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Fire Destroyer

Information on the boss Fire Destroyer.
Name: Fire Destroyer
Health: 20,000
Mana: 600

Base Attack: 6,190
Attack Type: Chaos
Attack Speed: 1.10 (Very Slow)
Range: Melee
Armor: Hero
Move Speed: 300 (Average)

Ground/Flying: Ground
Abilities: Evasion (50% Chance), War Stomp, Kaboom!

Description: [Boss]


Repair went dreamed all dead, he appears

Apr 21 2013 07:59 AM

Somehow annoying, he throws fires on your bases, explodes when died (damaging your buildings)

Yes, he has a very strong fire explosion which can kill repair bots and other buildings. Quite deadly if he appears with the Ice Destroyer boss at the same time!