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  • A WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne Multiplayer Apocalyptic Survival. Players Fight Battle against the Unknown for Survival and Evacuation of an Infested Secret Fortress.

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v6.44 Release & Changelog


- General ::
  • Finalized Ancient Pool
  • Command added: -wps (shows the player his wood production rate)
  • Nerfing some end game items
  • Added poison to Slujj Tower and upgrades
  • Nerfed Larceny's attack speed bonus. [30% normal, 125% cursed]
  • Buffed Arcane Tower's mana burn
  • New upgrade, advanced tower mechanics [2.5% attack speed per upgrade, 20 upgrades max]
  • New arrow tower ulti [Poison Arrow]
  • Added ability "Toggle Primary Attack", Alchemist Merc and Alchemist hero have it (may add more soon).
  • Added Scurvy Pirates and Pirates Quest
  • All Bosses Received Major Buffs!
  • LT Stealer has been nerfed!
  • Trigger Clean up.. and more trigger clean up..
  • Slightly nerfed repair factories effectiveness in helping construction of nearby building.
  • Upgrades Are Way-more Expensive NOW! and Research times have been increased
  • New Armor Level Upgrades (25 levels max - 15 more than current)
  • New Hp Level upgrades (15 levels Max
  • Security Wall has level 9 upgrade
  • New Hero has been Added .. Astronomer ( rank 35 to unlock him )
  • Cog of Time ( tinker hero ) CD reduced Dramatically.
  • MAJOR nerf to Elemental stone's stat bonus rate
  • Paratroopers Buffed!
  • Tome Costs Increased to 2500w for 10x and 260w for 1.
  • Reduced Black Larceny gold cost by 5g.
  • Added Enhanced elemental blasting staff (missed last release on unfortunate circumstances, now its in to stay)
  • Added Cursed larceny item (4x black larceny, auto-combines has increased damage bonus and better lightning spell)
  • Changed repair keys, now cost 350w each, used a bit earlier(less damage wall gets one-hit killed without triggering repair key) In addition 2 having a slightly longer cooldown (2s instead of 1s).
  • Replaced the Playground with V-72
  • Revamped the Torture Chamber
  • Revamped V-74
  • New base: Teddy's Cave
  • Revamped The Hideout
  • Modified C21
  • Revamped Security Room
  • Z88 Revamped (Extras Added)
- Bug Fixes ::
  • Small Miscellaneous fixes
  • Ancient Pool Fixed!
  • Fixed some unexpected behavior in lumber system
  • Fixed players getting 2g from gold mines.
  • LVL5 to LVL6 mill upgrade no longer possible in any configuration!
  • Fixed Invulnerability Bug using Wings
  • Double claims now work for the elite
  • Impossible to fly out of playable map area (or even very close to it)
  • Eternia only spawns when there is at least 1 living player
  • When reaching maximum rank and reaching 100% exp it will lock to rank 50 and exp 99.
  • Builder timed life bug hopefully fixed finally finally... YAY! :D


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