't be playing with air. 


Aura statues- NOTE, THESE ARE NOT TOWERS. But they should be built in with your towers, as they can be upgraded to provide additional armor or damage to buildings within range. 


(Note to self: Include tower Magic abilities later)


***Bear in mind that the final bosses have a move which makes them immune to magic damage.



Now that you know how to build your wall, repairs, and towers, you now know how to manage your basic defense. But basic isn't good enough to survive, which is where lumber comes in. By building and upgrading lumber mills, you gain the resource needed to start buying repairs and upgrades. Many upgrades are contained within your command center.  


Level 1 mills are obtained simply by building them

Level 2 mills are upgraded from level one

Level 3 mills are upgraded from level 2

Level 4 mills are upgraded from level 3


Level 5 mills are where you start to do tricks. To get a level 5 mill, build 4 regular mills in a square. When the 4 mills hit level 4, they will automatically upgrade to level 5. 


Level 6 mills can be obtained two ways. You can either choose to upgrade them from level 5->6, or you can build 8 mills around a repair factory. When the 8 mills hit lvl 4, they will automatically upgrade to level 6.


Level 7 mills require a bit of planning to make. I'll go over them in the advanced guide.


Lumber is good and all, but it's not quite enough to win in version 6.3. You will also need gold. Gold is used to purchase high level upgrades, and can be obtained either through a gold mine, or buy purchasing it from the vendor. To build a gold mine, you upgrade a mill to level 4, and choose the goldmine upgrade. Each person may own only one gold mine. It can be upgraded to a level 2 gold mine. 


With lumber and gold in hand, you stand a chance of surviving on one of the easier difficulties. But to seal the deal, or hope to survive on a harder difficulty, you need books. Books will unlock the highest level upgrades for walls, repairs, and aura statues. To get books, first research them in the command center, and then build bookshelves. The bookshelves will make books over time. 



Perhaps the strongest unit you can recruit is your hero. You can recruit him from the Command Center. At higher ranks, you will unlock more heroes. 

If you build a Mercenary Tent, you will be able to summon troops to aid you. I'll go over the troops right fast.

-Level 1 Mercenary Tent

     -Swoardsman-Fast melee attack unit

     -Mine Layer- Lays mines, has no attack

     -Light Scout- Fast moving unit, high vision, no attack

     -Light Marine- Free short ranged defender

-Level 2 Mercenary Tent

     -Gladiator- Fast melee attack unit

     -Potions Master- Ranged unit, deals chaos damage, has a slowing effect

     -Body Guard- Melee defender with high health

     -Siege Machine- Powerful melee unit with high attack and health

     -Medium Marine- Free short ranged defender

-Level 3 Mercenary Tent

     -Alchemist- Ranged unit, can shrink mills

     -Lt.123HELLO- Expensive short range unit, chaos damage, buffs damage and armor of nearby allies

     -Firebat-Short range unit

     -Rocketeer- Expensive ranged unit, strong splash damage

     -Exterminator-Anti air unit

     -Wizard- EXTREMELY useful ranged unit. Has polymorph, which will remove a boss' evade, and a slow that will stack with assassins' poison and frost towers slow.

     -Medic- Healer. Has a global move that heals structures in an area, great for saving other bases or your own. 

     -Sniper- Highest damage marine. Comes with crit. A crew of these will dismantle creatures in seconds. 

     -Marines- Medium range defender. Chance to stun on each attack. 


Note: If you plan to use units, make sure that your build allows space for them to actually help. A firebat stuck behind 4 rows of towers is a waste of space.



With this build, you can see a space just above the rock throwers where units can fit. There's an identical space on the top side of this defense as well.



You now know the basics of the game. But in order to win, not just survive, you need to be able to kill the last three bosses, Trojan/Najort/Behemoth. In this version, they have a high amount of evade, so you need more than towers, more than units, and more than just your hero in order to kill them. You will have to combine all three elements. 



-Wall level isn't everything. You need wall armor, or no amount of repairs or health will save you. 

-If you are still relatively new, try to base with someone. One of you can focus on the wall, while the other can focus on resources.

-If you are playing alone, you need to build your defenses and resources up at the same time. It takes practice to get good enough to handle this.


A few tips for the bosses:

-Wizards can remove evade, but the last 3 bosses will go magic immune when they are almost dead

-Snipers are the best single target mercenaries you can hire

-Lt.123HELLO can be very useful, buffing the damage of both units and heroes.

-You can buy items from the vendor to make your hero stronger

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#193624 [Contest 7] Grow Stronger

Posted by Nevo on 02 September 2014 - 10:24 AM

Welcome to the [Contest 7] Fortress Survival Grow Stronger!!!


Who has shown the most Growth since first playing Fortress Survival?!






  • Don't wait until the last hour to post your entry.
  • Your submission must explain your very first Fortress Survival Experience, what you were doing, your first impression, etc.
  • You must also explain how you've evolved as a player and how you've changed your tactics since your first few games.
  • You must submit your in-game name where you would like the prizes to be awarded.
  • Remember we expect enough effort from all submissions and will take them seriously so we ask that you do too.
  • Those submitting more detail, pictures, and better use of grammar will gain more consideration!
  • The contest will be going on for two months so revise your submission as many times as needed prior to contest end date.
  • There will be Twenty-Five Winners chosen by our highly trained staff!


All Winners will receive a FREE Custom Builder.

If Winner already has a Custom Builder, they will receive a FREE Starter Bundle.

If Winner already has a Starter Bundle, they will receive a FREE BONUS ITEM!!



18 Winners in order of submission:

  • dokodoko1
  • AzZ
  • zakuman
  • TheDwarfLard
  • Mindless03
  • BlueBerryMuffin
  • Kimimaro
  • Cidiaus
  • Ethaw
  • Marco
  • Niwa
  • code.blue
  • Murttraz
  • Sieghart93
  • sentinel_owning
  • AlreadyDead
  • mv1990
  • Wisp2

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#191818 Soloing nightmare/air/invis + killing eternia at rank 1 without early alchemist.

Posted by englocked on 26 September 2013 - 08:37 AM

It looks like a cakewalk but it's not that easy!



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#190641 ELEMENTAL STONE - How it works !

Posted by erdam on 27 July 2013 - 01:17 PM



By Erdam, a SHS clan member




After achieving the nightmare/air/invis mod with some friends, we reached the Endless spawns then Eternia Attached File  eternia.jpg   914bytes   7 downloads, and we killed him ... 

Thus, we had the good surprise to see a white and pure crystal in our inventory :o named "Elemental Stone". Here are some informations about this Elemental Stone which is a truely nice item.



Icon : Attached File  stone.jpg   4KB   2 downloads



Description :





General informations : 


- If Elemental Stone Attached File  stone2.jpg   878bytes   4 downloads is carried by your hero, it gives him +1 of each stat (int/agi/str) for every kill you make with your hero OR with any of your units/buildings/items which kill creeps.


- Elemental stones Attached File  stone2.jpg   878bytes   4 downloads stack in your inventory ! It means that if your hero carry 6 stones, he will win +6 of each stat every kill. Thus, if a single hero kill all creeps in the whole game by carrying 6 stones, imagine how many free stats he can win ? Dude, you will be powerful !


- Elemental Blasting Staff Attached File  blasting staff.png   3.93KB   1 downloads obtained by dragging Elemental Stone Attached File  stone2.jpg   878bytes   4 downloads on top of Rainbow Blasting Staff Attached File  rainbow.jpg   906bytes   1 downloads inside your inventory seems not working already.





After reading the informations above, i'm sure some people would tell me : "I want this fucking stone, help me to kill Eternia Attached File  eternia.jpg   914bytes   7 downloads !". Well, at the risk of disappointing you, i will not reveal you how i did that as it is the ultimate challenge of Fortress Survival which can be achieved only by the greatest players. I just hope this thread will make u salivate and will motivate you to try to kill Eternia with your friends.


However, because i'm not totally a huge bastard, i will give you a little tip : there is a possibility to "break" Eternia's staff which can be annoying for you when you fight him. You have to discover how, you can search for it precisely in the middle of the map.

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#189961 [Contest 4] Custom Hero

Posted by Baby Michael on 03 June 2013 - 10:21 PM

Welcome to the [Contest 4] Custom Hero Design!!!


Want to design a in-game summon-able hero?






  • Only one entry per person
  • Entries have to be reasonable and not too overpowered
  • Don't wait until the last hour to post your entry
  • You must submit your in-game name where you would like the prizes to be awarded
  • There will be one winner chosen by our highly trained staff!
  • Your hero can have a maximum of 4 abilities, passive or active
  • Must include a rank that is needed to be able to obtain the hero
  • Don't worry about the str/agi/def stats, we will set those :P
  • This contest will be going on for an entire month, so take your time to create your Hero


All submitted heroes will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Original 0/5
  • Overall strength of hero 0/5
  • Abilities represent hero 0/5
  • Icons 0/5

          Total: 0/20


TEMPLATE (Required Information):


          In-Game Username WC3 or Gerena:
          Hero name:
          Hero type str/agi/int and range/melee:
          Rank required to obtain hero:
          Abilities: Cooldowns, mana cost, passive/active, etc.
          Hero Description:




When designing your hero, make sure all of your selected abilities match your hero. We want heroes that have abilities that would match them.  Look at the heroes already in game, their abilities represent them.  Try doing this yourself with your hero!

           Need help trying to find icons? Look no further!





1ST/2ND/3RD Place:






1st Place:




Hero Name


The Astronomer


Hero Type:



Rank Required:




Starfall: Stars fall from the sky every 3 seconds onto enemies. Each star deals 100 damage (100*ability level) and has a 1% chance to stun an enemy for 1 second. (Toggle Ability)


Mana Cost: 40 mana/second, +5 each level

Cooldown: None


Infernal Meteor: Calls down four Infernals onto target location. Deals 50 damage (+50 per level) and stuns for 3 seconds. Infernals are melee range, chaos damage, stats based on heroes intelligence, and last for 90 seconds. (Active Ability)

Mana Cost: 30, +10 each level

Cooldown: 150 seconds-4 seconds per level



Cosmic Mist: Reduces enemy attack speed by (1%*ability level.) (Passive Ability)

Mana Cost: None

Range: 800


Compact Supernova: Deals heavy magic damage in an area. Deals 15*intelligence. Max damage is 40k. Each level increases the damage cap by 3k. (Active Ability)

Mana Cost: 300+10 per level

Range: 800

Cooldown: 150 seconds




Attack type: Chaos

Defense type: Light

Range: 650


Hero Description:

By combining science and magic, the Astronomer provides support. 







Infernal Rain:



Cosmic Mist:



Compact Supernova:



In Game Model:




Original 4/5

Overall strength of hero 5/5

Abilities represent hero 5/5

Icons 4/5


Total: 18/20


2nd Place:




Hero Name


Orc Elite Commander


Original 3/5

Overall strength of hero 4/5

Abilities represent hero 5/5

Icons 4/5


Total: 17/20



3rd Place:




Hero Name




Original 4/5

Overall strength of hero 2/5

Abilities represent hero 5/5

Icons 5/5


Total: 16/20



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#187211 [Contest 1] Meme

Posted by MichaelwP on 25 April 2013 - 08:11 PM

Welcome to the [Contest 1] Fortress Survival Meme! (CONTEST CLOSED, SEE BELOW FOR WINNERS)






  • Only three memes can be entered per person
  • All memes must be original and submitted in this topic with the Image feature
  • The three winners will be chosen by our highly skilled team of meme judges
  • All entries must be submitted before the contest deadline
  • You must submit your in-game name where you would like the prizes to be awarded
  • Obviously, you may only win once per contest



All submitted memes will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality 0/5
  • Subject Matter 0/5
  • Creativity 0/5
  • Quality 0/5

Total: 0/20



Here is a great website for creating memes if you can not find one. To upload a different photo for your meme on this website, click upload on the left sidebar. http://www.memecreator.org/create



1ST/2ND/3RD Place:


 30iwbo1.jpg Horn of Voortr'hal


"The mighty Horn of Voortr'hal was once used as a warning signal in order to warn all of his allies that enemy invaders had recently launched an attack on the planet. Ever since the remaining survivors have picked up the horn, it has been used as a last resort alarm for back-up."


Passive Abilities: Armor Aura & Health Regeneration Aura (Units)

Active Abilities: Summon Alpha Marine Squad


So get to posting your best Fortress Survival memes! Good luck to everyone!




1st Place:




Elemental Stone.jpg


2nd Place:






3rd Place:






Thank you everyone for all of your hilarious Fortress Survival memes! The winners will be rewarded with the next release of the map! Be ready for our next forum contest which will start sometime soon! Also be prepared for our in-game challenges which will be starting up soon as well!


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#195973 Fastest 4x32 lumber mills

Posted by englocked on 02 April 2016 - 01:48 PM

Hi everyone!


I've been trying to get 4x32 mills as fast as I can. My best timing is 42'41", I'm playing offline (without lag) and with a bunch of starting perks + custom builder.


If you wanna improve on the build and/or beat my timing, you're welcome to try :D



Attached Files

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#190714 Waffle(est) and Baby Michael - The A Team

Posted by Baby Michael on 01 August 2013 - 07:41 PM

Some Call Us Gods..


Some Call Us Legends..


Some Even Call Us the Masters of FS..


Waffle(est) and me, BabyMichael In Action!




But We Just Like To Play Fortress Survival.. and Design it..





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#187750 [Contest 2] Custom Item

Posted by MichaelwP on 10 May 2013 - 01:28 AM

Welcome to the [Contest 2] Fortress Survival Item!



Want to design an item that will get put into the map?!


CONTEST START DATE: May 10, 2013 00:01AM GMT

CONTEST END DATE: May 17, 2013 11:59PM GMT



  • Only 1 entry per person
  • Entries will be disqualified if the complete template is not filled out (keep in mind you may only add to the template)
  • Entries must include an icon (64x64 pixels standard WC3 size)
  • Must be an original item and something new/different from any current item in the map
  • Please don't wait until the last hour to post your entry, if you post your item before others do and they happen to copy your item, their entry will be disqualified and not yours
  • If you are posting any custom models/art to use with your in the editor, please limit it to a minimum as we do our best to minimize the map file size
  • Items can only have a maximum of 1-4 abilities (1 active spell), some of the best items only have one ability too




All submitted items will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality/Creativity 0/5
  • Template Information 0/5
  • Item Possibility 0/4
  • Other Information 0/3
  • Icon 0/3

Total: 0/20


Winner Selection:


1. Player with the best item (Highest score)

2. Random player entry (With a score above 15)

3. Random player entry (With a score above 10)





TEMPLATE (Required Information):


Item Name:

Item Type:

Abilities: Passive/Active, Cooldowns, Mana, Bonuses, Etc.

Effects: Flare, Thunderstorm, Etc.

Stats: Item Charges, Item Health,Item Size, Etc.

Other Information:







Icon Links:





At first creating an item may not sound that easy. But, by following the template provided it will help you immensely! And of course, this is a must for the contest. No experience of the WC3 Editor is needed. You may display any other information with your post you would like. Examples of different things you could display would be photos, a video of the item in action if you actually create the item in the editor, draft/sketch of your item, and as much information on the item as possible. The more you provide on your item, the more we have to judge you on and understand your item with. If your item is too overpowered you are most likely not going to win, unless you have explained how to balance it. If you don't follow the rules and template you are most likely not going to win. And finally, if your item doesn't fit in to the game at all, once again, you are most likely not going to win. If you have any questions please ask in the topic or send me a private message.



1ST/2ND/3RD Place:







So get to posting your best Fortress Survival items! Good luck to everyone!




1st Place: Kiss4deadz


[ Item Name ]

- Ancient Pool

[ Item Type ]
- Quest Item - Harbor
- Charged Item (Click to build)

[ Abilities ]
() Passive Skill Ability:
-> Regenerative Aura - Regenerates nearby units 35 health per second. (Healing range: 900)
() Active Skill Abilities:
-> Tidal Wave - Creates a tidal wave that damages units in a line for 2500 and slows enemies' attackspeed and movementspeed by 40% for 4 seconds.
* Cooldown: 90 seconds

-> Ancient reanimation - Reanimates a myrmidon from a corpse. (Range: 1200)
* Cooldown: 23 seconds

* Myrmidon information/stats:
- Unit to be used (Appearance in-game): Naga Myrmidon
- Maximum hitpoints: 25000

  ~ Very Easy mode: Hitpoints decreased by 70%
  ~ Normal mode: Hitpoints decreased by 55%
  ~ Mad mode: Hitpoints decreased by 40%
  ~ Impossible mode: Hitpoints decreased by 25%
  ~ Nightmare mode: Hitpoints remain the same
- Attack Range: 150
- Attack Speed: Fast
- Attack Damage: 350 - 522

  ~ Very Easy mode: Damage decreased by 65%
  ~ Normal mode: Damage decreased by 50%
  ~ Mad mode: Damage decreased by 35%
  ~ Impossible mode: Damage decreased by 20%
  ~ Nightmare mode: Damage remains the same
- Attack Type: Normal
- Armor Type: Heavy
- Movespeed: 320
- Has no upgrades

- Ground Unit (Vulnerable)
- Reanimated myrmidon lasts for 120 seconds
- Does not consume any food
- Passive Skill Ability:
1. Bash - 5% to bash unit for 0.4 seconds
- Active Skill Abilities:
1. Blink - teleport to the designated area instantly. (Range: 800)
2. Forbidden Fusion - Fuses with another myrmidon to become a Royal Myrmidon

* Royal Myrmidon information/stats:
- Unit to be used (Appearance in-game): Naga Royal Guard
- Maximum Hitpoints: 37500

  ~ Very Easy mode: Hitpoints decreased by 70%
  ~ Normal mode: Hitpoints decreased by 55%
  ~ Mad mode: Hitpoints decreased by 40%
  ~ Impossible mode: Hitpoints decreased by 25%
  ~ Nightmare mode: Hitpoints remain the same
- Attack Range: 150
- Attack Speed: Fast
- Attack Damage: 422-650

  ~ Very Easy mode: Damage decreased by 65%
  ~ Normal mode: Damage decreased by 50%
  ~ Mad mode: Damage decreased by 35%
  ~ Impossible mode: Damage decreased by 20%
  ~ Nightmare mode: Damage remains the same
- Attack Type: Chaos
- Armor Type: Heavy
- Movespeed: 350
- Has no upgrades

- Ground Unit (Vulnerable)
- Royal Myrmidon is a permanent unit
- Does not consume any food
- Can fuse or can have a maximum of one Royal Myrmidon ( If Royal Myrmidon died, the player can fuse another )
- Passive Skill Abilities:
1. Empowered Bash - 8% chance to bash unit for 1 second.
2. Toughened Scales - Has a 10% chance to block an incoming attack.
- Active Skill Ability:
1. Blink - teleport to the designated area instantly. (Range: 800)

[ Effects ]
~ Ancient reanimation - works like Animate dead (can be auto-casted/toggled)
~ Tidal Wave - When enemy units are hit by tidal wave, they appear looking frosted. (The same appearance when enemy units get hit with a frost tower)
~ Toughened Scales - When the block is successful, a magic shield will appear in front of the Royal Myrmidon for a millisecond or a simple small water burst to the Royal Myrmidon for also a millisecond.
~ Forbidden Fusion - When casted on another Myrmidon, both caster and the unit casted on dies and creates a Royal Myrmidon.

[ Stats ]
- One charge (Active)
- Item disappears after use
- Item cannot be dropped
- Item can be sold
~ Cost: 10 gold
- Non-savable item

[ Building Stats ]
- Building cannot be upgraded
- Building consumes 4 squares (Like a normal size Lumber Mill in FS)
- Building does not attack

- Building has no mana points

- Buildings' Armor Type: Fortified

- Buildings' Maximum health: 10,000 (Vulnerable)

- Building Appearance: Tidal Guardian (Naga)

- Cannot be used by rank 17 and below (This is optional)

[ Other Information ]
- If I ever win, can i suggest adding units to the harbor and a main unit (example: Harbor Captain) which needs to be protected for at least 15-25 minutes to obtain the item or obtain the unit carrying it.
- If item is too buffed, too weak or needs other information, mods and admins are free to change it.
- I tried my best to balance out the kilobyte consumed, item functions, etc. by my template. I hope you'll like it  :D.
- I picked Harbor in the FS map as my choice for my template because based on my experience, every FS game I played, there was only one garena player who based in that place. So I thought that I would help improve and popularize that base by making this template  :).

- PS: Can I also suggest making FS npc units that carry items like the alchemist must not drop their item when killed or some sort? Because when these npc's die they drop their items. For example, when the alchemist in the mail room gets killed, he drops the tiny lvl 4 cloning machine which makes players get this item for free even without protecting the alchemist or claiming the mail room. So what I am saying here is, if my suggestion would be inputted, The Harbor Captain won't drop the "Ancient Pool" item.

-  Item Description ~ - From the depths of the ravaging sea, marines stole this weird pool from the kingdom of the Naga King. Still no one knows what horrific powers or creatures that live within this pool.


[ Icons ]
Ancient Pool Icon:

- Icon size: 9.98kb
- Icon link: http://www.hiveworks...0&d=list&page=2


() Default Warcraft icons
( Link - http://www.wowwiki.c...Icons/Icon_List )
~ Ancient Pool (Ancient reanimation)

~ Ancient Pool (Tidal Wave)


~ Ancient Pool (Regenerative Aura)


~ Myrmidon (Bash)

~ Myrmidon (Forbidden Fusion)


~ Royal Myrmidon (Empowered Bash)

~ Royal Myrmidon (Toughened Scales)


2nd Place: PaperNinja - Explosive Escape (Random Entry)


3rd Place: Revol - Spys Guardian - Scout Bane (Random Entry)


Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you everyone for your great submissions!

Get ready for the next contest starting on Monday: [Contest 3] Fortress Survival ...... You really think we'd release it early? ;)



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