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[Contest 8] Defender & Lumberer (TEAM)

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#1 Nevo



Posted 24 October 2014 - 10:47 PM

Welcome to [Contest 8] Fortress Survival Defender & Lumberer
The goal is to work as a team with another player (only pairs allowed) to show how well the Lumberer & Defender worked together and conquered!






  • Don't wait until the last hour to post your entry.
  • You must submit your role (Defender or Lumberer) and explain the different stages you went through to fulfill your role.
  • You must submit your in-game name where you would like the prizes to be awarded.
  • Your submission must include many screenshots throughout the game to show how well your teamwork paid off.
  • Those submitting more detail, pictures, and better use of grammar will gain more consideration!
  • Remember we expect enough effort from all submissions and will take them seriously so we ask that you do too.
  • The contest will be going on for two weeks so revise your submission as many times as needed prior to contest end date.
  • Each player has to submit their own entry regardless how many times they appear within other player entries.
  • There will be thirty total Winners chosen by our highly trained staff!

All Winners will receive a FREE Custom Builder.

If Winner already has a Custom Builder, they will receive a FREE Starter Bundle.

If Winner already has a Starter Bundle, they will receive a FREE BONUS ITEM!!

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#2 E.K.2.


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 25 October 2014 - 06:34 AM

In-Game Name : E.K.2.

Hi. I'm E.K.2. I played with diggymo_o (He will posting soon), my role is lumberer, and our difficulty is Nightmare,Air,Invis.

In start of the game, we set the base at the storage room and the science lab.

And I choose the hero, Alchemist, and give elemental stone and wing to diggymo.

diggymo has know many secrets (I don't know some sectets), and diggymo pass lumber mills to me.

With many lumber mills to me, I prepare to build many lumber mills.


In First draft



Finished layouts

diggymo has a good defense, and I trust his defense, I starting non-stop lumber upgrading, and finished gold-mine.

With diggymo's help for some lumbers, in 29:10, I finished 3 hyper lumber factory.
Finish 3 hyper lumber factory, time to start lumbering diggymo!

I build lumber mills until end of Behemoth, with no-break.

4.jpg 5.jpg
My lumber factories and first wps / final wps.



Thanks to diggymo, we finally killed the demonic eternia.


My final wps is about 100. (My total produce: 184768 lumbers) We upload the game's replay. have a good day!


Attached File  YAY.zip   982.49KB   542 downloads

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#3 jampre02


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 25 October 2014 - 10:20 AM

Saw the replay and I'm speechless. How can i compete with them :(    E.K.2 and diggymo_o you guys are Godlike.

Couldn't comprehend half of what they were doing 

#4 diggymo_o




Posted 25 October 2014 - 11:35 AM

In-Game Name : diggymo_o
Game Mode : nightmare, air, invis, 6.45v

hi im diggymo_o. i played with E.K.2. my role is wall.
In start of the game, we set the base at the storage room and the science lab.
and i choose 35 rank hero. and began with two Elemental Stone & two wings.
I know that is good at Lumberer E.K.2. Because it is the winner of the last 6 content.
I'm just so he can quickly generate trees, has made the best possible environment.
and open the bonus box, took the defense to obtain the item.

the execution take on the role of each other well, we can easily kill a boss, itand could easily kill even the last Phoenix(got staff).

(I used a translator. I'm sorry. To interpret well ...)

Thank you.
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#5 Nevo



Posted 25 October 2014 - 06:10 PM

Saw the replay and I'm speechless. How can i compete with them :(    E.K.2 and diggymo_o you guys are Godlike.

Couldn't comprehend half of what they were doing 


There will be 10 different teams that will be eligible for the contest, that's 20 people total that are going to each win a prize. You should submit your entry regardless how well you think or rate your skills!

#6 TheDwarfLard


    Praise the Sun!


Posted 26 October 2014 - 12:30 PM

Username: TheDwarfLard

Based with: AzZ


Modes and Version: NM, Air, Invisible on 6.45 official release


Role (forgot this part): Lumberer


I don't think there's a lot to be said that isn't shown in the screenshots, save for the beginning.


AzZ seems to know all about the Easter Eggs in the Storage Room area, while I only know of one I think. That gave us a pretty good beginning to work with, which is especially helpful as I didn't need to send lumber to him that early on. The repair factory formation I used may not be that great, but it's something that I like to use or adapt if I can (it doesn't work in my usual base). I had the first 3 lv7 mills up around 29:30 or so and all 6 at around 24:30. I did nearly all of the lumbering myself; AzZ focused almost entirely on walls and defences. He made a small amount of lumber mills that helped tide him over a little longer while I was upgrading mills to get lv7s. As shown in the screenshots, we went for Eternia after we won and defeated her as well. The only thing that isn't shown for some reason is the WPS I had at Eternia spawn. I believe it was around 116-118 WPS at the time.


2f65a7162a40b2469610980ad88d48d6.png 95e2c470be81aa9632ee07aba98c343e.png bbe7852458d10fe7e08a8784013e3bb4.png


d661a6f62f0384c5d4428b276cfce4a3.png 72a97d1f9d16cb76643bf664ff5acd1c.png


Not that it's particularly important, but some of the screenshots look different because I took them from the replay as I forgot to take them at the time.


AzZ will have the replay most likely, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have it here as well. 

Attached File  Contest 8 - TheDwarfLard.w3g   675.5KB   555 downloads

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#7 AzZ


    The Legendary.


Posted 27 October 2014 - 12:12 AM

In-Game Name: AzZ
Game Mode : nightmare air invis 6.45

I played this game with TheDwarfLard and my role was waller(Defender). Picked Astronomer as hero because I had 2 Elemental Stones, and as an Int hero, it gets the higher Stats gain. 

By the end, I had 16k stats only from the staffs. We based at the storage room+the science lab.




I started the base doing a quicky stall.




Claimed the pirates base because of the pirate captain( his aura is OP for the units early game). Got the secret key and sold it, then I invested in the wall and armor.


After everything was set, i did a fast run in the map for barrels, found 2 with 5 gold and 500 wood each.


Got an early elemental staff and after that, game went pretty smooth. I did a small number of mills, so I could handle the walls on my own early game, so the lumberer could focus only on the mills.


wc3scrnshot_102614_035023_03.jpg wc3scrnshot_102614_035139_04.jpg wc3scrnshot_102614_035407_05.jpg wc3scrnshot_102614_035427_06.jpg wc3scrnshot_102614_035844_07.jpg


By the end, we decided to take on eternia. Dwarf used cogs on my survivor and I did a Guardian Statue closer to the middle and then killed the survivor.




When eternia spawned, the Statue was fully upgraded, so the walls on the center I used to distract her had +28 armor(also had General)



Since Dwarf already attached the replay, theres no need for me to do it again.

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#8 sentinel_owning


    Private 2


Posted 29 October 2014 - 06:40 AM

Is it okay for the defender to act as a lumberer too? Or is it okay as long as you cooperate with the other player like the lumberer can build towers and defender can build lumber mills?

#9 jinsou420


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 29 October 2014 - 05:49 PM

Hello :)

My ingame name is : dokodoko1 

Playing with oldie  SoulSurvivor ^^

mode is Nightmare,invis,air 

Replay http://www.filedropper.com/contest


My role was the defender in this game, we took storage room since its i guess the best spot for alot of mills and defending! Me and soul used the secrets in that room + the pots from other rooms, we did not get the book so its np :) i've picked the scientist since i don't want to pick astronomer because he is too op compared to other heroes(commander and tinker makes no good at all) building fast bookshelves for more stats endgame but soul gave me his hero since its a custom(with 2 stones he is pretty much op)   :) i was searching for barrels which gave us an advantage in the early game we already had 2 elemental staffs vs stealer and so on. Building up 3 command centers for nice upgrades and i've tried to lumber aswell so i can help my friend with mills(didn't really happen like i wanted) my gameplay was full of flaws and bosses kept killing the sentry post + i experienced yet again pathing bugs  :D  we do not upgrade walls to max lvl because marines can handle pretty much anything :) our gameplay was not so smooth like others but yet we killed eternia without any problems(Eternia had her Elemental staff so it was pretty enjoyable to kill her that way,mass units helped so dmg from her spread out). I have to say that all of the pathing and heroes needs a fix :P will be uploading pics and replay later on!



my wall setup 


2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png


souls mills setup 


7.png 8.png 9.png


Good luck to everyone and have alot of fun also uploading the replay so you can check out alot of not really fixed stuff that occur :lol:



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#10 mv1990


    Staff Sergeant


Posted 30 October 2014 - 07:55 PM

Hello, this is " miavita " from the East,


I'm a lumberer for a gem run today, and AzZ helped me and another player. We killed eternia!!

I started out claiming the Library and ceded all units to AzZ (Defender). I had an alchemist hero.

We built in the base on the left of the Library, and another lumberer and I were building next to each other.

Due to limited space in the Science Lab, I built factories around 2 repair masters and built 2 lumber mills at a time.

AzZ (Defender) started the game with extra lumber mills and lumber from selling a repair key in a hidden box, so we (Lumberers) had time to upgrade our lumber mills before we could send AzZ lumbers at a constant rate by using the command "-pool [color]". I was told to keep lumbering fast and to build some anti-air the entire game. I had faith in AzZ as I knew that he could help us from my observation in the previous games, and he didn't fail us! I didn't really need to worry about anything else than to lumber, build anti-air, and pump marines at the end. I ceded AzZ 3 lvl 7 lumber mills, not only could he had a constant rate of lumber, it also saved me lots of space to build more lumber mills. (a shrunk lvl 7 mill only take spaces needed for 4 lvl 5 mills, and you need 8 level 5 mills for a level 7 mill).

We had about 150k production at Trojan, and we had about 260k production at eternia.

Overall, I would say team base is needed for a gem run, because It's too hard to maintain a steady lumbering speed while still be aware of the massive bosses and upgrades. And based on the observation, 2 people with 160k production at Eternia would be enough if we use walls to tank the damage from Eternia instead of using a hero.


WC3ScrnShot_103014_130756_02.jpg WC3ScrnShot_103014_133953_04.jpg WC3ScrnShot_103014_134009_05.jpg

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#11 diggymo_o




Posted 31 October 2014 - 01:27 AM

Why are you guys the same place? Hahaha :P

#12 Mindless03


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 04 November 2014 - 09:14 AM



Name : Mindless03 (Lumberer)

Partner: AzZ (Defender)


I started out claiming the Security Room, AzZ went to claim Fort Harbor, I cede'd my units towards AzZ.

I chose the alchemist hero and lumbered in The Science Lab as most people did.

Mode was Nightmare, Air, Invisible. We managed to down Eternia.

This was actually the first time for me to do it while contributing to the accomplishment. I did have the stone before but I got that by a friend playing on my account.

So credits for AzZ to guide me through it. We managed to get the eastern eggs lying around to give us a headstart. I ended with a wps of around 100.

I could have had a higher rate but some air boss came in and destroyed a bit of my set-up, i was slow to notice luckily AzZ managed to kill it.

He played with the rank 35 hero, I was only rank 22 at the time. He played with 2 elemental stones, almost had 400 tomes at the end used on it and managed to kill eternia with the walls around the starting point. He cede'd the units buildings to me so i could spam some marines aswell.


So all in all it was the first time I managed to down eternia and it felt absolutely awesome as we did it with only 2 people, I know that isn't that much of an achievement but for me it was. As i still consider myself only an average player. :)


I had no idea how to get the replay and screenshots so i hope it worked, AzZ explained it to me and figuring it out took me about 30 min just now.


WC3ScrnShot_110414_150222_10.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110414_150227_11.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110414_150232_12.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110414_150312_14.jpg




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#13 GildartsC




Posted 08 November 2014 - 04:43 PM

User name : GildartsC

Based with : Azz

Version of the game and mode : Nightmare air invis 6.45 


I did the lumbering in this game and azz handled walls.

i usually play normal mode so i am not used to playing nightmare but this game went pretty well i had azz to do a lot of work but i think i did pretty well and azz build his own lumber mills too so it helped a lot even thou we used the energy walls to block the air from attacking me i got attacked anyways but later on it got easier because azz had two elemental stones so his hero was strong and we killed eternia at the end for the exp : D

this is my setup its not what i always do so i was a bit slow




i got my lvl 7 lumber mills around 24:50 its a bit slow but i was under constant attack by air but it got easier later on.


WC3ScrnShot_110814_215623_05.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110814_215227_03.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110814_215800_06.jpg


here is the total lumber mills i got i think my wps was around 90 or something 


WC3ScrnShot_110814_220407_08.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110814_224019_09.jpg WC3ScrnShot_110614_222509_01.jpg


Attached File  contest.1.w3g   668.15KB   484 downloads

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#14 Nevo



Posted 09 November 2014 - 12:06 AM

Thank you to all contestants! The Contest is now closed! :)


However has been re-opened until January 31st.

Edited by Nevo, 11 January 2015 - 10:08 PM.

#15 AzZ


    The Legendary.


Posted 12 January 2015 - 01:18 PM

For all Garena players who may want join the contest.
I can connect Garena and battle.net
If you Couldn't join before due to being unable to play with others, just PM me and I can arrange the games.

Find a partner to play, and then contact me, and I will host.


You guys can also contact me on the Skype group, my nick there is 'Iderlan'

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#16 just1st




Posted 19 January 2015 - 01:11 AM

Role: Lumberer

User name: just1st

Based with: BlueBerryMuffin

Modes: No air No Invis Mad


Attached File  LastReplay.w3g   509.01KB   476 downloads



#17 omgtangerines




Posted 30 January 2015 - 09:09 PM

Name: omgtangerines (waller)

Based with: Sycamore_sage (lumberer)

Game version/mode: 6.48, Nightmare/noair/noinvis (i have problem sets to do)



I was the waller and Sycamore took care of lumbering. I also did some lumbering, since it only takes a minute to queue up mills; Sycamore ran into some trouble with the drought later and it slowed him down a lot, but everything worked out okay.


We based in the mail room; Sycamore knows more of the easter eggs than I do, so he got me the reinforce bot. I went with the astronomer for pure damage output.



I started off by grabbing the security room for the units and the free cc, then set up a quick stall with room for the firebats. Repair bots and factories were next, and I got the medium speed lumber layout up:



I'm not used to having so many walls, so I ended up shuffling my units around a lot to try to get enough damage output.


Everything went perfect until the Dreadbanes showed up, which is when the drought hit: 



Lt. Stealers came before I got a staff; it took a while for the second one to show up, and by then I'd grabbed a staff. They were much less trouble than they usually are; maybe we got lucky and they swapped walls a lot!


We weren't so lucky with the blooded abominations; they came together and we focused one down but the other ripped a wall down before I could stop him:




...and, in what would be a recurring theme, Voortr'hal saw the wall and fell in love with it: 




and Jasfal finished it off and decided to make himself at home in my repair bots.



Luckily I was able to get him down and patch up the walls, but after that we decided to just give it a captain armor, and it was fine from then on.


(I lied, it did die once more and I got very mad.) 



The rest of the game was easy; I didn't bother to get any units because my hero was doing 23k damage and had two enhanced elemental staffs, so I figured it would kind of work out okay. (I realize now that I forgot to get a general, but we did have Sgt. Palmer, so we had inner fire! Yay!)


This was my final layout (a couple missing bots because of Behemoth); about 50 wps, which is pretty good for someone also doing walls! Behemoth did target my reinforce bot, which wasn't nice. He didn't quite make it to the finish line.


#18 Danda




Posted 31 January 2015 - 02:39 AM

Hello there my name is Danda and i partnered with Shtroumf for this contest. We did 6.48, on Mad, Air, and Invisible Units.

So for my part, i went and claimed the units in the library, then we headed south. I kept the alchemist and -ceded the rest of my units to Shtroumf, he was the waller while i was the main lumberer. He built a stall and then started on this walls. To prepare air units we had put regen-walls in the corners of our base and some AA-Turrets.


This was my lumber house set up




My first 2 mill set ups




3 lvl 7 mills done




All 4 lvl 7 mills transmuted




After bonus boss mills




Here is the full album it didn't let me post all the images so i just picked 8





Heres the replay file

Attached File  Shtroumf Mad Invis Air.w3g   646.47KB   453 downloads


Thank you for reading and good luck anyone else!!

Edited by Danda, 31 January 2015 - 02:57 AM.

#19 shtroumf


    Dedicated Survivor


Posted 31 January 2015 - 08:06 AM

Hello my name is shtroumf (In-Game Name: shtroumf) and partnered with danda for this contest


Game : MAD AIR INVIS 6.48


I claimed the security Room to get Shinkel and Boberto :) and also the captain, i give my wing to Shinkel,  it's a nice armor boost, the captain is really usefull for the beggining as he boost units and boberto saved my ass later as my sentry post was destroyed by Air


I think it was a first time time for danda as a lumberer and he did a pretty good job, i helped him later when wall and air defense was done



My Stall is ready and units are safe, i left a space for somes firebats and did both wall 1 and armor 1 upgrade asap and later before invis spike for wall



My mill setup to help danda a little, Before air defense



Air Defense near Wall, old timer strategy of energy wall



Air Defense Near Lumberer, i also used Shinkel as he can fight air when needed



Air Attack, Stall still up, 2 Air Turret in middle to get most of the air creep and boss



Time To get Unit Inside :)



Stealer - danda did a good job to supply enough wood so i had wall up and ready for him, we used scientist drain ability for him



Air got my builder at some point in the game, Mr. Roboto :)



Air Boss Attack my Main Energy wall so i can get him using units + Staff + Scientist dran ability, also had somes wizards



More than ready for trojan (thanks to Danda) most of my units are below so air dont get them, i used sniper as their range are nice to attack air



In this picture Boberto and shinkel :), wall still in perfect shape



Behemoth got a engineer, but he still got his ass kicked !



Thank you & Good Luck Everyone

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#20 Brushaan


    Private 2


Posted 03 February 2015 - 06:47 PM

So, my in game name is sHs[Brushaan] and I played a game as lumberer with HatoNolke as defender on Impossible without air and invis.


Startup was the same strategy I use for single games, the reason was that the big entrance which requires 6 walls could be helped by my repairbots and therefore we could reduce the time before Hato could start with towers. We tried towers instead of units because of the big space and for experimental purposes.



Midgame Hato unfortunately DCd, which left me with rank 0 armor against some heavy dmg, (shown in the picture below). 




I did however manage to sort some crisis-walls out and up armor to a decent amount, upgrade the towers to max, get some items for damage and fill in with a healthy amount of snipers in the back. This lead to a kill on behemoth which together with the final base-layout can be seen below! 


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