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cannot cede lb or lightblue

Confirmed 6.53

when you type -cede lb or -cede lightblue, it displays an error with invalid name/color.

Lumber mill lvl 6 and 7 transmutation issues

Fixed 6.46 When these lumber buildings transmute, the resources are not counted properly in -resvars.
It needs to be verified if it still occurs.

-Share All Not Working

Fixed 6.46 The -share all no longer works and displays an error message saying that player/color doesn't exist.

Disappearing souls

Fixed 6.45  Was playing a pub game and ran across this trying to rescue fellow survivors. When you have more than 1 soul in your inventory and you bring them back sometimes it seems to bring back just...


Fixed 6.46 The space connecting Zen Garden and Flower Garden are only 1.5 wall spaces. Can't block off completely and the rocks don't line up with the terrain wall.

Homunculus Cannot Attack Air

Not a Bug 6.46 The Alchemist has a new ability that summons a Homunculus and it cannot attack any air units! :(

Cannot Exile DG

Not a Bug 6.46 Fortress Defenders (Dark Green) is no-longer able to be exiled by using the -exile dg command.