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Command Center

Information on the building Command Center.
Name: Command Center
Type: Alter/Upgrades
Cost: N/A

Base Health: 3000
Base Armor: 5


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Wall: Armored Walls, Strengthened Walls, Second Chance, Advanced Repairing, Spiked Defenses

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Hero: Marine, Rocketeer, Tinker, Shadow Sniper, Alchemist, Commander

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Unit: Weapon Mastery, Plated Armor, Marine Combat Training, Food Bonus

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Team: Mecha-Up!, Soul Research, Enhanced Weaponry, Nuclear Backup, Lunar Mist, Solar Batteries, Magic

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Other: Reinforced Towers, Advanced Tower Construction, Tower Regeneration, Books, Strengthened Utilities

Description: Main base structure containing upgrades for units, towers, and buildings. Additionally trains marine heroes.