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[Contest 31] Silver Barricades

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#1 Nevo



Posted 28 April 2023 - 04:08 AM

Welcome to [Contest 31] Silver Barricades



Submit your entry below. Your choice of MODES, AIR and VISIBILITY!






You must maintain Barricade Wall(s) that are upgraded to Silver.


Any use of Energy Walls will be disqualified!







  • REQUIRED:  Submit at-least 6 Screenshots through-out the game.
                          - First Screenshot must capture selection of Modes
                          - Last Screenshot(s) must capture proof of Winning
                          - Additional Screenshots must capture something cool


  • REQUIRED:  If your Barricades die, you must rebuild within 2 minutes! (Provide Proof)
  • REQUIRED:  Submit Entry Using BETA Version of 7.01 (Currently 24)!


  • OPTIONAL:  Defeat All Final Bosses Including Eternia!?
  • OPTIONAL:  Upload Recorded Video of Gameplay/Replay to YouTube.
                          - Please Include WarCraft III Replay and Screenshots!

  • OPTIONAL:  Submit Multiple Entries For Better Chances At Winning!
                          - Only The Best Entry Will Win (You can only win once)



  1. To be announced.


  • Consolation: 
  1. Custom Items/Units.

REQUIRED:  Submit Entry Using the Final Version of 7.01!

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#2 Sayko




Posted 13 May 2023 - 03:07 PM

I cant handle this shit im to old  :ph34r:

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#3 Chaos Murloc

Chaos Murloc


Posted 31 May 2023 - 01:32 PM

i think i could do this! time to grind!

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#4 kurom



Posted 01 August 2023 - 08:46 PM

Player: kurom

Modes: Normal Air \ Invis \ 4x


Hi, I'm kurom
I tried it because noone is posting ph34r.png, I kept failing in impossible mode , so I decided to just do it in normal blink.png

I'm sorry. I'm not a professional
Anyway, I think I did my best



This is mode I forgot to take a screenshot when it started  tongue.png


After a long time





ok here we go, Eternia is coming!




it was fast xD 이게 노말인가 -.-




This is my base Im doing on tiny tower build rolleyes.gif




Cleared in 3 hours, didn't take long except to fail multiple times from impossible



If I have a chance next time, I'll try a higher level of difficulty. It was fun and difficult. GG biggrin.png

This is replay smile.pngAttached File  normal.w3g   2.36MB   95 downloads

Attached Thumbnails

  • mode.png
  • last.png
  • killed.png
  • GG.png
  • eternia.png
  • Base.png

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#5 KeXi




Posted 21 April 2024 - 11:11 PM

Hey! Here's my participation to contest 31, Silver Barricades




- Nightmare, air, invis, x1
- No starting items, no blocking walls
- Eternia killed


First some base setup at the new Temple of Boom. Single mill bulding setup  wink.png

1 speed setuping.jpg  2 speed lumbering.jpg


Even first air at ~37min left mark can surprise, maybe toughest air wave compared to game state comes at around ~16min left mark. normal aa towers were enough to deal with these bad bois, featuring aa dmg upgrades, offensive tower dmg aura, general tower dmg aura and team tower dmg upgrade. Next image of Quetzasnare doesn't bring tanky minions with him, so he's easier to deal with.

4 wyrg and shadow of chaos paying a visit at the same time.jpg  5 then quetzashare and granite golem.jpg


Wide row of silverwalls and no starting bonuses hit lumber production big time, because of the nature of this challenge. We have to make up for the weak base stats of these walls with other upgrades from upgrade center, also auras and some debuffs for attacking monsters, like poison slow, ice slow and stun. But now we finally have enough moneyz to get our Captain a Magma Fist and Cursed Larceny combo for BIG aoe clear.

6 let the clearing begin.jpg


Trojan here though this is a joke of a challenge for him, but oh boy was he wrong. He got a silverwall as low as to 25%, which wasn't enough. Najort on the other hand is such a nuisance, he probably once told Nevo to reduce marines attackspeed, because he was getting perma stunned by them, probably in one of my previous 1 x lvl7 lumbermill challenge  biggrin.png *cough*. Anyways new barricade was set up right after Najort died and it is actually almost as "strong" as silverwalls, because they all have same upgrades ~123 bonus armor and 38k bonus hp and superior repair behind them.

7 trojan hit around 10% wall hp with 1 hit.jpg  8 najort took 1 wall down.jpg


We go take a walk with Behemoth, so we get little extra lumber since we kinda stalled lumber production little after 5 x lvl7s, after many many attempts, it didn't feel necessary to risk a run after certain point, and it was better to just kinda secure walls most of the time. Few nukes on snowman or Aoe freeze on repairs could throw this run down to drain almost instantly.  ohmy.png  With no Strong stats from massively stacked Enhanced Elemental Staff, no Excalibur, but kinda just Snowman and a hero budget assassin kit for Eternia, Magma, Super larceny, Cursed Armor, some hp pool and bunch of healing potions, managed to eventually grind Eternia down to 0 hp and finish this run succesfully.  cool.png

9 behemoths 1 aoe hit on walls.jpg 11 eternia killed after 3 weeks of kiting.jpg



Bonus Image:



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