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[Contest 16] Ultimate Partnership

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#1 Nevo



Posted 05 August 2015 - 04:51 PM

Welcome to [Contest 16] Ultimate Partnership
Submit your entry below. Pick any difficulty with your choice of AIR and VISIBILITY. 



CONTEST END DATE:  September 29



  • Two Players Required For Valid Entry
  • One Post Entry Required For Each Team!
  • A Replay With A Minimum of 5 Screenshots Per Person!
  • A Detailed Player's Description of Their Role On The Team and How They Did It!
  • Can Only Submit Entry Using the Final Version of 6.52 - 6.56!
  • All Players using any kind of Easter Egg, exploit/glitch will rank lower!
  • Players are Welcome to Submit Multiple Entries for Better Chances at Winning!
  • Players can build anywhere provided they support each other!
    - For Example, Player 1 builds Defense while Player 2 builds Lumbering.



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#2 AzZ


    The Legendary.


Posted 05 August 2015 - 05:52 PM

This is an example of how the entries should be made:


Teammates: AzZ and nonoahno
Modes and Version: Nightmare / Invisible / Air / 6.52 official release

Base: C20



Username: AzZ

Ex: I was the lumberer. I claimed C20 and used my custom alchemist to lumber. By doing that, my progress in lumbering was faster, and I had a fast speed in doing the level 7's lumber mills.

I completed 2 level 7's before Lt. Stealer and the 3rd one one minute after he spawned.

My final -wps was 75.


Here some pictures of how my progress was:


war3 2015-08-05 21-45-36-85.jpg war3 2015-08-05 21-45-38-58.jpg war3 2015-08-05 21-45-54-53.jpg war3 2015-08-05 21-46-01-02.jpg war3 2015-08-05 21-46-10-15.jpg war3 2015-08-05 21-46-43-82.jpg war3 2015-08-05 21-46-44-24.jpg

( Five is the minimum number of pictures, you are welcome to post more than this to better show us how you've played )


Now, whoever makes the post, has to explain how the partner did his stuffs too!


Username: nonoahno

Explain your role on the team.

Ex: I was the waller. I took care of the walls and towers. Played with a strength melee hero, I had small lumber production to help upgrading the walls in the beginning of the game.


Here some pictures of how I played:


WC3ScrnShot_080515_184707_02.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_184710_03.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_184723_04.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_184737_05.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_185048_06.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_185255_07.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_185255_07.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_185318_08.png WC3ScrnShot_080515_185322_09.png


And the replay for the game must be attached to the post as well.

Attached File  Example Replay.w3g   4.55KB   463 downloads


FYI: Entries that do not: Explain both roles of the players. Have the minimum number of pictures. Nor the replay will all be disqualified.


OBS: For the people who always say they don't know how to add pictures or replays to the post.

On the 'Reply to this topic' box, click on the button 'More Reply Options' After that, you must click on the button 'Choose file' or 'Choose Files' and then  select what you want to add to the post. That being done, click to add that file to the post.

Here are photos of how to attach:

i1^cimgpsh_orig.png i2^cimgpsh_orig.png

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#3 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 07 August 2015 - 01:18 PM

This is miavita, played with chozidor,

Very Easy, No Air, Visible, 6.52 Official Release

Base: Abandoned Village


miavita: I decided to team up with chozidor, because he/she told me that he is a beginner. I have decided to go wall-less, and showed him how to play in a basic setting while the other player who didn't team with us showed chozidor how to build walls. Though I didn't explain the whole game to him, I expected him to explore the rest of the game by himself, and that's the fun part of gaming.

    My ultimate goal for the contest is to help beginners survive regardless of difficulty, and all it matters to me is that I love this game, and I'm willing to share my joy. I would love to see players stay for the excitement, chain-base, team-base, play with hero, chatting, or whatever you name it.

    It doesn't matter you prefer to call it partnership, friendship, or something else, it must have a beginning. And when I first seeing the title of this contest, I was thinking about the power/attraction of gaming that connects players to play like partner or team rather than to focus on how strong the bonding is among partners that helps overcome a certain difficult part of the game. Whether you can solo Eternia or not, it's more fun when people are watching or playing with you, right?



Teammate: chozidor

    He/she spiritually helped me as a good partner of mine. He told me that he couldn't survive Very Easy mode by himself, and I helped him as I didn't want to play alone. He asked about the gaming technique, start items, contests, and the fortress code. And he was basically being an observer. I gave him suggestions as I could feel that he was willing to stay with the Fortress-Survival culture.


p.s. I cannot figure out how to insert pictures in different paragraphs. . . can someone teach me?

Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_114134_01.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_114146_04.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_115403_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_120612_07.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_121053_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_114142_03.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_114447_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_121100_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_121122_10.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_080715_121545_11.jpg

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#4 E.K.2.


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 10 August 2015 - 07:35 AM

Teammates: E.K.2. and Missouri
Modes and Ver: Nightmare / Invisible / Air / No walls / With Endless Waves / Killed Eternia / 6.52
Base: Summer Cottage

Username: E.K.2.
I was the defender. I claimed Security room and used units for ~10 min defense.
I produced melee custom hero, missouri focused my hero's grown.
I had small lumber production and gold mine for produce bodyguard and units upgrade, and towers.
Bodyguard defense was good, so I produced many bodyguards for defense.
With Missouri's support, my hero had great items, so the hero with bodyguard defense killed waves and bosses.

E.K.2.'s progress:
E1.jpg E2.jpg E3.jpg
E4.jpg E5.jpg E6.jpg
E7.jpg E8.jpg E9.jpg
E10.jpg E11.jpg E12.jpg
E13.jpg E14.jpg

Username: Missouri
He was the lumberer. He claimed Summer Cottage, and gave base's units and elemental stone to me.
He produced great lumber amounts, and support lumber & gold to me.
He completed 4 lvl 7 lumber factory before Lt Stealer is coming, he's final -wps is about 174.

Missouri's progress:
M1.jpg M2.jpg M3.jpg
M4.jpg M5.jpg M6.jpg
M7.jpg M8.jpg M9.jpg


Attached Files

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#5 GInfire




Posted 21 August 2015 - 09:47 AM

Teamates: ginfire, AzZ


Modes and Version: Nightmare, invis, air, 6.53 official release.

Base: Elysium Square and Isolated Quarters

I was Waller, i took care of the walls and towers, Played with a intellect hero range.
I had small lumber produce since i focused more on walls at the beginning and the middle of the game.



Here is some pic of how i played the game


War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_01.43_2015.08.20_17.00.35.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_03.12_2015.08.20_17.01.17.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_13.42_2015.08.20_17.06.35.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_12.43_2015.08.20_17.06.16.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_06.30_2015.08.20_17.02.48.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_07.44_2015.08.20_17.03.20.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_08.04_2015.08.20_17.03.39.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_03.39_2015.08.20_17.01.32.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_05.18_2015.08.20_17.02.22.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_17.38_2015.08.20_17.07.12.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_11.19_2015.08.20_17.05.41.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_10.44_2015.08.20_17.05.03.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_09.16_2015.08.20_17.04.38.jpg War3 2015-08-20 16-30-30-35.mp4_snapshot_08.22_2015.08.20_17.04.10.jpg


here is the Replay:


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#6 AzZ


    The Legendary.


Posted 24 August 2015 - 04:44 PM

Username: AzZ
Modes and Version: Nightmare / Invisible / Air / No hero / No Load Code / 6.53 official release
Teammates: Shtroumf
Base: Summer Cottage Garden
Shtroumf and I based on the Summer Cottage Garden.
I was in charge of defending the right entrance while he was responsible of the left one.
We played without Hero and based our attack almost completely on towers. We had some supportive units,
but they were mostly Wizards to support against bosses and General for auras.
We choose to make our lumber mill set ups behind the walls. Even though it took some space where we'd have been able
to put towers, it gave us a better management of the walls, and sped up our lumbering a lot.
He claimed the base and ceded me one water protector, so each would have four hat towers.
Claimed protector, Slujj(hat) tower, Shade(hat) tower and water protector(gloves) tower.
Of the towers of the game, we agreed to use Peasant Launchers due to its splash attack. We both mainly had
Launchers and Air turrets.
I claimed the Military base mainly for the Tank and to have a few units to help on the start
Later on the game, I also got Electric Fist for the Captain for the passive ability and a Cursed Larceny for the Tank.
With focus on defense, we slowly upgraded our towers until max and beat the game.
Some prints on my side and how the base looked at the end:
WC3ScrnShot_082415_171157_01.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171219_02.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171225_03.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171357_04.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171606_05.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171751_06.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171800_07.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171802_08.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_171934_09.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172044_10.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172105_11.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172232_12.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172347_13.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172432_14.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172449_15.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172458_16.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172515_17.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172541_18.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_172556_19.jpeg

FYI: Theres a video on this post, people with Adblock may have to allow this page in order to see it.
Attached File  Contest 16 Ultimate Partnership.w3g   927.15KB   480 downloads
Username: Shtroumf
Modes: Nightmare / Invisible / Air / No hero / No Load Code / No Bug-Exploit / 6.53 official release
Teammates: Azz
Base: Summer Cottage Garden

I claimed Summer Cottage and ceded a Water Tower to Azz, the 3 units that come with the base helped my in the beggining of the game. each of us had 3 wall entrance. I did a lot of Air Turret, air was coming from bottom left at least Air Boss, Tower are fast to make so losing them to air was not really aproblem but i did lose some times and it affected my wood production a little but nothing serious, i also did a lot of air turret up there to protect the Mill me and Azz had. I also upgraded really fast the life upgrade for my tower so they can resist air boss better

I did some team upgrade for pheng because he can be a pain sometimes, when Azz got both Stealer i helped him with my wizard like i did later in game
He did get most Ground Boss and i got on bottom left most air boss, the air turret did a great job i was really impress. I helped him late game with my tank + Fist and Larceny but he didnt really need it :)

Overall a great game, it's more hard but fun to play the Old Fortress Style with Tower only :)

Youtube Video will follow soon

war3 2015-08-26 04-08-41-07.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-09-31-14.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-10-21-11.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-11-11-15.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-12-01-24.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-12-51-24.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-13-41-12.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-14-31-15.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-15-21-33.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-16-11-08.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-17-01-21.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-17-51-28.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-18-41-26.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-19-31-26.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-20-21-08.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-21-11-19.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-22-01-28.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-22-51-08.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-23-41-37.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-24-31-26.jpg war3 2015-08-26 04-25-46-07.jpg

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#7 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 24 August 2015 - 07:34 PM

This is miavita, played with Takla,

Normal, No Air, Visible, 6.53 official release

Military Base


We shared Military Base and defended without walls. I claimed Military Base, and he/she claimed Storage room. I was the defender with unlimited bodyguards, while Takla focused on lumbering for his op customed hero. We lumbered more than we actually needed for Normal mode, and we had to steal bosses from the 2 other players to feel involved. I gold him to reach a full set of items before Trojan, and we slaughtered Trojan, Najort, and Behemoth in seconds. We have reached about endless wave 60 before he had to leave.


We don't need Eternia to prove our partnership with the fact that we both enjoy and finish Fortress Survival games. And it touches my heart to know that we are not alone when we enjoy what we dedicate ourselves to.

Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_162848_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_162201_03.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_162204_04.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_162845_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_163542_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_164045_10.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_165031_12.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_165851_13.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_165927_14.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_170634_15.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_170638_16.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_170642_17.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_170647_18.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_170731_19.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_172210_20.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_172222_21.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_175007_22.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_175013_23.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_180522_24.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_163539_07.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_164041_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082415_165028_11.jpg

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#8 Bradytribe




Posted 25 August 2015 - 01:35 PM

Teammates: Bradytribe and Miavita

Modes/Version: Nightmare - Invis - No air / 6.53

Base: The Courtyard


Username: Bradytribe

I'm coming back new to this game again, as I played a little bit over a year ago. Miavita wanted to play so we threw it on nightmare to see what would happen, something I haven't done! Miavita, a more experienced player, helped me complete the mode with helpful advice, and tons of lumber of course.

I made the walls/repairs/towers, but hardly lumbered throughout the game.


I began right away. Barricades --> Repair Units ---> and lots of towers.

Bradytribe - Base design.jpg Bradytribe - Repair Bots in (43).jpg

I leave a gap for later. I intend to put marines there to stun bosses and give repairs more time to heal walls. Around 43 minutes I get the repair bots in.


I begin making my own buildings after I finish towering. Command centers, shop, merc, and factories to make some lumber. The first picture shows the setup I built, the other show the tower filling.

Bradytribe - Lumber and Buildings (36).jpg Bradytribe - Tower Filling (39).jpg


Pheng gave us a good scare, but we were just able to hold off there.

Bradytribe - Pheng Danger (34).jpg


Level 7 Mill plan for me (later is a lvl 7).

Bradytribe - L7 Mill Plan #1 (27).jpg


We lose a wall around 24 minutes remaining. I thought we lost here!

Bradytribe - Wall Destroyed (24).jpg


Here is the setup of the base. The first picture shows the top, the other the bottom. Repair units --> 1 space gap for mercs ---> assassins ----> launchers --> rocks ----> gravity.

Bradytribe - 20 Min setup (top) (19).jpg Bradytribe - 20 min Setup (bottom) (19).jpg


At about 17 minutes remaining, I remember I need to put marines in the gap. This is also the time the towers attack speed was maxed out. Bradytribe - Maxed Towers (17).jpg


Here's a picture of the final base.

Bradytribe - Final Base (7).jpg


Teammate: Miavita

Miavita provided the lumber and the books to get the final upgrades. Miavita also gave the reminders for me on certain things to make up for my lack of experience (for example, use the shop to buy gold with lumber).


He began by claiming fort harbor. The units gathered there were ceded to me and were placed in the gap between towers and repair units.

Miavita - Claim Harbor.jpg


Repair units and an advanced repair factory were used to produce lumber at a very fast rate. Lvl 7 Plan by 43 minutes.

Miavita - Lumber Setup.jpg Miavita - L7 Mill Plan #1.jpg


Bookshelfs were built early to save money later in the game.

Miavita - Bookshelfs.jpg


12 Minutes remaining setup. Efficient use of space.... and what is the spawning pool thing..

Miavita - 12 Minute Remaining Setup.jpg


Final picture of Miavita's lumber at 3 minutes remaining. I think the wps was around 80.

Miavita - Final Setup.jpg


There you guys have it! Thanks to Miavita for helping me with my first nightmare run as well as my first contest entry.



Attached File  Fortress, Contest 16 - Partner.w3g   858.68KB   468 downloads

Edited by Bradytribe, 25 August 2015 - 01:37 PM.

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#9 Tobric



Posted 29 August 2015 - 07:15 PM

Hi all!


Tobric here! 


Earlier in the day, I tried to join a custom game to try to participate in this contest. He/She tried to make a game in BNet, but I was never able to find it. I tried for 5-10 mins, but I never found it. 


Later, I came back for another round still looking to compete in the contest. Originally i had just planned to play a practice round with some new players who weren't ready for the mad leagues but it started very differently. We started on very easy (no air, no invis) and had a very interesting round. 


I ended up basing with hki after an interesting start. His builder was killed while he was AFK. (BTW I think there should be some sort of builder protection at the start of each round). Anyway, his builder was killed. We then pooled resources and and were able to get the soul reviving. So it began. After a short conversation I ceded all my mills to hki and he began to build lumber mills like crazy. 


I had already built a nice set of walls and defenses so I continued doing that. He, way late in the game, began pooling me nice amounts of wood which were very helpful for upgrading. He also helped greatly with his hero for repairs when heroes came in the game. The bosses were all fairly simple with two good heroes in the base. Again, it was on easy....


We also had a couple of other players in the game, but they didn't last very long. 



It was a fun experience working together on the fly.


*NOTE: I am unable to take screenshots during replays. I am still working on that. I seem to get carried away while playing and forget about them.  If you are able to help me with this, please message me. I have uploaded the video to this post. I also figured out what you can edit posts.*


*UPDATE: I was unable to take screenshots from the WC3 editor which opens when you click on WC3 Replays (they might have just been saving elsewhere) from the desktop . They did work after opening the replay in single player mode from inside WC3.* 




Revive.jpg Setup.jpg Doing well.jpg



Midway..jpg Victory!.jpg



Attached File  Easy- Team.w3g   684.43KB   454 downloads


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#10 We_are_A




Posted 09 September 2015 - 04:33 AM

Teammates : We_are_A and Sieghart93
Mode : Nightmare Air Invisible No easter eggs no load code. (rank 1 hero)
Base: Elysium Square

Username : We_are_A
I was the waller. I claimed The Library and was in charge of 'soloing' walls for the starting 10-20 minutes and using some lumber from sieghart soon after.I completed 4 hyper's at 15-20mins as I was the waller and my lumber production was kind of off point. my final wps was 62.my total produced by behemoth was 86k.and by endless wave 10,100k

Here are some pictures of how my progress was:


Username : Sieghart93
I was the lumberer. I claimed the military base and was in charge of getting lumber for electric fist. I completed 3 lvl 7 at 30min and saved for electric fist.I also supplied some lumber for We_are_A.my final produced by endless wave 10 was 170k

Attached File  contest 16 nightmare invis air no load .w3g   991.47KB   442 downloads

Edited by We_are_A<-- MY NAME, 09 September 2015 - 09:40 PM.

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#11 We_are_A




Posted 12 September 2015 - 11:21 AM

Teammates : We_are_A and Sieghart93
Modes : Nightmare , Invisible , Air , No hero , No load code (ETERNIA 5% HP)
Base: Elysium Square

Username : We_are_A
I was the waller. I claimed the library for the extra alchemist, and was in charge of 'soloing' walls with a bit of lumber help for the first 20mintues or so. I completed 4 hyper lumber mills at 15-20mins as i was the waller. Total produced by behemoth was about 60 to 80k ( not sure ) end wps was 64. And when we lost to 5% HP ETERNIA was 130k for me.

Here are the pictures of my progress:
WC3ScrnShot_091215_234653_02.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_234733_03.png
WC3ScrnShot_091215_234825_04.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_234927_06.png
WC3ScrnShot_091215_235435_08.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_235445_09.png
WC3ScrnShot_091215_235516_10.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_235905_14.png

Username : Sieghart93
I was the lumberer. I claimed the sanctum for cidiaus the wizard(no cap atk speed). I supplied We_are_A with lumber some times and my main goal was to get electric fist before stealer to fight him. my total produced was 100k - 120k by behemoth and 200k when we lost.
WC3ScrnShot_091215_234604_01.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_234831_05.png
WC3ScrnShot_091215_235400_07.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_235610_11.png
WC3ScrnShot_091215_235829_13.png WC3ScrnShot_091215_235920_15.png

Here is the replay: 
Attached File  Contest 16 nm air invis no hero no load.w3g   942.2KB   413 downloads

Edited by We_are_A, 13 September 2015 - 01:11 AM.

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#12 won01


    Private 2


Posted 13 September 2015 - 03:27 AM

Teammates : emeldjrngksp , naljeiby2


Modes : Nightmare ,Invisible , Air (eterniad) - 6.55


Username : emeldjrngksp


I was the defender. I produced melee custom hero.

I'm a little bit in the tress and producing the gold have reinforced their wall.

I purchased items from 27 minutes and High abilities and items to kill boss.



Username : naljeiby2


He was the lumberer. He gave me the stone and wing.

He has produced a lot of tress up for me.

He built the Tower attack killed in the air.

He is lumber level7 four completed in 20 minutes and Using a hero helps in the treatment and attacks.


Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_151449_01.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_151634_02.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_151820_03.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_151955_04.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_152120_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_152252_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_152303_07.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_152445_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_152529_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_153057_10.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_153249_11.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_153433_12.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_153622_13.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_153736_14.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_091315_153809_15.jpg

Attached Files

  • Attached File  c16.w3g   983.02KB   414 downloads

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#13 Kiyoshi91




Posted 18 September 2015 - 02:20 PM

Kiyoshi (Defender) + Partner Soulshot (Lumberer)


Modes: Nightmare / No Air / Visible


No Easter Eggs / Custom stuff where used, we both arent playing that map for long time so we were happy to beat it in Nightmare- in the end Soulshot even got his own Wings. Congratz.


I claimed Terminal and Soulshot gone for Security center for more units and early CC.

He Ceded the Units to me and the CC too after he got his Hero. He took Tinker and i took Astronomeur as Hero.



Soulshot builded 2x CC, 2x Merc and 1 item vendor also his own place to get fast Mills.



i started with an usually defense, added some towers and guardian + heroic statue, started lumbering on my own too.

Soulshot and me finished first Square at min 43
4.jpg 5.jpg
Soulshots second square and goldmine lvl1 at min 37:38
37:12 i had my second square too- soulshot upgrade goldmine to lvl2
i got my goldmine lvl1 at min 35 (bit late but forgot it) Soul starts with pooling some gold.
third Square finished by us both on around 30:50
10.jpg  11.jpg
First lvl7 Mill finished by Soul at min 28:18
Elemental stone upgraded into staff at min 27
Soulshot started to pool at min 25:40
4th Square of Mills finished by both at min 25
First lvl7 mill from kiyoshi finished by min 22:20 / Team Upgrades done 
Third lvl7 mill from Kiyoshi finished on min 20:19, got an larceny by the Security quest.
Kiyoshis 4th lvl7 Mill and Soulshots third lvl7 Mill finished on around min 17:18
Magma fist bought on min 15
Soulshots 4th lvl7 Mill finished on min 11
Kiyoshis wps 53.900 (Stayed on that till end cuz of lazyness.)
Super Larceny finished at min 6:11
Added my Wings and Super healthstones into wall at min 5:22
Final Walls at 2:30 (Devils braizer)
Trojan Died - Soulshot´s builder too cuz of fail blink out of base.
Killed LT stealer the Copy when Behemoth almost was dead.
Behemoth Dead
Mode: Nightmare / No Air / Visible
Armor upgrade 22 / Turret upgrade 17 and wall HP upgrade around 18
33.jpg  34.jpg
Attached File  contest partnership soulshot.w3g   578.97KB   413 downloads

#14 War-G0DS




Posted 19 September 2015 - 07:15 AM

Modes: Nightmare/air/invisible (killed Eternia)
Base: Military Base
Username: War-G0DS

I make lumber as fast as i can, i use assassin hero so that i can protect the walls and to killed eternia.


I got my first lumber mill level 7 in 32:18mins and in 30mins i also finish making gold mine level 2 and in 27mins i also finish making my second lumber mill level 7 and in 23mins i finish my all level 7 lumber mills
2.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 11.jpg

I was the waller and i make some lumber mills so that there`s some small production in lumber to help upgrading the walls and the armor and health of them.
4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
9.jpg 10.jpg

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#15 Starwolfff




Posted 24 September 2015 - 08:30 PM

Teammates: Starwolfff & ant1000123
Modes and Version: Mad / Visible/ No Air / 6.56 official release (see reason below)
Base: Military Base
Username: Starwolfff
I was the lumberer. I claimed the Military Base ,shared it to my teammate, ceded the units and used my alchemist and tinker to lumber. I rapidly obtained my first level 7 lumber mill and snowballed to 4. Even though I didn't send a lot of lumber in the beginning, it made me upgrade my mills way faster to then give a lot of ressources to my teamate.
My final -wps was around 70-80.

Username: ant1000123
He was the defender. He used the Military Base units and tower to protect us, he also used his Silver Coin to gain some time. He made some wood to make me able to rush the gold mine. He mostly used Heavy Marines to defend the base. He used his custom dragon hero to help the units and kill the bosses.
His final -wps was around 25-30.
His units kill count was around 666.
Here some pictures of how our progress was (Screenshots for me and him):
WC3ScrnShot_092415_201618_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_202415_04.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_203539_05.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_203750_07.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_204432_08.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_204433_09.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_205408_11.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_210036_12.jpg WC3ScrnShot_092415_210346_13.jpg

P.S. :

We played on the 6.56 because ant1000123 was unable to play on the 6.55 due to a known issue, same for me on the 6.53 where I had another issue and the 6.54 had troubles with save compatibility. Apologies for the out of context Screenshots down there, upload error, I can't remove them, ant1000123 will post the replay.

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  • WC3ScrnShot_091215_150534_01.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092415_210517_14.jpg

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#16 ant1000123


    Private 2


Posted 24 September 2015 - 08:35 PM

Teammates: Starwolfff & ant1000123
Modes and Version: Mad / Visible/ No Air / 6.56 official release (see reason below)
Base: Military Base
Username: Starwolfff
He was the lumberer. He claimed the Military Base ,shared to me , ceded the units and he used his alchemist and tinker to lumber. he rapidly obtained his first level 7 lumber mill and snowballed to 4. Even though he didn't send a lot of lumber in the beginning, it made him upgrade his mills way faster to then give a lot of ressources to his teamate.
his final -wps was around 70-80.

Username: ant1000123
I was the defender. I used the Military Base units and tower to protect us, I also used my Silver Coin to gain some time. I made some wood to make starwolfff able to rush the gold mine. I mostly used Heavy Marines to defend the base. I used my custom dragon hero to help the units and kill the bosses.
my final -wps was around 25-30.
my units kill count was around 666.


we like play mad it's a difficulty that allow us some error and having a good moment with a friend (after all is a game XD)

i stay few min longer than starwolfff for fun and in the end i reach the 666 monster kill...

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  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_095847_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_100036_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_100049_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_100225_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_100737_12.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_100905_14.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_100942_15.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_092515_101130_17.jpg

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