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Posted 18 July 2014 - 03:39 PM

Reward items.
Malignant virus - If you've been infected by another player ( good thing ) and start with malignant virus in your code you are going to have 6 charges of malignant virus, When used on a Hero/unit/builder it increases their damage by 90, armor by 8 and their overall health and attack speed. You always want to use malignant virus on your hero so it makes  it easier to kill things early on and the attack speed is quite helpful. For the rest of the charges though you are better off saving them for later on in the game because the attack speed bonus is nice for Snipers (x8 crit ) Rocketeers ( x2 crit ) and marines that have a 3 % passive bash ability.
The last charge of your malignant virus should be used to infect your own survivor so that it gains benign virus with 6 charges with is a lesser version of malignant virus which you can use to further buff your units. ( Infecting another survivor with your malignant virus is how the virus is spread because they gain a benign virus which has a chance to mutate into malignant virus over the course of the gain wherein they can save it in their code. )
Trojans roar - Gained as a reward that can be saved in your load code for Killing Trojan/Narjot/Behemoth on impossible mode. The item allows you to AOE stun a group of enemies ( Has a 5 minute cooldown ) The best thing to do with this item is to either keep it on your hero or builder assuming these are your most accessible units but I personally put it on my Armor aura statue because it will intelligently activate trojans roar automatically when your walls are low ( Same for repair keys )
Wings of behemoth - Gained as a reward that can be saved in your load code for killing Trojan/Narjot/Behemoth on nightmare mode. The item allows the unit carrying it to fly over bases/certain terrain which is much quicker than trying to blink/run to your base at the beginning of the game. Additionally, Wings of behemoth grants the unit using it 150 damage and 10 armor. This is best used on your hero early/mid game for the damage and then later it can be placed on your walls when they gain an inventory slot and will benefit from the +10 armor. ( Don't worry you can't fly your wall off the map if it has wings of behemoth :)
Elemental stone - Gained as a reward that can be saved in your load code for defeating Demonic Eternia, Eternia will only spawn in a game where Nightmare, air, and invis is enabled. After killing Trojan/Narjot and Behemoth endless waves will start, Eternia will spawn on the 10th wave of endless mode. If  Eternia is killed in your game,  1 of 3 requirements must be met to be able to save the Stone in your code. 1. You get the killing blow. 2. You have at least 300 kills. 3. You have at least 60,000 produce.  The elemental stone gives the hero +1 permanent bonus to all stats for all enemy kills and can be infused with the power of the rainbow staff to form an elemental blasting staff which does more damage than a normal staff and keeps the stat gain from the stone.  (No player can earn more than 1 of the same reward in there save code)
Vendor items.
Sentry wards - 5 lumber invulnerable timed life ward, detects invisible units for 300 seconds. Sentry wards are nice if your Sentry post gets destroyed or you don't have the room in your base to build a sentry post in which case you can buy wards to detect invisible. On a different note, you can actually kill invisible units without having invis detection if you have spiked walls for your Barricades.
Health potions - 20 lumber. Instantly restores 2500 health when used, can only be used on units with an inventory ( cant be used with walls ) I actually find health potions to be quite helpful when you are playing with air because it can help keep your hero alive against air, could also be used to help keep medics, wizards, general, alive against air if they are being targeted.
Mana potions - 30 lumber. Restores 250 mana when used. Best used on a claimed alchemist or hero to gain mana for whatever reasons you have.
Everlasting walls - 140 lumber. The main purpose of this would be if one of your main walls was destroyed and you had to try and close the gap in your base. Could also be used as a mid/late game stall if needed.
granite walls- 220 lumber. The main purpose of this would be if one of your main walls was destroyed and you had to try and close the gap in your base. Could also be used as a mid/late game stall if needed.
Tree of vigor - 3 gold 100 lumber Regenerates hp and mana to nearby units and structures. An effective AOE heal for units while also
restoring mana, this is nice for medics and wizards who rely more  on there mana to be useful. But it's a nice heal for units and structures nonetheless.
Tome of knowledge -  260 lumber Permanently increases the main stats of the hero by 15 and sub stats by 5.  It's important to note that bookshelves have a small % chance to generate a tome of knowledge that is automatically applied to your hero. Outside of getting tomes from bookshelves you are really never going to buy tomes unless you have a lot of lumber to spare because they are so many other things you can spend your lumber on and Black larceny and cursed, lightning fist and rainbow staffs give you better damage for the price.
Regenerative stone - 6 gold 200 lumber. Regenerates the wall by 200 + 1 % max health per second. Also provides 5000 maximum health. Can only be use on energy walls.
Health stone - 8 gold 250 lumber increases the units health by 6000 and grants them 200 additional health regeneration per second. This is really effective on heros when they need to have a lot of survivability in order to stay alive, against air and air bosses for example, a health stone can make all the difference when air or air  bosses start attacking your hero. This is also good for walls and other structures that may be targeted by air. For example, I have to give my armor aura statue a health stone so that it doesn't get destroyed from air as they always seem to target it. 4 healthstones in a single inventory will automatically combine into a super health stone which has increased stats.
Rainbow blasting staff - 35 gold 500 lumber. Automatically blasts nearby enemies with rainbow projectiles, dealing 2260 damage per second. This does nice AOE damage and is in my opinion the first damage item you should save for/buy for your hero because of the nice AOE damage and because of the fact that it can combine with the elemental stone to form an elemental blasting staff. You can make an enhanced elemental blasting staff with an elemental stone and 5 rainbow staffs which does even more AOE damage and increases the stat gain from the elemental stone.
Black larceny - 30 gold 1000 lumber.  Increases the attack speed of the hero by 75 % and attack power by 300 when worn. It has an assassination lightning ability that does 45,000 single target damage when used ( The ability costs mana and has a cooldown ) When you have 4 black larceny in a single inventory they combine to form a cursed larceny which increases the heros attack speed by 300 % and attack power by 3000 when worn, and also has a stronger assassination ability. ( Your hero can have many cursed larceny )
Electric fist - 55 gold 2500 lumber. Increases the attack speed of the hero by 25 % and grants them 2500 additional damage. In addition to the Attack speed and passive damage, the fist has 10 % chance to proc a chain lightning ability which does a chain lightning  that spreads to 10 enemy units, it also has an active ability that uses balls of electricity to deal AOE damage for a short time.  ( Does not combine into anything else and  heros are limited to 1 electric fist ) Generally it's better to get an electric fist before you start going for a cursed larceny because the Fist gives you better overall damage, along with the chain lightning passive for the price. ( Cursed larceny ends up costing about 10,000 lumber if you buy all the gold you need for it from the vendor, electric fist is about 4000 lumber if you buy all the gold )
So when deciding whether or not you should buy a black larceny or a fist item first consider that for 15 gold and 500 more lumber your hero can get 2200 more attack damage, and a chain lightning passive but the black larceny would help you get a cursed larceny which has more damage, a stronger on use ability and much more attack speed which is very effective with heros.
Event/donator items.
Slujj hat (tower )  Adds 2000 health and 50 movement speed to the unit using it, but when placed it turns into a powerful, upgradeable tower with chaos damage, very fast attack speed and  a passive poison damage ability.
Silverling coin. Adds 1500 health and +10 armor to the unit using it ( can also be placed on a wall when it gains an inventory slot ) This coin also has an active ability with a one time use that when placed creates 9 silver walls in a square formation, this is great for making a quick stall at the start of the game when you get to your base.
Tiny lumber mill. A tiny level 1 or tiny level 3 lumber mill is available to donators so that they can start off with one in their inventory. I like to place my tiny mill aside and later turn it into my goldmine so that I don't forget.
Event items are items that were featured in a contest on the website  that allowed people to participate in the event and possibly get them if they were winners involved in the contest.  It is possible for event items to  later become donator items  available to all donators as a part of a bundle.
Mysterious librarian items.
The mysterious librarian is located in the library base and has a set of items that are available to all players.
Repair badge - 1 gold 60 lumber. When used this spawns a pair of flying repair units that help to further repair your walls. This item is useful if there is a particular boss that you might need extra support for.
Ability manual- ion cannon. 2 gold 100 lumber. This manual can only be used with the marine hero. It replaces his laser strike ability with ion cannon.
Repair key - 350 lumber. When used this item repairs your wall for 20 % of its health +5000 additional health.  Each repair key is a 1 time use so for it to be effective you have to buy multiple but it could help out against a specific boss that gives you trouble.
Ability manual - Mysterious Spellbook. 500 lumber. This manual can be used on all in game non donator heros. When used the spellbook grants the hero an additional random max rank ability out of pool of abilities.

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Posted 19 July 2014 - 10:27 AM

note that you can only spread the virus once per game. and it only has meaning if the player saves afterwards..

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