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[Contest 19] Yarrrg! Shiver Me Timbers

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#21 shtroumf


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 24 October 2015 - 03:43 PM

Username: Shtroumf
Mode: Nightmare / Air / Invisible / No Hero / No Load / No startup Item (only the mill) / No Bug-Exploits / No Easter Eggs / Version 6.56

War3 2015-10-30 05-31-58-79.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-32-48-82.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-33-38-98.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-34-28-77.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-35-18-90.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-36-08-85.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-36-58-96.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-37-48-83.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-38-38-95.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-39-28-84.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-40-18-86.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-41-08-84.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-41-58-81.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-42-48-78.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-43-38-81.jpg War3 2015-10-30 05-44-28-91.jpg

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#22 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 28 October 2015 - 01:50 AM

This is miavita,
Nightmare, No air, Invisible, 6.56 official release
Most basic setting with Scientist hero, accepted the quest to protect Mr. Shrinkle and Boberto
No load/start item/customed units/exploit/glitch

 WC3ScrnShot_102815_011930_01.jpg Prioritize/balance upgrading lumber mills, wall, and wall armor
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_012053_02.jpg Towers are the key to survive...units can be distracted or killed by bosses easily, and units don't have enough continuous health point regeneration
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_012138_03.jpg Electricity/passive stun research is necessary begins at Stealers
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_012243_04.jpg Once you upgrade to ultimate towers with magic team research, you are stable for the game
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_012317_05.jpg Wizard training is a good technique and habit, and it's hard to make it a priority when you focus on upgrading lumber mills or whatever else in the early mid stage
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_012449_06.jpg I felt like my walls would have failed me if I use the repair units to keep lumbering, so I started at another place
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_012514_07.jpg WC3ScrnShot_102815_012605_08.jpg Trojan is generally not a threat to walls for most people
 WC3ScrnShot_102815_011451_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_102815_011518_03.jpg (These are the only screenshots I took at the end when I was playing to make sure my replay is not broken) I cannot tell you enough about how useful it is to buy walls from item shop to save you some keys
 (I need someone to show me how to defeat Nightmare, Air, Invis with the most basic setting without stalling technique. I have been trying for a long time but I cannot survive the air force around 20 minutes while defending the melee bosses at the same time...)
 Attached File  contest 19 nightmare no air invis most .w3g   536.35KB   459 downloads

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#23 soulshot


    Private 2


Posted 29 October 2015 - 05:47 AM

IG: soulshot


Mad/no inv/no air


done quest/no eggs/no glich/ ver. 6.56


marines does their job at the end :D











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#24 LIOS


    Private 2


Posted 29 October 2015 - 10:59 PM

Username : LIOS

Mode : Impossible / No air / Invis / No load



WC3ScrnShot_103015_124205_01.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124320_02.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124450_03.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124500_04.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124535_05.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124651_06.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124813_07.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_124934_08.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_125001_09.jpg  WC3ScrnShot_103015_125011_10.jpg



Attached File  Contest19 ImInvis.w3g   534.63KB   441 downloads

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