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Demonic Eternia

Information on the boss Demonic Eternia.
Name: Demonic Eternia
Health: 450,000 / 300 sec

Mana: 10,000 / 2 sec

Base Attack: 35,000-35,000
Attack Type: Chaos (Splash)
Attack Speed: Very Fast (0.50)
Range: 350
Armor: Hero (165)
Move Speed: Fast (425)

Ground/Flying: Flying
Abilities: Permanent Invisibility, Spell Reduction (98%) , Evasion (50%)
Wields Item: Elemental Stone (Ultimate Achievement)

Description: Encountered in [Nightmare, Air + Invis,
Endless Spawns Wave 10].
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Sounds like sure lose :)

Apr 18 2013 05:55 PM

That is fucking awesome<3

That is fucking awesome<3

Agreed! Can't wait to be slayed by this.

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arr this is hard

sounds like a pain in the ass...has anyone killed her??

As far as I know, no players have killed Demonic Eternia. (Without cheating :P)

Jan 29 2014 04:54 AM

Demonic Eternia is a bit low in 6.42 cuz u can easyly kill here with 20 Radio Towers then you call the complete time marines and PERMA Stun but im so happy that ive got my ele stone without this bug just with 5 remaining bases and  all had commander with min 16k of str :D