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New Account

Technical Support 14 Feb 2019
My old account had been bugged so I have not been capable to log into it since the new WC3 update or something. It's like it never existed. Anywho I was wondering if I could have my custom hero transferred to my new account "Nap" if it's no trouble.
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Code revival

Technical Support 15 Jan 2019
Hi i was wondering if there was a way i can get my code for my account it was rank 20ish had elemental stone virus roar and wings i really don't wanna grind again since i had to reinstall wc3 for the reforge key since for some reason my classic key wasn't working and i forgot about my fortress su...
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Code Retrieval

Technical Support 09 Dec 2018
My computer crashed and corrupted all of my wc3 files, including codes.  Is there a way to retrieve them from the system or something?     I was level 35 with wings, roar and elemental gem.   I would really like not having to grind to the point where I have this again....
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Custom Hero not Available

Technical Support 23 Nov 2018
Hi!  I thought these forums were dead but I saw someone got their post answered about a month ago, worth a shot.   After four or five years I decided to come back!  Luckily, I wrote down my codes on paper so I didn't lose progress but I did seem to lose my custom hero.  I've b...
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Transfer codes

Technical Support 07 Nov 2018
Hi, had to make a new account and my code isn't working. It's a level 61 with behemoth wings, diamond stone (been a year so i don't remember exact names) trojan roar and malignant virus, anyway to use that code or transfer?
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