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I have not yet been updated on the list of purchases.

Technical Support 21 Jul 2018
아직 구매 목록에서 업데이트되지 않았습니다.
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Purchases From Store

Technical Support 18 Jul 2018
i had just done a purchase in store, when will i get the item?  
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buildings self-destruction

Bugs & Glitches 17 May 2018
(life events happened, I haven't played for a long time, greetings, my friends) I don't know it is known in ...discordapp? or not, buildings exploded throughout my last game host by ENT bot. Repair unit/factory exploded for all the players...maybe around 30 minutes remaining time, then the b...
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Auras stack

Bugs & Glitches 25 Apr 2018
I'm not sure if intended but general's attack speed aura on friendly units and heroe's slowing aura on ennemies stack. The latter makes the game very easy with 3 auras or more
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[Contest 30] I Could've Been A Wall

Event Annoucements 28 Mar 2018
Welcome to [Contest 30] I Could've Been A Wall     Submit your entry below. Your choice of MODES, AIR and VISIBILITY!     MODES LIKE EASY AND NORMAL ARE ACCEPTABLE!     You must use any unit or tower in place of your Wall(s)!   Any Barricade...
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