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#41 LIOS


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Posted 25 September 2015 - 05:22 PM

In-Game Name : LIOS


You will encounter unknown creatures in the first place.

If you want to live We have a few choices creat towers and hire mercenaries or both.

As soon as possible you have to claim base camp and create wall to defence them, and you need yo upgrade to a wall using gold and lumble.

Lumble is most important building, whether you are doing.

As you clear more and more difficult, you can get compensation.


"Move now! If you want to live"




#42 ant1000123


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 10:27 AM

username :ant1000123



in 1990 scientists work out on a new project : the inferno virus. Every human who tried this virus die in self combustion. The virus was  suppose to create living powerfull monster with some high radiance . The first human to dominate the virus called Nevo. Since he got radiance he transformes many people in wild horible monster. We call them monster,creep, and boss . some people get weird polymorphous : some human get the power to fly other get the power to become invisible.


some people were lucky and kepp their mind but they were transform for ever. We call them donator

some people were immune to the radiance . We call them survivor.


Some where in U.R.S.S we need to survive against : monster, well before they were monster they were your friend your family people you see everyday.

than we start, since we are engineer we can build turret and wall . We need time to find a cure.

Bullshit it's more fun killing monster than finding a cure so kill them all . They must no go.


after killing some weird enemis, a giant wolf some tentacle an orc with a fire gun...

we gather a groupe to gather informations. 


we send the group inside nevo old house.


when they came back they gather some information about his old life 


they saw he had a dog call ceberus and a bird call eternia.


during the night they hears the emergency bell they have to evacuate for another place a giant invisble bird attaking them.


they flee somewhere called the fortress where is there last hope.


and now depending lucky they are it will be veary easy,medium,mad,impossible or a terrible nightmare to survive 


they got help from their friend and they got the power of the lachemist with them to assure a victory.





since everybody explain the game i decided to explaine before the game 

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#43 shtroumf


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Posted 29 September 2015 - 01:56 AM

Username: Shtroumf


My English is not perfect

Survive or die is the two choice you have in Fortress Survival.
Frist begin by saving Boberto dont let that poor dog die to creep :(
After that you can try to hide but it's useless, they will have always find you.
Behind a wall you should be or inside a creep mouth you will be.
Engineer you should build early or game over it will be .
Getting an Hero early can help you greatly.
Tower & Statue you should get before the creep get you.
Alchemist and lumber mill will keep the income coming.
Be aware of Stealer you should be or defeat it will be.
Magic from wizard can solve most hazard.


'' Oh shit i got Stealer !!! '' I hear this so often since i started playing this game :)

'' If all fail blame Nevo :) ''

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