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How does a Donator update their Custom Unit?

Most Players assume we request a totally new Donation to replace their custom Unit(s) such as the Custom Builder, Custom Alchemist, and Custom Hero.

This is not the case at all. We allow all our Donators to request changes to their Custom Unit(s) provided they make the process as easy as possible.

1. ) For those that have Donated for a Custom Unit before November 2013, Please Skip To Step # 3.

2. ) If you Donated for a Custom Unit after November 2013, You will be able to access the information used and modify it to make your update.

3. ) Create a Support Ticket to notify us to update your Custom In-Game Perks.

We are not alerted when packages are edited automatically, you have to let us know you've updated it.

Once your Request is accepted, It will be added into the latest version upon release.

if there are any problems with your request, you will be notified!


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