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Easter Egg glitches

Bugs & Glitches 18 Jun 2017
So me and my friend were playing and my friend (LordzRen) credit all to him found a bug with the easter eggs. If you hover over any easter egg with an aoe ability the easter egg will turn green since it is destroyable, and now you can know where the easter eggs area and I think you should try and...
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Donation Perks question.

General Discussion 11 Jun 2017
Hello! Can anyone help me know if donation perks work in local area network?   THANK YOU !
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Hero Abilities?

General Discussion 11 Jun 2017
Is there any way to look up all the hero abilities for making a custom hero, other than looking at them in game? Tooltips in the donation store would be really helpful.
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Is FortressSurvival Dead? ~ donation questions

General Discussion 27 May 2017
This Post was simply made to ask if someone were to donate right now, would they ever receive their donation perks with the game not being updated in months?
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Quits whenever I load

General Discussion 14 May 2017
I had a rank 12 progress and whenever I play with other people game just instantly quits when I load my saved data and when I play solo LAN it works just fine. I played through my progress on LAN solo from rank 1 to rank 12 without playing with other people. Since I deleted my progress already an...
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