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      14 Jul

    Some of my messages on this from over the years really makes me cringe... English was a real struggle

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Transfering BUG

Bugs & Glitches 05 Sep 2017
well my first encounter on 6.76 like im doing the same thing like i'll build then make hero then transfer it while making or building it. then i encounter that (sorry i don't have the screenshot in that time i forgot to post it)... then my second encounter is the version 6.77.5 like i want to mak...
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6.77.P5 Eternia with lvl1 account

General Discussion 20 Aug 2017
Took some tries, but finally managed to beat Eternia solo with no easements, pheff.. - Version 6.77.P5 (map can be downloaded from forums) - Solo - Lvl1 account - No starting items or any kind of easements that new player wouln't have Early progress (lvl1 55%) doesn't show in youtube video, but...
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When is the next version?

General Discussion 06 Aug 2017
Why can't the next version update? What's wrong? Why don't you say anything? You said that you will finish by July 31. So I waited until the first weekend of August.   If there is a problem, please put the notice on the homepage. And I'd appreciate it if you'd be more proactive.
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Last question

General Discussion 27 Jul 2017
Hello.   Now, the next version is coming out. but So far, Nevo didn't read the message. -I don't think he's reading other people's messages as well.   Does the next version change skin, skill, and ability? and can I recieve the item (h o r n) you promised?
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General Discussion 24 Jul 2017
Hello. A Korean user purchased the item on July 24. However, he (rlaqudwlsa) worries that there is no item in the package management. Does it apply to the following versions? And read my hero change message. - I want to use a hero and an item without discomfort.
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