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Newcomers Welcome

The point of this map is to survive. The most basic strategy for this is to find a room to hide in, build walls to block it off, repairs to keep the walls up, and towers to kill the enemies.
0    04 Jul 2013


You can consider this guide as a pro guide with the best techniques generally used by real pro gamers. The whole knowledge in this guide allow you to harvest wood as fast as possible in team base games and to become a great support player for your team.
16    14 Jul 2013

Walling/upgrade Guide

This guide goes into detail on the times you should upgrade walls and buy certain upgrades. It is meant to delay upgrading walls and buying upgrades for as long as possible so that you can maximize your early game produce while also providing a reliable and consistent way to play.
1    12 Feb 2014

Choosing a Custom Hero

So you want to to get a custom hero? Or maybe you already have one and are still trying out how to get the most of it, in either case this guide is for you.
0    07 Jul 2014

An Advanced Guide

If you've managed to survive long enough for something to tear down your walls, even with repairs on them, then you know that upgrades are necessary. If you've been buying upgrades, then you also know that they get pretty darned expensive. Here's a few things to help with it.
0    04 Jul 2013