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[Contest 18] September Sweepstakes

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#1 Nevo



Posted 21 August 2015 - 03:49 PM

Welcome to [Contest 18] September Sweepstakes
Submit your entry below. Include your in-Game username.


Non-English Users are Welcome, Grammar is not that Important!!

  • Write a Summary with AT-LEAST FIVE SENTENCES Describing Fortress Survival Gameplay!

  • Come up with Unique Fortress Survival Catch Phrase or Quote!



CONTEST END DATE:  September 30




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#2 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 21 August 2015 - 05:07 PM

This is miavita,


We claim and barricade repairable bases for survival. We train heroes, utilize mercenaries, and build towers to fight against the unknown secret force in order to safeguard the arrival of evacuation team. We get fed by slaughtering the unknown force, and we develop resources by the help of repair unit, repair factories, and the transmutation ability of alchemists in a timely manner to be prepared when the elite troop from the darkness raid on us. We get excited with new achievements from conquering the challenges of contests and the bosses that were once undefeated. Sometimes, war doesn't stop with the overflowing justice and devotion to encounter and terminate endless waves. We share the joy of gaming, meet various players, make friends, and become Fortress Survivors!

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#3 erikus6




Posted 21 August 2015 - 05:55 PM

I'm erikus6. couldn't shorten it much further

Each of us is given a choice, to either survive, or die. It is up to each of us to decide how we wish to do it, we can ride Eternia's ass with only a few walls and a hero, hide behind a virtual Fort Knox of Whoopass, or to those who wanna just throw random turrets, marines, and mills all over the place till the bastards die. By devouring the enemy the defenders live on, absorbing any and all loot under shit hits the fan and you gotta shatter bosses so badly they will be shitting their organs out of their orfices. Should the lucky few manage to survive spectactularly, they are awarded for their efforts, only to plunge right back into the depths of hell we all call home. To those who wish to hide in holes until they shrivel up and die, let them! For we are the Fortress Survivors and we fight to live, and live to fight, be it alone and surrounded by hordes from our darkest nightmares, or side by side with our brothers-in-arms in a firefight of gunpowder and glory.

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#4 KeXi




Posted 22 August 2015 - 01:07 AM

Too long or not, here we go :)




   All right men, scatter around and search for supplies. This has to be quick, heard rumors of this place. Remains of great battles fought once, troops of living, warlocks, soldiers, surviving and trying to vanquish  forces of evil. They tell ghost stories of shadows moving and creeps and voices. Spirits and some sort of.. animals, hordes of monsters..

   They say that the ancient survivors, great builders, made it work, they adapted fast, fortifying their team in these very rooms, buying time for their army to get stronger, teamwork and skill sure was required. When you watch these hollow walls, one can just wonder where they got all the resources from, say lumber and gold for example. One cannot just magically build them out of nowhere, eh?

   Maybe it's this place, maybe there still is something here. Remains? Magic? Suddenly I feel tingling, my senses enlightening. The rumors.. Aah!? Whats that, gates just opened! *Sound of an ancient horn*

Find a Room! Adapt and Survive, this is FORTRESS SURVIVAL!




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#5 won01


    Private 2


Posted 22 August 2015 - 01:33 AM


(I do not know well english )


 User is playing  a survival from an enemy.

the user base in our military can save early and using the -claim and the walls,robots can effectively prevent the enemy through. hero, mercenaries, tower attack can use effectively as it is to kill the enemy and item is a hero I can help in the attack,and survial.

Lumber mill is the most important building. must continue to creare and quickly found a tree and we must make a lumber mill high by taking advantage of the Alchemist.

Finally,  the time clear have to kill the boss which is available on the rise.

*clear makes it easier for compensation also be used effectively can play and  many users can and can work together to meet

#6 E.K.2.


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 22 August 2015 - 07:58 AM

We dropped in unknown deep dark field, there are many kinds of creeps and bosses will destroy unknown invaders.
Reach the wonderful defense & attack, despite of powerful enemy's attack, have great plan for lumbering, wall upgrading, towering, and supporting.
If play too hard, just use powerful units and heros, you think they doesn't powerful, your teammates ready for great partner!
If you want tips and challenges, join the fortress-survival community!
Acheving best perfomance finally, you will handed down for defensed fortress, killed Behemoth, the big boss and Eternia.
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#7 hurn123




Posted 22 August 2015 - 08:49 AM

hurn1234 here.

Whether solo or in a team, whatever fate the survivors meet.
They decide it with a base, lumber mills, it's a race.
Upgrade your walls, from soft to tanking Behemoth.
When the monsters come, will you survive?
This is Fortress Survival Alpha, you're either dead or alive.

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#8 War-G0DS




Posted 22 August 2015 - 01:22 PM


We have a mission to make, we need to survive until rescue troops come. We need to kill creeps and bosses. We need to make walls and towers and troops to defend ourselves to survive, so we need to have a lumber to make or upgrade to make it stronger walls and buy troops for defending our base. We have powerful heroes, in playing Fortress Survival we need a teamwork so that we can survive easily, and buy items it will help a lot in your hero in defending.In Fortress Survival there`s at least 4 boss,Trojan,Najort and Behemoth, and for the last the Demonic Eternia. Defend as long as you can, kill those creeps and bosses as long as you can, don't lose hope!. Keep defending until rescue troops come!

Catch Phrase:

"A Riddle wrapped up in an Enigma"

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#9 DemonPupy




Posted 22 August 2015 - 03:42 PM



Fortress Survival is a surviving game where you are either with or without your comrade(s) to survive until you are rescued. To survive you must first get yourself a base. Once you have chosen your base now barricade it and defend it. With your builder make lumber mills to get resources to upgrade defenses. Some base comes with a mission, complete it and you will be guaranteed a reward.Remember to upgrade techs without techs, you will be defenseless against the "Unknown". The "Unknown" will send waves and waves against your defense until you are dead. Some waves contains "Boss" which will be a danger to you and your comrade(s). Complete Certain Difficulty and you will be rewarded with items that will be a help to you. Now "GO and make yourself a Hero".


Catch Phrase

You are either Dead or Alive. Choice is yours.

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#10 Typhus


    Private 2


Posted 22 August 2015 - 03:58 PM



Fortress Survival is a wc3 edited map where you have to survive plenties of waves and many various bosses, to win the game and kill tyrant behemoth, the final boss, you  must find one of the many bases you can find in the map, some for solo, others for coop, an even some with quests. You start with a builder + and an alchemist, used to lumber production mainly. To win you can use many strategies, the most common one is to us walls+towers, get an hero and some units, but some people use only a lot of units, very strong heroes... there is ton of possibility, from very easy to nightmare, with invi or air choice, fortress survival will allow you to custom your game the way you want, with a unique -load -save system, an awesome community, contests, you can win special items and even skins. This game is quite difficult early but once you understand the basics you can have a lot of fun, and even here, you can upgrade the difficulty. It's free, it's awesome, it's Fortress Survival.


(yes i did something like an advertising, dunno if it work B) )

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#11 Nevo



Posted 23 August 2015 - 03:06 PM

I decided to give this one a try myself, here is what I came up with:


Paragraph Summary:

Playing against an unknown Enemy, the player starts by claiming a Base and barricading themselves inside, desperately fighting for Survival! The Enemy, an unknown entity sends multiple Creeps and Bosses at different times of the game to test each player's Durability and Strength. Using various Strategies and Upgrades, improving your gameplay becomes second-nature for those that will Survive. The Hero, Mercenaries, Towers and many other Buildings become critical ways of dealing damage to the Enemy while keeping the barricades up and well defended. All of this requires resources which demand production, otherwise known as Building and Transmuting Lumber Mills. Quickly Building Lumber Mills for the sake of making them smaller is what the Alchemist is all about. The Finale introduces a outraged devious beast called the Trojan, special powers allow the Trojan to reincarnate as a stronger tougher Foe. Should the Trojan fail, an extremely eager and over zealous marine is looking to settle his score with whoever gets in his way!

Catch Phrase:

To Build, or not to Build? That is the Question.

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#12 TheMaszter



Posted 31 August 2015 - 06:19 AM



Here we start:

 Start game then go to claim a base.The zombies must be stop by your towns or you will die. Become stronger with making a hero and get lumber by lumber mill. Updating is necessary and you can find at the command center. Killing the boss before end time unless you want to be dead by nuclear bomb. Your lv can be save to make new hero and you will get some prizes if you win at these mode: night mare; impossible; and so on.

#13 Fateld




Posted 31 August 2015 - 11:37 PM



Starting in an unknown place,you are filled with panic and confusion. Time flies in a Blink of an eye and you have little time to find a base. Claiming it as your own, and barricading the entrances. You must reinforce them with the aid of repair units, and quickly build towers. Then you must begin creating lumber factories magically generating wood for upgrades to your walls and other buildings. Make use of the alchemist and efficiently shrink them,and then begin building a lumber monopoly. Survive many waves of enemies until you reach the Trojan, or risk being annihilated.

#14 Typhus


    Private 2


Posted 02 September 2015 - 08:08 AM


"First day of our arrival,  the imperium fortress got attacked by unknown forces, they brought 10 of their best soldiers, me, and ten of my brothers, we are not ordinary soldiers, in fact.. we're weak, we can't fight, we're not resistants, but... we're special, we were born with a special gift,  we can, with some kind of magic, or technology, we don't really know, build superfast, walls, towers, they developped an unique machine, which produce what they call "wood", we can even conbine them to build even more better ones, i never saw something like this.., we can hire braves soldiers, but unfortunately they die very fast.. the ennemy is strong, really strong, but with some kind of magic, our troups are infinte, we just use this ressource called "wood" and they just come, from the buildings we just built for them, i don't really know what's happening, but i resisted good, it's easy, we even got repairs units/bots to repair our walls, some of the walls even regen themselves!

-Second day, it's too easy, ennemies keep attacking in mass, but still didn't make any breachs, i got the feeling that something bad is happening, and i was right.. a few minutes later, a giant snowman, with a hat, i never saw this before, what the hell is this??!!! he throwed thousands of giant snowball, i don' tthink it's ordinary snowballs... they killed many of my soldiers, and even my hero, a soldiers who got trained so much, that he is a way stronger than ordinaries soldiers, but these guys are rare, and we were allowed only one per builders, fortunately, i can revive him, our bosses really brpught hight tech here.. i am impressed, the giant snowman keep killing my guys, bu my walls stand up, suddenly, the revived hero generated an item, with "gold" and "wood" gold is another ressource that we found later, we can conbine wood to get gold, or generate gold, with an advanced "gold mine" they call that.. The item, was somekind of a fire gauntlet, it looked like it was made with lava..., with a few hit of this, he killed the giant snowman, i tought we were safe, that it was over, but... that was just the begining... Giants creatures were still comming, stronger and stronger... we finnallly killed a giant beast called najort, than suddenly apparead a rescu team, they told us it was over, finnaly, we won.... at least that what we tought, a giant marine, with demons wings, cmae up from the sky, and scratshed  them like bugs.. he was laughingt, thes guy, was something else, he was, a way stronger than al monsters we saw, it was.. him, the legendary commander behemoths, an old warrior of the imperium, thousands of years ago.. he was missing since now... me and all my soldiers were terrified, how could we beat him.. i gathered my bravery, and i screamed, to my mans : "


Commander, that's the last words of typhus, on his repport, he is still missing....

#15 MrMo


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 03 September 2015 - 12:57 PM

I guess I'll submit a catch phrase because it came to my mind :


"No air or: Tea time with Lt. Stealer !"


Ingame name: MoonTheDemon

#16 bear_369


    Private 2


Posted 06 September 2015 - 07:41 AM

Welp, here goes nothing.


VinDiesel369(My in-game name when using garena)


We're spawn at the center of the fortress until Unknown's creeps spawned, causing tons of destruction

and chaos.

We got ordered by their high-ranked fortress unit (Bass command I guess) to build a base from their


It's up to the survivors to do what they can, build, and survive from the starting to the end of the game.

If the player has chosen the suitable base for them, build walls first? build lumber mills first? It's up to them what they gonna do about it.

When few minutes passed, all defenders lost and Unknown's creeps now able to freely roam around the fortress.

Things get rough, creeps getting more stronger and tougher and bosses spawned.

All players will need to farm lumbers as fast as they can to improve their defenses or else they won't make it.

They may improve their defenses by upgrading walls, repair, armor and etc.

When every few or many minutes passed, creeps are getting stronger so improve your base QUICKLY! :)

Bosses spawned which they can rape your walls (like Lt. Stealer) so walls or armor is very important to upgrade so things get less rougher.

Also, you better upgrade walls, armor, and others fast because not only bosses but Trojan, which he doesn't look dangerous if your walls are so strong but rather its 2nd form which can dealt tons of damages to your walls so GG if your not careful enough. Also, you have to kill Trojan, Najort and Tyrant fast because time is limited.


"Upgrade is the Heart of Surviving"


I don't know if I did right or not.

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#17 Blackwizzard9




Posted 06 September 2015 - 11:48 AM

hello i'm blackwizzard9



You are a small survivor and you need to survive,logic ^^ but the question is how?


You spawn in the middle of the fortress you need to find a room for make a wall and improves then.

But for upgrade your wall you need wood same for your towers, you need to build lumber mills and upgrade then for have a better ration wood/min.

For defend your base you have a lot of different choice, you should make a hero (only one a person) you can build towers or recruit mercenary on the mercenary tent.

You need to be careful some boss will attack you and they are more strong then normal monsters like Stealer the first one true challenge if you don't have uprgade your wall enough or you don't kill him fast you will probably loose here.

If you survive enought you will see the 'final boss' and if you are not prepared you will say 'can we won this map?' the answer is yes if you find a good lumber mills produce with repair factory you can make your lumber  faster for build or buy a lot of uprgade or strong items, when you will kill the final boss a surprise will appear and you will say 'final boss was easy '.


PS: sorry for my english :D

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#18 We_are_A




Posted 09 September 2015 - 10:32 AM

In game name: We_are_A

Quote " Offence is the best defense "

You have just escaped from the basement passage. Defenders from the fortress are here to escort you to safety.But it does not look good to you, the Unknown Attackers came out from the basement passage. 

"RUN!" the defenders shouted.

You must quickly find a base, build barricades and set-up your own defenses against the forces of evil. There are many ways to defend your base with, using towers,mercenaries or a hero.

#19 Tetsu


    The Noob.


Posted 09 September 2015 - 10:33 AM

In Game Username: makweiwen

My attempt at this contest ^^


Fortress Survival is the name of the game.

Defending against bloodthirsty creatures is your aim.

Conquer over the enemies and achieve immense fame.

Make use of barricades, towers, or maybe just mercenaries.

Take part in a contest, let everyone know of your name.

Construct mills for lumber,

Hire mercenaries to outnumber.

Upgrade towers for damage,

Stand with an advantage.

With your Hero by your side,

There's no need to hide.

So head to the Item Vendor,

Stock up on weapons.

'Cause when They advance,

We might not stand a chance.


I'm not sure if this meets the requirements for an entry, but it's what I came up with. >w>

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#20 Weiss



Posted 10 September 2015 - 03:32 AM

IG: Weiss @ USEast


My first game: Oh ye everything's free here *forgets to upgrade* got grilled by Firelord

Second game: Someone carried me through and I had to lumber him *looks at other people's cloning machines and then looks back at my L4 mills taking forever to cook up lumber*

Third game: Starts to understand the basics but then snowman comes over and my base sunk like titanic.


To summarise my experience:

This game may look easy for first time players how all the buildings are free to build, until you look at the upgrades...

This game has an incredible amount of combinations and strategies that you can use to play, the more you play, the more you want to beat this game (Need to come with a warning label "Danger: Addicting"). Those of you like me who have been carried through every game mode would seek additional challenges by looking for new strategies, starting to solo different game modes or even just by leveling up your rank. Every game you play is simply different in terms of where you're based, who you're playing with, even luck is a variable!


TL;DR: In short "This game is more than just beating the hardest mode"


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