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There are a number of commands that are useful for the dedicated survivor..
Base management


claims the base your builder currently occupies as your own and enables the use of other base management commands. first claimer will also get control of most units in the base.


Give up ownership of the base and allow others to claim it.

-share <color>

Allows the player with the given color to build in your base

-share all

Allows ALL players to build in your base

-unshare <color>

Revoke building rights from the player with named color

-unhshare all

Revoke building rights from ALL OTHER players

-exile <color>

destroys all of given players buildings in your base. moves all of his units , that are in your base, to the centre of the map. (survivor is granted temporary invulnerability)

Resource management

-g <color> <quantity>

Gives gold to other player. deducts fronm personal supply. can not give more than you have

-l <color> <quantity>


Game modes

Use these commands to vote for game mode when red didn't choose them.










Hero management

-swap <color>


(some commands still missing)