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[Contest 17] Protect The Military Base

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#21 hollycrab



Posted 13 September 2015 - 10:15 AM

User: RLT_FiReCoNTroL-Garena

Mode: Normal, No Air, Invisible units

Hero: Scientist - Life Drain too stronk :D

I'm new to this map but I love it a lot so I tried for the first time to solo 6 wall base on normal and it turned out pretty good :)


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  • Farming_Wood.jpg
  • More_Farming.jpg
  • Trojan_fight.jpg
  • Trojan_fight_2.jpg
  • Tyrant_fight.jpg
  • Tyrant_dead.jpg

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#22 chiefofgxbxl



Posted 13 September 2015 - 07:37 PM

Hello all, new to the community after I was referred by someone in-game. Glad I stopped by! Seeing as this was my first contest and I wanted to keep things simple, I played Normal difficulty, no air, no invis. Nothing too exciting, but looking forward to taking part in future contests :lol:


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg




Attached File  Fortress Survival - Barracks Competitio.w3g   287.6KB   472 downloads

#23 Sieghart93


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 14 September 2015 - 02:59 PM

Modes : Nightmare, invi , no air.... just a common astronomer game


WC3ScrnShot_091515_025521_01.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_031313_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_031852_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_032857_04.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_034641_05.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_034829_06.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_034919_07.jpg

Originally tried to play air with Tinker hero.... but got twice fatal error... so gave up doing it.....
Aint there too much fatal error recently?

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#24 shtroumf


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 14 September 2015 - 10:03 PM

Username: Shtroumf
Mode: Nightmare / Inivisible / No Air / No Hero / No Starting item (only mill)/ No bug exploit / No Easter eggs / Version 6.54
Tried with air without hero but the mannet turret up there keep dying, tried to put 4 engineer near it lot and lot of anti-air all life update for tower but still die in 2 shot to banshee, these mannet tower need more health :(, with hero it will have been easy specially with melee hero

Had some lag because of the number of towers

Youtube video coming

war3 2015-09-15 00-49-47-12.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-50-26-85.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-51-06-87.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-51-46-99.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-52-26-99.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-53-06-97.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-53-46-90.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-54-26-91.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-55-07-02.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-55-46-86.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-56-27-04.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-57-06-91.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-57-46-89.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-58-27-06.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-59-07-05.jpg war3 2015-09-15 00-59-46-99.jpg war3 2015-09-15 01-00-26-90.jpg war3 2015-09-15 01-01-06-87.jpg

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#25 Kiyoshi91




Posted 15 September 2015 - 09:32 AM

Kiyoshi here,

Modes: Mad / Visible / No Air

Missions: Protect The Military Base

Hero used: Tinker (to build bit faster and Repair walls / Turrets at critical Moments kinda constantly.)

Items bought: elemental staff on hero.  Magma Fist and electric on Tank.

Final WPS: 60,500 (its sad since im ever so lazy to keep lumbering.)

No Custom stuff / Easter egg used

After alot of hate by Behemoth i finally got it, i know it is only on Mad and without anything else but im still some new to this map and was some happy that i got it finally.



First Square rdy.



4th Square rdy.



First lvl7 Lumber mill Done, walls going to Granite / Lt Stealer Spawned right after.



All lvl7 Mills and a few lvl5 Mills are set- stopped with lumbering allrdy and added some marines / snipers to help with dmg.



Took the last wall upgrades when fighting Trojans.



Boss Najort killed Succesfully.



Mission Complete. Behemoth is killed, all 4 Mannered Turrets  + officier alife.




Attached File  contest military.w3g   253.43KB   512 downloads


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#26 I_vErY_nOoD69


    Private 2


Posted 15 September 2015 - 11:09 AM

Player : I_vErY_nOoD69
Mode  :Nightmare ,No air , Invisible enabled

WC3ScrnShot_091515_225455_01.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_225515_02.jpg

Mode set and claim base Military  ! I still train hero Tinker for help me build tower and wall and other for make my builder focus on lumber!
WC3ScrnShot_091515_225529_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_091515_225639_04.jpg
Advanced Repair Factory is better than normal Factory that 50% repair rate ! Help me build lumber mill more faster ! This also why i train Tinker !Also Tinker can build other tower and builder

I not going rush lvl 7 lumber mill at first ! My mission is defend the base ! So i focus on wall and tower first ,also Gold mine !


Gold mine lvl 2 done at 35minute !

Marine is very usefull on defend , sure needed !


At 31minute , lvl 7 lumber mill started after i upgrade tower and armor of wall and make sure it enough for defend !



First lvl 7 lumber mill done i still not going rush the next one ! I keep upgrade wall and armor for better defend ! Mission is Defend not lumber work!


Time for research Magic and Enhanced Weaponry for more damage !Also read Book Holy Blessing and train unit Brigadier general for more armor to wall ! That will add more 19 armor for my wall ! 


Time for item for unit ! I using Marine !
Level 7 lumber mill done all 4 at 14minute !


It's time to rush lumber now !



Also time for item to make more damage !


I change unit Captain to carry item because Chaos damage type more powerfull for killing boss !



The Trojan down in 1minute and Najort down in 40second !


Tyrant Commander Behemoth down !





Manned Turret all 4 still alive and Warrant officer also !
Mission complete !

Same as before I not  using any kind of Easter Egg, exploit/glitch ! B)


I submitted 1 entries  that using map 6.53 and mode (Impossible , NO air ,Invisible ) for this contest , now i can beat Nightmare mode on 6.55 ! I still learning and trying work more harder on it  ! Hope i can beat Eternia by Solo as  soon !

Attached File  6.55 nm no air solo.w3g   477.87KB   502 downloads

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#27 soulshot


    Private 2


Posted 18 September 2015 - 01:40 PM

player: Soulshot
diff: Normal/no air/no invis/
done quest/all turents alive/officer alive/behe dead/
Made tinker,done standard def with towers + marines, later made commander for auras,made gold mine lvl 2 before 35 but was slow with hyper...will try to get in on mad or higher cuz of prize... 
ss2.jpg   ss3.jpg   ss4.jpg   ss5.jpg
ss6.jpg     ss7.jpg

Edited by soulshot, 18 September 2015 - 01:44 PM.

#28 LIOS


    Private 2


Posted 19 September 2015 - 06:03 PM

Username : LIOS

Mode : Nightmare / Invis / Air / 6.55Ver.





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  • contest17 nm invis air 001.jpg
  • contest17 nm invis air 002.jpg
  • contest17 nm invis air 003.jpg
  • contest17 nm invis air 004.jpg
  • contest17 nm invis air 005.jpg
  • contest17 nm invis air 006.jpg
  • contest17 nm invis air 007.jpg

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