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What is Demonic Eternia and when does she spawn?

Demonic Eternia is considered to be the Last Boss as part of the Bonus Endless Rounds.

She is Extremely strong with 35,000 Damage. She has 98% Spell Reduction and 50% Evasion!

In order to play against Eternia, you must be playing with AIR and INVISIBLE UNITS.

Demonic Eternia will spawn at Endless Round 10, provided at-least one Builder is alive.

If you are playing in NIGHTMARE with AIR and INVISIBLE UNITS,

Upon Death, Eternia will award all Players in Game with an Elemental Stone provided they have one of the following:
  • Dealt The Killing Blow, OR
  • Have At-least 301 Kills, OR
  • Have At-least 60,000 Lumber


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