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[Contest 14] Secure The Security Room

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#1 Nevo



Posted 21 June 2015 - 12:08 AM

Welcome to [Contest 14] Secure The Security Room
Submit your entry below. You can Pick any difficulty above MAD with your choice of AIR and VISIBILITY. 






  • You Must Attach A Replay With Multiple Screenshots!
  • Can Only Submit Entry Using the Final Version of 6.52 or 6.53!
  • MAD Mode Minimal Submission, IMPOSSIBLE or NIGHTMARE is Encouraged!
  • Players can base with a minimum of two and a maximum of three people in the Security Room.
  • Players that use Easter Eggs or any kind of Exploits will rank lower!



Players that used a Melee Hero with more than one Elemental Stone had an unfair overpowered advantage.


Players that used unfair advantages or exploits/bugs or participated in the same party were ranked way lower than others.

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#2 GInfire




Posted 21 June 2015 - 09:10 AM

Nightmare, air, invis. Eternia killed, no walls (except late game we put up in case)

only had units and hero by me :3


Team: ginfire, monkey.d.luffy, aiwen89


i defend and only had units and my hero


aiwen89 was my lumberer.


consf.png conts.png


a litle bit of the base.


cscdscd.png cscsc.png


Trojan and arthas.

casda.png trojan.png



najort.png Najort dead.png



Behemoth12.png behemoth died.png


Eternia spawns and Dies :3

eternia.png eternia dies.png



Attached File  123123123.w3g   1.02MB   480 downloads Attached File  Replay_2015_06_21_1529.w3g   1.02MB   470 downloads

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#3 E.K.2.


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 21 June 2015 - 09:51 AM

Player: E.K.2. / Missouri (not diggymo_o, it's my fault)
Diff: Nightmare / Invis / Air
First basing...
01.jpg 011.jpg

In 30 mins left...

In 10 mins left!
03.jpg 041.jpg 042.jpg

Waiting for trojan?
051.jpg 052.jpg

Video & replay - Support 1080p!

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#4 Waffle(est)


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 21 June 2015 - 02:23 PM


Lol, assassin with 3 stones, thats GG at game start lol :D

(tho bit abusive of the currently-OP hero, nuking eternia like that is still impressive tho)




I've never seen a build where 2 people share 1 wall, so +1 for the unique aproach

+1 for the youtube post, makes it lots more aproachable than the warcraft replay format :)

#5 AzZ


    The Legendary.


Posted 21 June 2015 - 05:05 PM

+1 for the youtube post, makes it lots more aproachable than the warcraft replay format :)


OMG, you so lazy :P

Yeah, I also liked their method, rly original. I was planning to do that, but they've beat me to it.

Now gotta think of something else

#6 Sieghart93


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 22 June 2015 - 06:21 AM

Mode; Nightmare, Invi, Air

2 Player - sieghart93, War-G0DS

Following the trends....trying out stuffs.....giving the air defense to him for more kills/stats...

This time am doing the boring lumbering...and 1st time using Tinker hero..
WC3ScrnShot_062215_184801_01.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_184803_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_184857_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_184924_04.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_184930_05.jpg

Middle of the game..... putting tinker for healings... helping him on lumbering and gold mine..
WC3ScrnShot_062215_185022_06.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_185041_07.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_185118_08.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_185338_09.jpg

Making uses of foods getting some stunners....... thou it seems like it wasnt really needed..... too bad he dced before killing eternia....
WC3ScrnShot_062215_185513_10.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062215_185534_11.jpg

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#7 War-G0DS




Posted 22 June 2015 - 07:28 AM

Mode: NIGHTMARE/Air/Invisible
Players: War-G0DS,Sieghart93

So we plan No walls if there`s chance we kill eternia but...Suddenly i`m disconnect already so we didn`t kill eternia but we want to :) so this is the first screenshots :)
First.png base of sieghart.png
I stop making lumber because its too hard for me to handle both
my base.png
this is my build in 19:46 mins playing :) and this is sieghart base in 19:46 mins he also give me 1 lumber mill level 7 and one gold mine level 2 :)
We Plan or sieghart suggest to me to buy black armour and make a coursed armour and i bought it in 14:00 and its looks like the hydra having a hard time moving to my units :) and i didin`t know baneful angel is there fighting
16.25 my base.png hmm.png
Having a hard time in killing Voortr`hal always divine shield
This boss is really hard to kill when both of them attack in the same time like unli stun or like my hero need to sleep so i put some bodyguards so that mozaic golem attack my bodyguards
I have super larceny in 7:00 mins and 10k stats or damage
super larceny.png
Behemoth and 16k stats and damage



So the plan is still the same defending using just my heroes and my units and now we killed eternia so this is our second post :)

So this is my base while i`m defending using hero and my units and while sieghart making some air tower and some energy wall for defending air
my base.png
In 25 mins sieghart have 3 lumber mills level 7
base of sieghart.png
My 14mins items
14mins build.png
so this is my 7mins items and waiting for Trojan,Najort,Behemoth
7mins items.png Trojan.png Najort.png Behemoth.png
waiting for eternia and he/she respawn and die :)

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#8 Sieghart93


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 23 June 2015 - 08:19 AM



Well....nothing much say here..... just getting faster .. and making use of Cog of time this time ....just feeling weird that why was my routing broke after wave 13-14...... i was hoping to see the base stay intacts for longer time..
WC3ScrnShot_062415_030030_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062415_030049_03.jpg
WC3ScrnShot_062315_194006_01.jpg WC3ScrnShot_062315_194010_02.jpg

PS: what is this guy doing over there...

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#9 nonoahno


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 05 July 2015 - 11:56 PM

Mode: Nightmare/Noair/Invis


Players: Englo/hitmeagain11(some random level 1)


NoWalls/Played with a random level 1 haha

Went pretty far into endless, used assassin but only with 2 stones

Sorry about the low fps video my pc isnt that good (hopefully that changes soon)


Here is a link to google drive for the pics:



Here is the youtube video:


My lumbering versus Englos:

war3 2015-07-05 21-04-21-24.jpg war3 2015-07-05 21-04-17-80.jpg

25 Minutes Left:

war3 2015-07-05 21-14-36-16.jpg war3 2015-07-05 21-14-41-16.jpg war3 2015-07-05 21-14-38-98.jpg

Good Game!

war3 2015-07-05 21-43-14-85.jpg war3 2015-07-05 21-43-13-25.jpg

All the rest of the pictures are on the link in the post.


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#10 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 23 July 2015 - 10:55 AM

This is miavita, played with Jacky,

Mad, Invis, no air


Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_094946_02.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_095857_03.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_100705_04.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_101343_05.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_102852_06 (1).jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_103110_07.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_103311_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_072315_103450_09.jpg

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#11 Missouri


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 23 July 2015 - 08:30 PM

Nightmare / Air / Invis, Killed Eternia, No Easter egg  
Players: Missouri, Liebe, diggymo_o

Attached Thumbnails

  • 20150724095155.png
  • 20150724095855.png
  • 20150724100814.png
  • 20150724100820.png
  • 20150724101043.png

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#12 Sieghart93


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 28 July 2015 - 04:33 AM

Mode: Nightmare. Invi . no air  , mercs fever style - no load no hero no wall

An extremely long warmup for mercs fever...seems like i got too free on semester break...

I have always forgotten to ask.... what do you guys say about da blockings?
WC3ScrnShot_072815_171230_01.jpg WC3ScrnShot_072815_171337_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_072815_171344_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_072815_171355_04.jpg

Stalled for 3 lv 7 mills to complete then proceed to magma fist..

Darn.... 7-8 magma fist.. is definitely even painer than average hero (exclude pumped asasssin)
WC3ScrnShot_072815_171852_06.jpg WC3ScrnShot_072815_171946_07.jpg WC3ScrnShot_072815_170346_01.jpg

Attached Files

#13 We_are_A




Posted 28 July 2015 - 04:58 AM


Mode: Nightmare,Invis and no airarrow-10x10.pngno hero, no load codearrow-10x10.png, no walls. 


Wrecking-Behemoth.tg.jpg Wrecking-Najort.jpg Wrecking-Trojan..jpg



Attached File  nm invis no air with sieg contest 14.w3g   746.21KB   457 downloads




Attached Thumbnails

  • Wrecking-Trojan..jpg

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#14 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 21 August 2015 - 02:39 PM

This is miavita, played with Cloudline and Tonguepunchyour

Nightmare, Visible, No Air, 6.53 official released

Played with multi-hero bug . . . lol

-Alchemist x 1, Astronomer x 3, Commander x 4, Shadow Sniper x 1, Rocketeer x 1, Tinker x 2; unable to play well if pumped more hero


I was the waller, noticed the hero bug at the beginning, accepted the quest to protect Mr. Shinkel and Boberto, shared control with Cloudline, and Tonguepunchyour joined shortly. I only lumbered a little due to being busy playing heroes, and they were good lumberers.

We tried some endless waves at the end, but mobs on nightmare mode are way too strong.


I feel like multiple heroes cannot give a player much advantage especially Tinker can no longer build lumber mills. You don't have time to play heroes and lumber for yourself on nightmare mode, and heroes without items take too much time on killing bosses. Anyways, although my teammates and I planned to do the contest seriously, but it was fun to try the multi-hero bug.


Finally, I want to thank my teammates again for playing with me, because I have been searching for longer than a month looking for teammates on ENT hosted games. (well...I don't have Skype)

Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_125938_06.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_130704_07.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_131258_08.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_134837_09.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_134842_10.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_134848_11.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_135233_12.jpg
  • WC3ScrnShot_082115_140208_13.jpg

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#15 AzZ


    The Legendary.


Posted 24 August 2015 - 01:32 AM

Username: AzZ
Modes and Version: Nightmare / Invisible / Air / No hero / No Load Code / 6.53 official release

Teammate: Shtroumf

Base: The Security Room


Shtroumf and I shared the walls for the base.

Each of us made 3 walls, of the 6 possible. We covered with mechanics and bots each taking care of his own side.


We used almost only towers, using units only mid-game/end.

I used wizards to counter air bosses and Lt. Stealer.


WC3ScrnShot_082415_013945_01.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_014053_02.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_014152_03.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_014258_04.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_014412_05.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_014546_06.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_023150_01.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_023234_02.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_023351_03.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_023819_04.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_023859_05.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_023907_06.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_024010_07.jpeg WC3ScrnShot_082415_024032_08.jpeg




FYI: Theres a video on this post, people with Adblock may have to allow this page in order to see it.


Attached File  Contest 14 Secure The Security Room.w3g   736.07KB   479 downloads

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#16 shtroumf


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 24 August 2015 - 01:44 AM

Username: Shtroumf
Teammate: AzZ
Mode: Nightmare / Air / Invisible / No Hero / No Load Core / No easter Egg / No Glitch-Bug Exploit ! / Version 6.53

I claimed Security Room and we did 3 wall each and got some towers ( Cold, Arcane, Peon, and air turret)

We did all damage with tower mostly and got some unit at the end of the game (Wizard, 1 Tank each) i also had some anti-air unit mid-game in case something goes wrong

war3 2015-08-24 01-34-13-25.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-35-53-93.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-36-28-95.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-37-03-94.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-37-38-81.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-38-13-85.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-38-48-81.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-39-23-95.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-39-58-79.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-40-33-79.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-41-08-98.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-41-44-00.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-42-18-76.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-42-54-01.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-43-28-80.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-44-03-89.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-44-38-79.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-45-58-23.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-46-19-67.jpg war3 2015-08-24 01-46-49-72.jpg

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#17 I_vErY_nOoD69


    Private 2


Posted 25 August 2015 - 09:27 AM

Player  : I_vErY_nOoD69
Mode   : Mad , No Air , Invisible


I train Tinker to help build tower later  and using Advanced repair factory to help me build lumber mills faster!


Also build Bookshelf for gain book to sell and get lumber for helping me at start !
Thinker help alot and make my builder can focus on lumber!


My base set and my first lv7 lumber mill are complete at 27minute!

I max all damage tower when my 4 lumber mill lv7 are complete ! It'x time for make damage !


Tinker no time to attack because need to heal wall with skill !
So i choose to use Tank XD!! 1600 attack range with chaos damage type !


3 tank with Cursed Larceny ! DAMAGE!



Attached File  6.53 mad mode no air invisible.w3g   464.62KB   431 downloads


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#18 Bradytribe




Posted 27 August 2015 - 06:29 PM

Teammates: Bradytribe and Cloudline

Modes and Version : Mad/Air/Invis 6.53

Base: Security Room


Username: Bradytribe

I handled the walls, repairs, and towers, which became very crazy in the multiple crisis we had!


Began by grabbing the pirate quest, and then immediate went to base building.

Bradytribe Pirate quest (pregame).jpg Bradytribe - Base setup (47).jpg


Here is a picture of the bottom of the base, which had the majority of our minigun turrets, as well as my command centers/mercs and lumber setup.

Bradytribe - Bottombase (39).jpg


We forgot to put air turrets at the top left of our base. We lost a few towers because of this. From here on the game felt like a constant crisis.

Bradytribe - Air Panic (22).jpg


A few minutes later, we lost a wall. We recovered, and then a few minutes later again... We lost another wall X_X

Bradytribe - Wall Down (19).jpg Bradytribe - wall gone (12).jpg


Props to the Scientist hero for killing tons of bosses!

Bradytribe Scientist (7).jpg


Najort and behemoth were taking our walls down pretty quickly, as I wasn't doing a fantastic job on the lumber upgrades (around 18 if I remember correctly). However, the line of marines bashing them held it together.

Brady - najort (remaining).jpg Victory.jpg


Teammate: Cloudline

Cloudline lumbered. All game long xD


Claimed summer cottage for early mercenary damage and the command center to make his Tinker.

Cloudline Cottage Claim (pregame).jpg


He used the Tinker and repair units to make a setup to produce 8 mills at a fast rate.

Cloudline - Lumber Setup (47).jpg


First lvl 7 mill plan complete at 40 minutes.

Cloudline - 1st 7 Mill plan (40).jpg


Cloudline invested in bookshelves around 30 minutes for important tech later on. Note that he did not sell tomes. (Tinker hero was up at very start of game.)

Cloudline - Bookshelf (30).jpg


Lumber progress at 19 minutes.

Cloudline - Lumber Progress (19).jpg


Later he had the great idea of ceding his lvl 7 mills to me so that he could produce more of his own! (5 minutes and under about)

Cloudline - Huge lumber (1).jpg


That's our game! Hectic, but made it O_O


Attached File  Secure the Security Room!.w3g   481.42KB   413 downloads




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#19 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 28 August 2015 - 05:54 PM

Hi, this is miavita, played with hardouthere and Tobric,

Nightmare, Air, Invis, 6.53 Official Release, Eternia killed

No bookshelf exploit

Old strategy used, killed survivors to skip waves, and focus at middle.



I'm waller with Astronomer hero, and I only lumber a little at beginning. Accepted Quest for Mr. Shinkle and the Pirate Treasure.

Hardouthere is the main lumberer with Tinker. Claimed the Military Base.

Tobric is the second lumberer with Scientist hero to help us kill bosses and support us with regeneration ability.


 WC3ScrnShot_082815_160139_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082815_160144_04.jpg

It cannot go wrong to start with fast lumbering


We saved space to train exterminators instead of mass regular towers


Thanks to hardouthere's lumbering speed, and Tobric's Scientist and more mercenaries, we managed to handle air bosses and Snowman without much damage to our base. We pumped marines to help stun our enemy

 WC3ScrnShot_082815_162534_07.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082815_163024_08.jpg

I cannot remember how many bosses were slaughtered by Scientist's life drain

 WC3ScrnShot_082815_163731_09.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082815_164323_10.jpg

hardouthere and I taught Tobric how to take screenshots for this contest. We handled Trojan, Najort, and Behemoth without much pressure while having a Super Larceny on my hero, steady upgrade of wall armor, and the passive stun of marines


We have a timeout discussion for strategy to kill Demonic Eternia

 WC3ScrnShot_082815_170309_12.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082815_170354_13.jpg

Repair Keys are very useful by all means


We celebrate for the achievement and our partnership! And all of us got rewards of elemental stone and wings

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#20 Tobric



Posted 28 August 2015 - 06:27 PM

Hi all, Tobric here. 


First time participating in a contest on here. 


I got pulled into Nightmare, Air, Invis by Miavita and hardouthere! I wasn't sure what to expect when we started and was somewhat clueless once it started. As you can see in the video I was all over the place and it took a while for me to get settled. I only started playing about two weeks ago and had just gotten over the "mad" hump with varying outcomes so it was definitely cool to see nightmare. 


Miavita, who knew what he was doing led our team with walling and troops. Hard and I built mills to produce wood in the small space we had. Everything went surprisingly well for the most part with a couple of hiccups here and there. I played a new hero, recommended by Mia and that too, went very well. I was amazed by the ease of killing the heroes with the spells I had. 


Miavita also helped out by explaining what I had to do for the contest. I think I've done everything correctly and look to join more as time goes on. 


WC3ScrnShot_082815_173725_12.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082815_174339_17.jpg WC3ScrnShot_082815_180450_18.jpg

Attached File  Nightmare, Air, Invis.zip   1.11MB   430 downloads


Thanks for reading and I look to play with some of you guys soon! 



Attached Thumbnails

  • WC3ScrnShot_082815_173636_01.jpg

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