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What Achievements are there and how do they work?

  • Winning on Impossible mode, the Reward is Trojan's Roar*
  • Winning on Nightmare mode, the Reward is Behemoth's Wings*
  • Defeating Demonic Eternia on the hardest possible difficulty, the Reward is the Elemental Stone*
    - More specifically you get the item if Demonic Eternia dies AND one of the following is true.
    - You dealt the killing blow
    - You have at least 301 kills
    - You have at least 60,000 lumber produced (see Kill-board)
  • All players in the game also get a LOT of experience, equivalent to 5 entire ranks for a player with rank 0.
  • This experience is rewarded even if you don't meet the criteria for elemental stone and it doesn't matter if you are actually alive.
* Achievement is applied to your save code, you will get the reward item every following game the moment you load.


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