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  • A WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne Multiplayer Apocalyptic Survival. Players Fight Battle against the Unknown for Survival and Evacuation of an Infested Secret Fortress.

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v6.46 Release & Changelog


- General ::
  • Double boss spawn in Impossible mode
  • Impossible Mode increased from 175% to 200% max life of all unknown attackers!
  • Nightmare Mode increased from 200% to 300% max life of all unknown attackers!
  • Stone thrower and peasant launcher towers now have a 25 % chance to deal double damage
  • Buffed the Flame turret tower
  • Slightly increased the attack range for the last level of the Tesla coil tower
  • Increased the repair efficiency of hovering robots available at the mysterious librarian
  • A global drought now has a big chance to occur on Mad/Impossible and nightmare mode. The global drought affects all heroes, giving them rank 1 mana regeneration for 5 minutes
  • Elemental stone trigger tweaked (somebody attributed lag to it..., tried to remedy that..)
  • Energy Spirit Wall cost increased from 1 to 2 lumber
  • Gold wall cost increased from 2 to 5 lumber
  • Can now -cede goldmine and bookshelves 'but still regards the limits!'
  • NEW -flat command for a more strategic overview
  • Increased z-clipping to show terraining without black fade-out when camera is high [3000-3200].
  • Code optimizations [a number of leaks are closed, codes have been rewritten to be more efficient]
  • Miscellaneous Tooltip Changes
  • New Tooltips added and updated
  • Multiple Upgrades Hotkeys Updated
  • 3X Lvl 7 Limit changed to 4X Lvl 7's
  • Item Vendor now has been re-organized into five Tabs, Attack, Assets, Crisis, Regen and Miscellaneous
  • Valiant Statue, Gallant Statue, Legendary Technician, and Technician can now be purchased from Crisis Tab
  • Bookshelf, Bunker can now be purchased from Miscellaneous Tab
  • Damage from the electric fists lightning attack and active ability has been increased | 1,500 --> 3,000 (Passive) | 15,000 --> 30,000 (Active) |
  • Electric fist price increased to 55 gold 2000 lumber
  • Damage bonus from Malignant and Benign virus has been increased!
  • Virus refund on double infection 'does not double infect!'
  • Virus now causes buff to appear.
  • Captain Armor can now be purchased from Forge Master
  • Cooldown removed from Trojans roar. Trojans roar now one time use
  • 5th Level of Plated Armor Upgrade
  • Weapon Mastery renamed into Short Range Mastery
  • Marine Combat Training renamed into Long Range Mastery
  • Electric defense upgrade added to WALL tab in the command center
  • Increased the upgrades available for the team upgrade enhanced weaponry
  • Spiked Defenses now has 5 more upgrades added
  • Futuristic technology is now a requirement to further research Wall armor and Wall health past level 15
  • All Upgrades have been visually updated, along with hotkey fixes and much more!
  • Slujj Spawn's can now take advantage of Basic Tower Mechanics and Reinforced Towers Upgrades
  • Inventory Bonus Upgrade added to UNIT tab in the command center
  • All Mercenaries have been buffed, Merc HQ has been revamped into three tabs, Melee, Range, and Support.
  • Light Marine upgrades to Medium Marine which upgrades to Heavy Marine
  • Light Scout upgrades to Swift Scout which has better stats and 2 slot inventory
  • Removed the alchemist mercenaries basic attack, health now increased
  • Attack range of brute pirates increased by 100
  • All invisible units now have increased health
  • Alchemist added to Garden of Edin
  • Alchemist added to the Waterfall base
  • Cooldown of Wizards Hex ability increased to 15 seconds
  • Hex now has a mana cost of 155
  • Brute Pirate's model has been changed to Spellbringer
  • Exterminator's model has been changed to HeadHunter
  • Mercenaries can now benefit from Inventory Upgrades
  • Minor Boss Balancing and Bosses Buffed - Be Prepared!
  • Many Mercenaries Improved
  • The Rocketeers grenade throw ability now has an 8 second cooldown
  • The Marines grenade throw ability now has a 15 second cooldown
  • The Immolation damage from the Astronomers Inferno has been increased to 100 damage and gains 100 damage each rank up
  • Alchemist Hero can now use Human Transmutation Force of Nature to revive a Homunculus with HP and DMG based on the stats of the summoner
  • Area Transmutation and Transmute now exist as Hero Abilities which have 5 levels each
  • Cogs of time system revamped. Second cogs of time while one is still active will be cancelled No more wasting cogs of time!
  • C26 has been improved!
  • The Lost Post has been improved!
  • A12 Revamped into the Forge Base!
  • The Abandoned Town Revamped!
  • The Hideout revamped!
  • Z88 revamped into The Forge!
  • Z88 moved and Improved!
  • The Cemetery Improved!
  • The Security Room Improved!
  • The Library Improved!
  • New Base on the Middle Right of the map! (W-63)
  • Zen Garden and Flower Garden Merged into Zen Flower Garden
  • Small Miscellaneous Global Improvements
- Bug Fixes ::
  • Hundreds of ​Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  • Hundreds of Tooltips, Hotkeys, and Descriptions have been updated!
  • Fixed bug issues with certain heroes and the mysterious spellbook
  • Fixed the issue with the trojan sometimes getting stuck on the pirate ship in the Fort Harbor
  • The turret towers in Z-88 can be claimed
  • Double Jasfal Spawn + All Modes spawn fixed
  • Completely redesigned resource management [lumber, gold]
  • Share and exile work properly now
  • Double claim right holders can now claim more than one base
  • Repair issues with repair units, technicians etc. solved, if not repairing, manual targetting once will further trigger auto-repair
  • Solved various mission bugs for pirate and boberto
  • Moon Beam Tooltip Missing Fixed


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