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#21 everk123


    Private 2


Posted 10 September 2015 - 07:42 AM

everk123(name in my garena)

Fortress Survival is a game that is fun,exciting and sharing. You will respawn at the upper center of basement passage that random enemies and boss respawn. You need to run and choose one base then build an barricade or energy wall and repair unit, If enemies is attack your base you can build basic tower that have so many different types like flame tower,peasant tower,rock tower and for the air enemies is the Minigun turret and then if you dont have an lumber you build an lumber mill and if you dont have an gold you must upgrade the lumber mill  lvl 4 to gold mine.So many hard and fun,exciting and sharing and helping each other team. 

Sorry for my english grammar :) 

#22 littlefarkus




Posted 10 September 2015 - 10:54 AM

"Fortress Survival;  Wood is vital, but so is using protection."





-in game   littlefarkus

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#23 War-G0DS




Posted 11 September 2015 - 01:56 AM

hmm... okay this is my second post and i want to do more so lets begin.

We have to fight to an unknown enemy and they respawn until they destroyed us.Is really okay to not to fight? No! we have to fight lets build more walls and towers and hero give him items or use his skill so that he can easily kill that unknown creatures, also make units to fight with your hero.We have to upgrade the towers and walls, the enemy are getting stronger so its possible we lose or we win against that creatures.Well we have to survive until rescue troops come.Make Lumber mills so that you can upgrade the walls and towers and you can buy the item for your hero.We have to kill those bosses before they destroy our base let our troops and heroes kill them! let the walls defend us! Kill them all so that rescue teams or troops can land safely! We must trust our teammates so that we can win easily too.

"The Greatest Gift of life is Teamwork"
"We Build Too Many Walls but not enough armor and health of the walls"

#24 junelpogi1123



Posted 11 September 2015 - 02:21 AM


"I've failed over and over and over again in my life. and that is why i finish fortress survival"

#25 War-G0DS




Posted 11 September 2015 - 02:44 AM


well don`t know what to say so...

Getting killed by an unknown creatures and you didn`t even know where you are. You have a mission to take protect them so that you can have some rewards if you protect them. Build some walls and more importantly build some LUMBER MILL so that you can have lumber and you can upgrade the walls,armor,health, make some gold mines to so that you can buy items for your hero. every version getting harder. Every Contests getting challenging and have good rewards. We let them know if we saw some bugs in any version and nevo will fixed it. Killed behemoth you will get wings killed the Demonic Eternia you will get elemental stone. Donating will help you in your gameplay and to the forum.

#26 Sieghart93


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 11 September 2015 - 03:48 AM

Awake in an unknown area, survive by hiding or barricade yourself somewhere

Stay alone or team up with other mates with the fear of getting trolled
Harvesting lumbers out of nowhere from the little mills

Without realizing the time, *ow hey look Lt.Stealer has reached your home*
Acting like a capstone of the game, telling you when the dangers start

The trojan might act like a boss but if you think he is ...you are outdated

The Black Behemonth flys down with his dark wings.... pluck his feathers out and u shall fly as well

And sorry..... no helps will be coming... you will be trapped in this endless nightmare...

* Get a fist or two from the vendor, u will need em to survive *

#27 War-G0DS




Posted 11 September 2015 - 05:18 PM


Suddenly an Unknown Creatures respawn in the middile of the passage. Being attack suddenly.Let the survivors build some walls and towers. Make some units and hero to protect your base. Teamup with the other survivors so that higher chance in surviving. time pass and the creatures getting stronger and harder to kill so we have to make more lumber mills and upgrade the armor and health of the walls so that it can last longer. You have items and skills for your hero use it to kill the unknown creatures. Protect yourself. The boss of unkown creatures will come. Make some units to buy some time to your upgrading walls. Kill them before time runs out. Protect your base.

"Have the Courage to finish the game in solo"

"If you cannot do walling do lumbering instead so its easy for you"

#28 Kiyoshi91




Posted 12 September 2015 - 01:52 PM

Kiyoshi here and sorry my english, if you find a fail-u can stay on it :D



Born in the deepness of the world, grown faster as anything else you ever have seen, came an never seen Virus uppon earth and nearly destroyed the whole world. You are one of the lucky survivors in this world and all hope on goddes earth is now inside of you. Can you survive the swarm of the unleashed undeads? Are you the last survivor on earth? Show us wich kind of type you are and fight against the infected armee wich grows even stronger with every single minute you can survive. Hurry up and claim a base before one of the other lucky survivors get the best bases, make some defense or just defend with strong units, if you are some scared there are even towers wich u can build to help you out pretty good at all. Dont forget to make your hero early since he can help u out at different stages in the game. Every make sure to get ur walls upgraded and never ever forget about the usefull upgrades in your command center, they can save ur life and are worth their price at all. But take alot of care and be warned, there are creatures in this new world wich you never saw before and wich surely will make you cry all over. Please rescue the world and beat the infected swarm, if you can do it, there are some nice prizes in the end. I wish you good luck my survivor and that we see again in the new rescued world, thanks too you.

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#29 War-G0DS




Posted 14 September 2015 - 07:40 AM


While doing mission we need to survive at the certain time or there any certain time or any rescue come? We need to fight at the unknown creatures while defending ourselves while making barricade and towers. Killed those unknown creatures with your hero and your units. Buy some items to your hero. Make some lumber so that you can upgrade your armor and health of your walls and attack speed of your tower and armor and damage and food so that you can make more units than before. Killed those bosses. Survive as long as you can to fight that creatures. While waiting there endless wave will spawn it will get stronger and stronger until you died, it won`t stop. Protect and survive with your walls and units and your hero.

"This game is gonna be FAMOUS if you tell everyone"
"We learn from FAILURE not from SUCCESS"

#30 Testarossa




Posted 15 September 2015 - 05:41 AM



The walls keep them out...but also lock you in...


They are coming, find somewhere to hide until help arrives! Fortress Survival is a custom WC3 map that casts you as a (potential) survivor inside of an old military fortress just before it falls under siege to unknown forces. You must find a suitable location to hole up and survive countless waves of monsters and bosses. Will you base alone, or with a friend? Each resource, each second, and the placement of each building could be the difference between survival, and certain death. Will you survive?


Second attempt:


They are coming, will you survive?


There isn't much time civilian, so listen up if you want to live. This location is no longer secure and is about to fall under siege to an unknown enemy of unknown numbers and might. Make your way to one of the designated evacuation points labelled on the map I have given you. Do what you can to help construct a hold out for yourself, and any military personnel still present at that location. Do not leave your hold out until back up arrives. Make use of any materials you can find and try to survive for the next hour. Take care civilian, and good luck.


Fortress Survival is a custom Warcraft 3 map set in a military fortress about to fall under siege to an unknown force. You are a survivor, a civilian that possesses no weapons or means of attack. With no way to defend yourself you have no choice but to find your way to one of the many hold outs within the fortress and use the materials available to construct a base to hole up in. Construct walls, build towers, and dig in to survive. Or get a hero and summon mercenaries to take the fight to them. Find your own way to survive in this challenging map and gain levels with the persistent rank system.


Will you survive?

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#31 Kiyoshi91




Posted 17 September 2015 - 02:08 AM

Kiyoshi again :D


Start the game and choose on of the Modes, but care, the higher the mode the more difficulty it will be. Pick up a base and find maybe some good team mates to base together with you to make it some more easy, build up walls or defend with mercenary, go for tower or not, what ever you decide wich is the way u wanna go, go for it. Lumber fast cuz if you dont do, you probably lose! Kill all bosses and defend ur base, are you strong enough to kill behemoth and win the game? Then you should go to nightmare / air / invis and try to beat eternia!


Phrase: Life hard, die young.

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#32 soulshot


    Private 2


Posted 18 September 2015 - 09:42 AM

IG: Soulshot

They have taken the bridge and the second hall.All of us manage to escape safely to fortress.We have barred the gates...but cannot hold them for long.The ground shakes.Drums...drums in the deep.We cannot get out. Closer and closer.A shadow moves in the dark.They are coming...

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#33 sentinel_owning


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Posted 18 September 2015 - 04:05 PM

A summary describing the fortress survival gameplay.

The game starts with you and other players as a survivors of a fortress that is attacked by unknown enemies. The aim of this game is to build a proper defenses that will hold on against the waves of unknown enemies until the rescuers arrive. With various types of towers, strong barricades,resources production and support buildings, useful researches and units, you need to think a way on how you can use them to build an adequate defenses because the enemy grows stronger as the time of rescuers draws near. But then, an unexpected event happened that made rescuers unable to evacuate, the "mightest" of the enemy arrives on the fortress. The headquarters ordered that the remaining survivors need to kill this enemy in order to rescue them, otherwise if they fail to kill it within the given time limit, they will be annihilated together with the packed of unknown enemies in the fortress.

a summary that is really short, yeah a summary should be but i think i need to make a long one after.

IGN: sentinel_owning

IGN: sentinel_owning
I'll post again when my brain works again.

"-claim, -exile (color)" xD, is this even a catchphrase
"no,no,no, I solo"
"F*ck, go away!!!"
"lumber please"
"Two is better than one." is original quotes not allowed?
"A true victory cannot be achieved by one person and will never be."
"We might fail this time but next time... it might fail again, after all it is too hard."
"I am not against to cooperation but i prefer solo since they might become hindrance instead of help."
"Is it really a win if you win alone?"
"If we became stronger because we joined forces, the enemies also since we are too many here so get out of here."
"Just because it is said "Fortress Survival",as a player you just need only to survive alone, of course not. You can survive with others."
"Did you know why they need to bombard us when they can ignore us and just defend here peacefully??"
"Who is stronger, the enemies or us? Of course the enemies. After all they are cooperating to kill us while we are just competing who's gonna survive last!"
"I feel victory even we suffered defeat, but i feel defeat when I gain victory alone."
"I am inside my base and i can't find wood to lumber here."
"The f*ck? Why is there an air unit? Dumb host, I said no air!!!"
"I killed behemoth and other bosses and I realized, what I am doing here in the first place?"
"I know that you can make barricades, but without resources? What sorcery is this?"
"To upgrade silver wall into gold wall, you need lumber instead of gold."
"What if, hypothetically speaking, you are the monster, and our enemies are the survivors, what will you attack first? A base with lonely survivor or a base built with the cooperation of many survivors?
"How to win solo in nightmare? Of course with ranks or if not, some dirty tricks or help. How to win co-op in nightmare? Easy even without ranks and dirty tricks."

Oops i did my quotes wrong. It said unique fsa quotes.

#34 soulshot


    Private 2


Posted 19 September 2015 - 05:31 AM



its all about speed and concentration. If you wanna beat high mode you must find base fast build fast set good defence with good wall some units some repairs for walls and by me lots of towers :D  fast gold mine and then just upgrade upgrade !!! then comes the snow man...and fuck all up :D



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#35 LeQuebecois




Posted 19 September 2015 - 11:04 AM



The host is red,

and I am blue.

Nightmare it is,

but I am noob.


For hours we fought,

the creeps and the boss.

My dinner is ready,

but eat I can not.


My walls are down

and my hunter is dead.

So is Trojan

and victory we sang...


A sh*t the bonus!

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#36 sethers97




Posted 20 September 2015 - 11:18 PM

Jboy79 here



All you see is creatures attacking your fellow comrades as you run in fear to find a base and barricade yourself inside while you wait for reinforcements ro arrive. You start building your defenses of towers and units to fend off the Incomming waves of Creatures comming from the portals form all directions of the compass. you call upon a hero who is willing to fight for you to there last breath, evan if thye must die for you. You build factories to create robots who will repair your barricades before they crumble. Checking your clock, it's 10 seconds until HQ sends reinforcements so you begine to pakc up your and run for the exit. As you get closer to thre exit you see the Message  "The Trojan" Has entered the fortress". afraid you run back to your base and prepare for the final battle for your freedom, or to die in a blaze of glory.

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#37 Freeski




Posted 21 September 2015 - 11:12 AM

in game Username: Freeski

First time i played this map 1 or 2 years ago. it was interesting melee-survival map. Me with friends played a lot, it was funny and hard to stay alive even when we tryed base together. we were 3-4. there wasnt small lumb mills and bases were big about 1/5 map. we built near 100 barricades in way of each side to not give monsters kill us))) And what i see now there is 100500 small mills and u can build base solo in small base it becomes more interesting, achivement system and rank system improved ( in early version i remember when you have finished game u got max rank). So now trying to get max rank, new hero and win imp)))
P.S. sorry for my awful eng -_- i did my best xD

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#38 LieToMe


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 23 September 2015 - 11:13 AM

Playing against an unknown enemy, Waiting to be saved by your allies or destroyed by the very thing you hope will save you.  

Live, and be regarded as a hero, or die and be forgotten to the world.  

Whatever you choose you must do it quickly because the things that come from the basement are not normal.  

Find a room to shelter your hopes and dreams as you carefully build and fortify.

In bases we barricade ourselves waiting that triumphant time when the rescue squad comes!

In that glorious moment, we realize our biggest mistake.  

Trusting that Tyrant Commander to save us.  

There is only one way out now, to destroy the ally sent to save us.

In the end, friend or foe, you must live to see the next day, no matter the cost.


my catch phrase is: Welcome to hell guys.


Forgot in game name: LieToMe

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#39 soulshot


    Private 2


Posted 24 September 2015 - 11:24 AM

IG: soulshot



"When you survive lvl 100 endless at least they dont come up with more dmg and armor"

"Vote for delete infernal catapults,sent to Ministry of Justice in HAG"

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#40 Demonhunter-3




Posted 25 September 2015 - 04:54 PM

"Min-Maxers Delight" lol


Find the perfect balance between defensive and economic growth to hold back waves of enemies with ever increasing difficulty, find the base to your most liking. You can choose between minimal space with only 1 wall to defend to up to 6 walls with all the space in the world, challenge yourself playing at Death's Point or using no walls at all. It's your choice what you want to do the only rule is survive.


oh yeah ign: demonhunter-3

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