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  • A WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne Multiplayer Apocalyptic Survival. Players Fight Battle against the Unknown for Survival and Evacuation of an Infested Secret Fortress.

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v6.45 Release & Changelog


- General ::
  • Water Protector Tidal Wave Ability
  • Many Bosses have been Buffed!
  • Second Medic added at center of map
  • Mad/Impossible/Nightmare mode damage increased | 20%
  • Mad/Impossible/Nightmare handicap increased | 25%
  • Very Easy now offers 10 Lumber per Kill instead of 1 Lumber
  • Normal now offers 5 Lumber per Killl instead of 1 Lumber
  • Press ESC to mimic the "-clear" command function!
  • Two additional food upgrades added for a maximum of 300 food total
  • Double boss spawn in Nightmare mode
  • Lt Stealer, Sheep Of Rage, Giant Brutefist Buffed!
  • Command Center Hero Building more distinguishable (has redness)
  • Slujj Tower Improved into Slujj Spawn (Extra 5th upgradable level added)
  • All Bunkers can now hold 3 units instead of 1!
  • All Repair Buildings have increased Range!
  • All Aura Statues have increased Range!
  • Level 4 AAIT Turret Added!
  • Trojan's Roar no-longer one time use! 5 Minute Cooldown!
  • Super Health Stone (requires 4 Health Stones)
  • New Electric Fist Item!
  • New Mysterious Spellbook added to Mysterious Librarian
  • Scurvy Pirate HP changed to 2000, can fit in small areas, armor changed to Divine
  • Little Pirate HP changed from 500 to 1000
  • Brute Pirates added
  • Medic Healing Spray Nerfed
  • Buffed most units in Mercenary Tent & Camp
  • Regen and Health Stones now look the part
  • Wizard now has 2 Slot Inventory
  • Added new unit | General | Located in the Mercenary HQ
  • Lt. Rikimaru and Lt. Barathrum updated!
  • All claimed Alchemists now start with 100 Mana
  • All Repair Bots now require 2 food instead of 5
  • Spitbringer HP nerfed!
  • Paratroopers Overall Buffed!
  • Tinker's Melee Form attack increased to 200
  • New Scientist Hero!!!
  • A11 Improved (Wizard added)!
  • The Abandoned Town Revamped (Medic + Wizard added)!
  • The Pitt has been Improved (Alchemist added)!
  • V72 Butchered for good reason!
  • C22 Improved!
  • The Library has received an overhaul (Wizard added)!
  • X61 has been re-created into a new base (left-side of the Pitt)
  • The Gathering Hall has been moved to X61's old position (Sniper and Lt Rikimaru added)!
  • Y51 Increased Space and Make-over!
  • The Lost Post Improved!
  • Science Lab Revamped!
  • Storage Room Revamped!
  • Major Mail Room Overhaul!
  • The Cemetery Extended (Alchemist added)!
  • C26 Extended and received Make-over!
  • Abandoned Town Improved (Wizard, other units added)
  • X65 Tweaked!
  • Tree Base has been buffed!
  • Z58 Improved (Two snipers added!)
  • Z88 Overhauled!
  • B14 (Rats Nest) improved!
  • Security Room Improved!
  • The Hold Improved (Alchemist added)!
  • Fort Harbor Revamped (Alchemist + Brute Pirates added)!
  • Small Global Terrain Changes!
- Bug Fixes ::
  • Fixed Certain Donator Heroes
  • Z88 Random Attacks Fixed!
  • Waterfall Protector Fixed!
  • Small Misc Fixes


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