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Transfer codes

Technical Support 07 Nov 2018
Hi, had to make a new account and my code isn't working. It's a level 61 with behemoth wings, diamond stone (been a year so i don't remember exact names) trojan roar and malignant virus, anyway to use that code or transfer?
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Forum and Updates dead?

General Discussion 11 Oct 2018
Hello,   i want to know if this page a still alive and the maps still get updated ?   I want to buy some stuff and hope it is possible.   So far    sHs(Spinbad)
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Its been awhile since i play war3 again becoz of this pla...

General Discussion 26 Aug 2018
http://dz.163.com/minisite/guide Not sure if theres only china server but i think the platform itself is pretty cool for war3... All the scores,etc are recorded via platform...  
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A find this (Fortress Survival Custom) rss :blink:

General Discussion 19 Aug 2018
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I have not yet been updated on the list of purchases.

Technical Support 21 Jul 2018
I have not yet been updated on the list of purchases.
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