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[Contest 8] Defender & Lumberer (TEAM)

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#21 Sycamore Sage

Sycamore Sage



Posted 11 February 2015 - 03:08 AM

Name: Sycamore_Sage (lumber)

Based with: omgtangerines (waller)


Game version/mode: 6.48, Nightmare/noair/noinv


I was the lumberer in this match, with tangerines taking care of the upfront and personal walling job.  There was a tad bit of shoddy work in the milling, purely due to my relative newness to FS. As well, I tried keeping time stamps close to that of tangerines in order to maintain idea of what happened when.


We decided to base in the mail room because of the fancy dancy repair bot w/ reinforce. As per usual, I took the alc for speedy and sustainable lumber production. The game began with a simple grab of security room, and the prison. I chose prison because of the inner fire on Palmer.


I went with a tight, and lucky fitting, layout for lumber as it will make things speedy.


Unfortunately, since I haven’t played much in the mail room, I bunged up the first layer of farms because the top right corner was one square short of fitting in a full 6 tiny mills. Anywho, things went smoothly for a larger portion of the time, only slight issues with the droughts and such.


I’m not sure what else to say besides that I continued to farm with ease until some ranged units started attacking my spillover of mills on the right side.


Based on what I’ve seen others do, my speed was horrible. I finished my 4 hypers around 36m. Around that time was when tangerines was getting upset at walls getting downgraded and put behind in levels (pretty funny hehe).


After I finished hypers and 9 lv 6’s, I assumed I was done with lumber focus. Unfortunately, now, I have learned lumber never stops. Wood is love. Wood is life.

Anyway, once i quit that I aimed to upgrade tangerines mill blocks since we share units. I did so by giving him my wood and upgrading for him.


From there, it was just a wait to finish off the Trojan, Najort, and Behemoth for the win.

ss6.jpg ss7.jpg ss8.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed this match. It allowed me not to get overwhelmed from all the stuff I would have had to do alone. Since, I am still new, I feel it was a good practice for when I need to construct lumber with radical efficiency.


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