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[Contest 15] Mercenary Fever

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#21 E.K.2.


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 20 August 2015 - 07:53 AM

E.K.2. In version 6.53
Difficulty: Nightmare / Invis / Air
Base: The Sanctum

Before I start lumbering, I claimed The Sanctum and accepted the quest. And I build bookshelves (my purpose just sell all of the books).
My first goal is making lvl 2 gold mine, with bookshelve's help, and I prepare the tower and mercenary for defense.
2.jpg 3.jpg
Waves and bosses just come to my base, My attacking is not good, so I focused on defense.
In count 35 mins, first lvl 7 lumber factory is completed.
In count 32 mins, more mobs are coming, my defense will be broken. but I bought Electric fist on Cidiaus Wizard and use electric fist's skill, save my base.
In count 24 mins, my base had another threat, but Cidiaus Wizard defends its threat, I cleared Wizard's quest, and completed 3 lvl 7 lumber factories.
7.jpg 8.jpg
In count 19 mins, Wizard has magma fist, and Bodyguard defense are stronger.
When Bareful Angel entered my base, I didn't recognize Invisible air boss, so installed the ward faster. (RIP my air turrets and mercenaries)
Later, powerful super larcery come to me!
In count 4 mins left, installed sludge and shade and upgrading. (my tower mechanics upgrade about 16 this time.)
Fully upgraded sludge, shade, and powerful Wizard killed Trojan, Najort, finally behemoth :)
13.jpg 14.jpg 15.jpg

Video for helping people

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#22 LIOS


    Private 2


Posted 21 August 2015 - 05:48 AM

Player : LIOS

Mode : Impossible / Invis / No air / 6.53 Ver.


Contest15-6.53 001.png  Contest15-6.53 002.png  Contest15-6.53 003.png  


Contest15-6.53 004.png  Contest15-6.53 005.png  Contest15-6.53 006.png  


Contest15-6.53 007.png  Contest15-6.53 008.png  Contest15-6.53 009.png  


Contest15-6.53 010.png  Contest15-6.53 011.png  


Attached File  contest15-6.53.w3g   682.79KB   431 downloads

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#23 won01


    Private 2


Posted 21 August 2015 - 08:12 AM

Username: emeldjrngksp


Modes: Nightmare / No Air / No Invis


Version: 6.52


WC3ScrnShot_081815_225016_06.jpg WC3ScrnShot_081815_230353_07.jpg WC3ScrnShot_081815_232553_08.jpg


WC3ScrnShot_081815_233455_09.jpg WC3ScrnShot_081815_233709_10.jpg WC3ScrnShot_081815_233922_11.jpg


Attached File  c15.w3g   787.75KB   460 downloads

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#24 LIOS


    Private 2


Posted 22 August 2015 - 02:29 AM

Player : LIOS

Mode : Nightmare / Invis / No air / 6.53 Ver.



Contest15-NM 001.png  Contest15-NM 002.png  Contest15-NM 003.png  Contest15-NM 004.png  Contest15-NM 005.png  Contest15-NM 006.png  Contest15-NM 007.png  Contest15-NM 008.png  Contest15-NM 009.png  Contest15-NM 010.png  Contest15-NM 011.png  Contest15-NM 012.png  Contest15-NM 013.png  Contest15-NM 014.png  Contest15-NM 015.png



Attached File  Contest15 NM.w3g   480.68KB   454 downloads

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#25 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 23 August 2015 - 08:55 AM

Hi, this is miavita,

Nightmare, No air, Visible, 6.53 official released

Most basic setting (no code/achievement item/customed builder...etc)

Base: Military Base


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  • WC3ScrnShot_082315_080017_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082315_081542_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082315_081547_07.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082315_082353_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082315_083222_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082315_083411_11.jpg

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#26 Sieghart93


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 25 August 2015 - 06:56 AM

Player : sieghart93

Mode : Nightmare / Invis / No air / 6.53 Ver.

At 1st i was like thinking why......... after trying it out..
so thats why.....  it really became easy..


Lv 1 goldmine at 1st 48 minit..... lv 2 at 1 minit later...
WC3ScrnShot_082515_193307_01.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082515_193318_02.jpg

1st lv 7 at before 37....

The wizard has no cap on its attack speeds? its like permanent on adrenaline after geared up...
WC3ScrnShot_082515_193632_04.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082515_193701_05.jpg

PS: thou troublesome.. i still preferred blocking 1 side for no reason... i just felt annoyed if my creeps looks dispersed .. and easier for magma splash..

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#27 CounterAsEnemy



Posted 28 August 2015 - 12:08 AM

Player: CounterAsEnemy 
Mode: Mad/noair/noinvis (im a noob at the game just started a week ago)


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#28 won01


    Private 2


Posted 28 August 2015 - 05:23 AM


Nightmare/ no air /no invis



Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_172816_03.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_171844_02.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_170741_01.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_173905_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_174503_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_175555_15.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_175742_17.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_175910_18.jpg

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#29 LIOS


    Private 2


Posted 28 August 2015 - 11:33 AM

Player : LIOS

Mode : Nightmare / Air / Invis / 6.53 Ver.



Contest15-2 001.png  Contest15-2 002.png  Contest15-2 003.png  Contest15-2 004.png  Contest15-2 005.png  Contest15-2 006.png  Contest15-2 007.png



Attached File  contest15-2.w3g   923.07KB   428 downloads

Edited by LIOS, 28 August 2015 - 11:34 AM.

#30 won01


    Private 2


Posted 28 August 2015 - 01:05 PM


Nightmare/ Air/ invis




Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024133_01.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024302_02.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024429_03.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024553_04.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024728_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024858_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082915_024943_07.jpg

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#31 Tobric



Posted 29 August 2015 - 09:13 PM

that reminds me @@ instead of just top players... maybe you should add some consolation prize for newbies who tried to do the best they could.... that should add up more entries as well...
Since everyone could look bluntly here that its impossbile to get top 5 or maybe even top 10 w/o nightmare mode
(it has shown in pictures and lottery event that people is definitely visting the sites .. but some is too hard for them to even try on )



I am fairly new to the FS world and I too have noticed that all of the awards go to those who play harder difficulties, which for me isn't really possible yet unless I play with someone who actually knows how to play, which is rare. I haven't been here long enough to actually see the outcome of any of the contests but I assume this isn't going to change much.


I had a couple improvement ideas about the contests. They are as follows:


1) Make different Divisions. Pros-> Newbies. This would give the newer people like me a chance.

2) I don't think there should be any "solo" challenges. I think the goal of FS should be to encourage teamwork and multiplayer games that have challenges where multiple people can work together to achieve or at least play together on the same map.  I read a post the other day where someone did 30 solo attempts at a contest before they found a good replay. I think that's crazy and the time would be much better spent playing with new players, trying to increase popularity of the game.

3) I'm sure there will be more. To be added as I go. 

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#32 We_are_A




Posted 30 August 2015 - 01:18 AM

In Game Name : We_are_A

Mode : Nightmare Invisible No air.  6.52 Official Release, No Bugs.

Pictures :







Attached File  contest 15 nightmare invis no air.w3g   505.11KB   441 downloads

Edited by TheNoobPlayer, 31 August 2015 - 07:26 AM.

#33 I_vErY_nOoD69


    Private 2


Posted 31 August 2015 - 06:14 AM

Player : I_vErY_nOoD69

Mode  : Mad , No air , Invisible enable



Mode set and Load !  I base at C20-bravo !
I'm focus lumber mill as fast i can before 39 minute crazy race~

I start build tower and item store and other building that i need ! 6 Tower needed !

First lvl7 lumber mill complete at 31 minute ! Slow hand so sure slow abit !
Second lvl7 lumber mill done at 28 minute! Rushing~~~~
No hero training , so Cidiaus The Wizzard unit needed to be damage dealer ! Item start at 28minute!
4 lvl7 lumber mills comeplete at 18minute ! The best i can do !
Super Larceny complete ! Now ready for Trojan! XD

Base view ! lumber mills enough for defend !
Trojan dead in 2minute 30second ! B)
Tyrant Commander Behemoth  ! Done!

No Hero , No Bookshelf ,No using any kind of Easter Egg, exploit/glitch !
Trying my best ! Will keep going and learning ! B)

Attached File  6.53 mad mode no wall no hero .w3g   429.37KB   452 downloads

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#34 stewardqq



Posted 02 September 2015 - 02:05 AM

Player : stewardqq

Mode  : Mad , No air , Invisible enable







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  • Attached File  c15.w3g   519.72KB   423 downloads

#35 shtroumf


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 10 September 2015 - 05:46 AM

Player: Shtroumf
Base: Temple of Boom
Mode: Nightmare / Air / Invisible / No Load Code / No startup Item (only the mill) / No Bug-Exploits / No Easter Eggs / Version 6.54

I had a Replay in 6.52 but since its lot harder now with units cost 3 time more i did it in 6.54, probably a first to see someone base here :), very hard with air coming from all Side
I had to stop to mill early because of air boss coming from all side but still dit pretty good, Chaos gave me some problem but i had enough wizard
I used some backup late game :) old fortress style only for fun

war3 2015-09-10 06-20-20-83.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-21-20-81.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-22-00-82.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-22-40-94.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-23-20-84.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-24-00-83.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-24-40-95.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-25-20-98.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-26-00-93.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-26-40-83.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-27-20-80.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-28-00-84.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-28-40-89.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-29-20-92.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-30-00-96.jpg war3 2015-09-10 06-30-40-91.jpg

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#36 Liebe


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 10 September 2015 - 12:27 PM

Nightmare, invis , no air

No Load Code


20150911021014.png 20150911021050.png 20150911021200.png 20150911021230.png 20150911021252.png 20150911021309.png 20150911021318.png

Attached File  con15.w3g   759.7KB   436 downloads

#37 Rodo


    Private 2


Posted 10 September 2015 - 02:57 PM

Hi guys,

map version 6.53 (Used book exploit)

Impossible/No Air/No invis/No Easter egg/No hero/No Donator perks


P.S I haven't had time to take screenshots, been really busy with work and real life stuff, ill add them tomorrow if thats ok :P


Attached File  Contest 15 Mercenary Fever - Rodo.w3g   623.77KB   428 downloads

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