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  • A WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne Multiplayer Apocalyptic Survival. Players Fight Battle against the Unknown for Survival and Evacuation of an Infested Secret Fortress.

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v6.52 Release & Changelog


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- General ::
  • Global Terrain Changes
  • Improved Bases: The Hold, The Pit, V72, X61, X63, Tree Base, and The Waterfall
  • Revamped Bases: Military Base, and The Security Room
  • New Rank 40 Melee Hero - The Assassin:
    - Adrenaline Ability
    - Critical Strike Ability
    - Unholy Aura Ability
    - Vamp Aura Ability
    - Windwalk Ability
  • New Item Vendor CRISIS Tab Items:
    - Radar Statue (100 lumber)
    - Command Center (50 Lumber)
    - Gold Wall (50 lumber)
    - Life Wall (25 lumber)
  • New Health Bonus Unit Upgrade - 5 Levels (HP increased by 10% and 5% regeneration per upgrade)
  • Armored Walls Upgrade increased from 25 to 40 total up-gradable levels!
  • Armored Walls Upgrade Time Increment reduced from 7 to 6 seconds per level
  • Tower Mechanics Upgrade Time Increment reduced from 5 to 4 seconds per level
  • First tiers of Barricades, Energy Walls, and Bunkers now have respected upgrades
  • New Sgt Zim added to The Hold with Plated Armor, Health Bonus, and Long Range Mastery Upgrades
- Balance changes ::
  • Mecha-Up Team Upgrade changed into 2 Levels costing 75 lumber and offering 5000 hp per level
  • Electric Defense Upgrade cost decreased from 10 gold and 500 lumber to 5 gold and 250 lumber
  • Brute Pirate attacked nerfed from 55 to 95 seconds and Divine Armor decreased to Fortified Armor
  • Dead Warrior armor decreased from Divine Armor to Fortified Armor
  • Swift Scout Large Armor increased to Fortified Armor
  • Military Tank Divine Armor decreased to Fortified Armor
  • Military Tank Attack Range Reduced from 1800 to 1600
  • Scurvy Pirate Divine Armor decreased to Medium Armor
  • Boss: Dreadbane Khan HP Regeneration Rate doubled
  • Boss: Three-Headed Hydra Attack CD decreased and damage increased by 4000
  • Boss: Elder Muur Vu Attack CD decreased and damage increased by 6000
  • Boss: Fire Destroyer Firebolt Ability (550 damage and stun target) added
  • Potions: Health, Super Health, Mana, and Super Mana Number Of Charges Increased from 1 to 5
- Improvements ::
  • Item Vendor Range Almost Doubled!
  • All Custom Heroes Blink Extended to 2500!
  • Smash Attack Ability Chance Increased from 20% to 35%
  • Vamp Aura Ability Damage increased from 1% to 2% per level
  • Wind Walk Ability Increased from 15 to 20 max levels
  • All Sentry Statues Model Changed
  • Benign Virus and Malignant Virus Black Effect Removed
  • All Bunkers can now hold five units instead of three units
  • Multiple Upgrades Icon and Tool-tip Improvements
  • Health Bonus Upgrade added to:
    - All Alchemists, All Marines and All Paratroopers
    - Sniper, Firebat, Axe Thrower, Exterminator, Potions Master, Military Tank, Mine Layer, Bodyguard, Gladiator, Siege Machine, Light Scout, and Swift Scout
    - Medic, Wizard, Brigadier General, Captain, LT Vince, LT Storm, LT Rikimaru, and LT Barathrum
  • Plated Armor and Long Range Mastery Upgrades added to all levels of Paratroopers
  • All Heroes Including Custom Heroes Respected Upgrades added (Armor, Health, Range)
  • Plated Armor and Health Bonus Upgrades added to:
    - Cemetery Keeper
    - Undead Captain
    - Rocketeer
  • Plated Armor, Health Bonus, and Long Range Mastery Upgrades added to:
    - Sgt. Palmer
    - Scurvy Pirate
    - Brute Pirate
  • Plated Armor, Health Bonus, and Short Range Mastery Upgrades added to:
    - Little Pirate
    - Myrmidon and Great Myrmidon
  • Lt Rikimaru and Lt Barathrum Blink Extended to 1500
  • Lt Vince Range extended from 550 to 750, attack speed increased from 2500 to 3000 and total health increased by 1000!
  • Slujj Master and Shade Master Upgrade cost decreased from 500 to 200
  • Slujj Queen and Shade King Upgrade cost decreased from 1000 to 400
  • Medium Marine Range extended from 300 to 450
  • Captain Range extended from 200 to 300
  • Removed the Undead Captain auto selection spawn
  • Electric Fist Tooltip updated to reflect passive ability
  • Ultimate Water Protector Max Mana increased from 100 to 200
  • Ultimate Water Protector Tidal Wave Ability Damage increased from 500 to 1000!
  • Miscellaneous General Improvements
- Bug fixes ::
  • Miscellaneous
  • Custom Hero Magma Fist
  • Multiple Unit, Ability and Item Tooltips


wuuu @ melee hero @ assassin as i expected ~

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May 20 2015 07:19 AM

Wow new rank 40 hero!

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