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A short guide to an autoload shortkey

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#1 Ethaw


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Posted 26 April 2015 - 01:06 PM

Fortress Survival Load Script (using Autohotkey)



Until autoloading is natively implemented to FSA (You gotta have hope :D), I wrote a small script with autohotkey to load my last code automatically with alt+X. Here's how:


  1.  Install Autohotkey: http://www.autohotkey.com/
  2. Download the load.zip file attached and uncompress it (or copy the code below in the notepad, then save it with the .ahk extension)


    ; Warcraft III: Fortress Survival Autoloading
    ; Written by Ethaw - 26/04/2015
    ; How to use:
    ; Modify the"D:\Games\Warcraft III\" part below to your own Warcraft III directory
    ; Press alt+x to load your last code once in game

    #IfWinActive Warcraft III


        Loop, D:\Games\Warcraft III\FortressCodes\*.txt
            If (A_LoopFileTimeCreated>Rec)
        FileReadLine, line,  %Fpath%, 4
        loadcode := Trim(line)
        BlockInput, On
        SendInput {Enter}%loadcode%{Enter}
        BlockInput, Off


  3. Modify the "D:\Games\Warcraft III\" in the code to your own W3 directory - don't forget to save the file
  4. Execute the .ahk file (you can place it wherever you want), an icone in the bottom right corner will appear
  5. Press Alt+X once in game
  6. Profit



Ps: I had to compress the .ahk file because the forum doesn't allow me to upload it... :(

PsĀ²: had to use the quote function instead of the code one, because the police color is ridiculously dark in the latter

Ps3: I think implementing that in the map shouldn't be hard (not exactly an "autoload", but at least a -load command searching for the last code automatically, on the local client), but I don't know much about the JASS functions available


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